As an educational society, the Federation sets forth the central theme of the whole Bible. It proclaims both the Gospel of Salvation and the Gospel of the Kingdom, as taught by our Lord Himself. These two aspects of the Christian faith are complementary parts of the whole counsel of God.

While we never fail to present the Lord Jesus as the Saviour of the world, we also proclaim Him as the Redeemer of the lost sheep of the House of Israel; and in doing so, bear witness to the continuity of God’s Servant Nation,

We are at a very crucial point in our island history. The Nation under God is a difficult concept for the present generation who have never been taught that they have a great and unique birthright.

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Trees of the Bible - Now Available


Cover - Trees of the Bible


In this work the author brings to bear a fresh and original insight into the deeper unfolding prophetic truth to the wonderful pattern of the history of mankind, from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden to the Tree of Life at the restoration when the LORD will make all things new.
In fourteen sections, trees and their fruits are defined as manifestly profound in the depth of their symbolism and significance, which confirms the mighty Plan of God for His servant people throughout their generations.

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Servant Nation - Now Available


Cover - Servant Nation


To-day, we find many devout Christians deploring the lack of religious belief, so noticeable everywhere, and wondering how this can be remedied. There is but one and only remedy: and that is a return to God’s Holy Word, as He has given it to us. In the present age in which we are living we find knowledge increasing and its conclusions constantly changing; but little or no notice taken of the Divine Truths, as given in Holy Scripture.

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The Rt Rev Bishop Primus emeritus John D M McLean

The Rev Dr Barrie Williams MA MLitt LST PhD

Lady Sara Allenby



The Integrity of British Culture & Faith
Must be Conserved


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