The Foundations of the Nation Must be Restored






The Scene The Queen’s most solemn Coronation Oath of 2 June, 1953, made before Almighty God with the world as witness declared that she would uphold the “laws and customs” of the Realm and this for her entire reign.  Over the past 44 years The Queen has been betrayed, known at law as being “deceived in her grant” for she has been made a ‘citizen’ of Europe, her Courts made subservient to European courts and most serious of all, the Constitution having been undermined. This according to law which remains in force is treason (R v Thistlewood 1820 “to destroy the constitution of the country” is an act of treason. Article 8b).


The seal and symbol of this covenant, the Stone of Destiny (and of Jacob), has been torn from its spiritual and constitutional setting and returned to Scotland. The government that did so, in 1996, was removed from office within the year. The Sun and Moon, representing the Throne and our Law and the stars have been darkened – they are in a state of ‘eclipse’ and with it there has come increasing spiritual decline and destructive legislation. The people are crying out in their hearts for deliverance.


There is no concept among our shepherds (leaders) of the demonic spirits now roaming at large in this land.

The Call this comes to us as a nation from the Apocalypse, Revelation 18:4 and reads:  “Come out of her (that is Babylon), My People.”

This is not a suggestion; it is a command, certainly a warning – the reason being: “that ye receive not of her plagues.” When the judgments of Almighty God are come to the system that has sought to build a new Tower of Babel, it is best to get clear of the demolition. BETTER OFF OUT is the operative phrase.

The Action – this is required in the nation state context. We are commanded, as His People, to act as a corporate body in this historic Realm in the Constitutional context. We therefore issue this clarion call to Act – and moreover, as directed by the prophet Joel in chapter 2, to “Blow the Trumpet and sound an alarm in His holy mountain” (or kingdom).

The grip of Project Fear in the State and Project Apathy in the Church has to be broken. Threats of being cast into a fiery furnace can hold no fear for the United Kingdom, for one “like the Son of God” will stand with us.


Michael A Clark

June 2016


A series of booklets has been produced for free issue; they are not for re-sale. Copies are available on request. Contributions towards postage and multiple copies are gratefully received for the campaign. Cheques to ‘The Kingdom Foundation,’ 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham DL14 0HA.


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