The Foundations of the Nation Must be Restored








Over the decision to remain in the European Union, Britain’s politicians are now hanging by their finger nails over a precipice; below them is a deep rocky gorge which, if they fall into it, will forever be remembered as ‘the valley of death’ – and 12 of Britain’s one-time Armed Forces chiefs are now leading the charge into this valley of failure, frustration and federalism.


For the past 44 years the people of the United Kingdom have been subject to a process of continuous acts of constitutional illegality, through a deceptive political agenda aimed at creating a federal state called Europe. This has been against everything that millions gave their lives to defeat in two great European conflicts over the past century. 


It is essential that the UK votes to LEAVE the EU because, if it does not, its bolt will be shot having no resistance to decisions made by the European institutions and the other 27 nations (let alone 7 or 8 other nations in line to join the EU). The EU is out of date and sclerotic, impossible to reform from the inside. Out of the EU Britain will have global vision, vitality and victory over decline of Titanic proportions.   


Britain was able to save Europe from itself on two occasions in the 20th century because it was a sovereign island nation. The EU can but continue to construct a federal state or disintegrate. Only by leaving the EU will Britain be able to save Europe – let alone itself – from complete subjugation.

Britain’s Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, has said that the EU reforms “are not legally binding” and that “the facts are that the European Court of Justice is not bound by this agreement until treaties are changed and we don’t know when that will be.” He went on to say: “I do think it’s important that people also realise that the European Court of Justice stands above every nation state, and ultimately it will decide on the basis of the treaties and this deal is not yet in the treaties.”


Now there is demand for votes at age 16. My experience in sixth form debates on the EU over recent years suggests that PC indoctrination in general, combined with lavish use of EU-provided materials, has had its brainwashing effect.


The great constitutional history of the British World and its freedoms under English Common Law has not been taught as it should have been. A unique and magnificent heritage has been neglected to the point that the younger generation lack purpose and vision of what a restored global Britain could really be like.


Harold Wilson introduced votes at 18 (“old enough to fight, old enough to vote”) with a calculation that they would be more inclined to vote Labour. The Scottish Referendum was influenced by the same agenda – 16-year-olds, the SNP thought, would be more inclined to vote for Independence.

It is essential that the younger generation is not used in such a way that their children and grandchildren will remember them only as those that gave away their freedoms, committing them to bondage under dictatorship and very possible future civil conflict.

Michael A Clark
Spring 2016

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