Time for a new 95 Theses

Why the Protestant Faith needs The British-Israel Vision

Michael A. Clark

Time for a new 95 Theses

Why the Protestant Faith needs

The British-Israel Vision


Five hundred years ago Martin Luther, professor of moral theology at the University of Wittenberg, Germany, wrote the Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, also known as The 95 Theses, a list of questions and propositions for debate. Popular legend has it that on 31 October, 1517, Luther defiantly nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church.


The question that arises in 2017 is where do we stand today in respect of the Protestant Faith? The real meaning of ‘Pro-testant’ is actually to be pro, that is for, the covenants made by Almighty God to both Houses of Israel as recorded in Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8:8. The Gospel of the Continuing Kingdom upon earth has not been upheld by the Established Church during the second half of the 180 years since 1837-38 when the Elijah Message began to be proclaimed at the beginning of the reign of Queen Victoria. Significantly her accession year of 1837 completed 8 x 40 years from Luther’s 95 Theses of 1517, a period of renewal for the Royal House of Judah.


The years 1837-38 marked the inception of the Age-end witness of the Elijah Message conveyed through a series of lectures delivered by John Wilson (1799-1870) of Kilmarnock, Scotland. Wilson commenced studying at great length in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, in 1837. Within a year, he was giving a series of lectures, which drew in a considerable audience. In 1840, he published Our Israelitish Origin, a book of his lectures, in which he witnessed to the fact that the peoples of Israel had made their way across the continent of Europe to the British Isles. He brought evidence to bear from Ptolemy and works by Diodorus, supporting the earlier history of the Israelites. He studied the works of Rawlinson, Herodotus, and Josephus, and quoted extensively from Sharon Turner.


Great alarm was created among the high-church people over this development. As a result the Oxford Movement organized to counter what was seen as an heretical action to take over the Church of England. People like the Anglican priest John Henry Newman in 1845 who was received into the Roman Catholic Church because of this perceived threat, to be created a cardinal in 1879 by Pope Leo XIII in recognition of his services to the cause of the Catholic Church in England.


Sad to say, the Gospel of personal salvation has not encompassed the Gospel, or good news, of the national redemption of the Nation of God’s Servant People. Consequently there has been a loss of vision and a complete failure by the shepherds of the national flock to lead the nation in righteousness. So it is today that we have reached the position of near total apostasy in the Established Church which is reflected in the State by all manner of departures from the established order of society.


We face increasing pressures in the British Isles, our Island home, also among the great company of covenant nations at large in the Western World; the essential core of these people who represent but one-tenth of the world’s population -- a tithe.


Truly the siege of civilization has come and it is time that the Church of England experienced a Divine shock by coming to realize that it is in the greatest danger of being spued from the mouth of the Almighty, like the church at Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-17).

The Protestant Church has a desperate need of the vision for the whole Divine Order of the Kingdom in which Church and State in the nation operate together. The fact is the dogma of Roman Catholic Replacement Theology continues to blind Protestantism to the profound nature of the fulfillment of the prophetic Word of God in the nation state context.


It is also time for the whole island of Ireland to awaken to a new Reformation from its subservience to the Roman Church by returning to its early Celtic Church origins and this, like the United Kingdom, outside of the European Union. 2018 was pointed to by Rev Robert Fleming in his book The Rise and Fall of the Papacy (page 20) as long ago as 1701 for the limit of papal authority being 1260 solar years from the beginning of papal temporal power under Pope Paul I in AD 758.


A new 95 Theses is our greatest need at this hour, setting out the reasons why the Protestant Faith needs the British-Israel vision. Five hundred years is a period of ten jubilee cycles of 50 years significant of Divine Order for release and renewal. The Bible is nothing less than our national prophetic record. It reveals our calling and indeed our destiny -- that of leading the nations in peace. They shall come to our light once again when the glory of the LORD shall be seen upon us. “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee” (Isaiah 60:1-2).


Michael A Clark



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