The Foundations of the Nation Must be Restored


1.  Constitutional Illegality and the EU
2.  Britain’s role and Destiny after the EU
3.  Britain’s coming Freedom outside the EU
4.  Royal Assent & our Laws and Customs


IN 2016, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has arrived at a new watershed in the long history of its nation state – a moment more decisive than any other it has faced in preceding centuries.  Powers other than those of the parliament at Westminster now rule and dictate in this the Queen’s Realm – while other forces, committed to casting aside the basic integrity of society, are undermining the very foundations of the nation.


A very great deception has been perpetrated upon the British people in respect of the political project of the European Union. Constitutionally, Elizabeth II, now our longest serving monarch, has been betrayed. The nation and its entire posterity have been sold into captivity. This will remain so in perpetuity unless the people themselves wake up to the reality that their very Birthright as an independent nation state is at stake.  


In launching the above series of booklets, we are seeking to awaken the British people not only to the constitutional illegalities over Britain’s EU membership that has robbed them of their ancient freedoms, but also to alert them to their Kingdom Birthright that is inherited from their biblical ancestors. There is a great spiritual dimension to our heritage which is hidden in plain sight.


An immense blindness to this great national vision has existed in Church and State for the best part of a century which must be removed once and for all. Britain’s defences are ‘balanced on a knife edge’ as former sea lord, Admiral Lord West stated in the House of Lords on 17 June, 2015. When the EU Referendum takes place, the global vision of our unique heritage will enable us to vote without fear to LEAVE the European Union and restore the foundations of the nation and sovereignty in statute law, still in force.   

The siege of our civilization can and must be broken in remembrance of all those who have fought and died for The Faith and our constitutional freedom and for the sake of our children who will come after us – let the civilian army of the 21st century be an alliance of all those who know that what Great Britain was in the past, the United Kingdom can be in the future.   

Michael A Clark

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