The Significance of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

and the Accession of King Charles III

Michael A Clark

                       The Significance of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

                                   and the Accession of King Charles III


It is truly remarkable that Elizabeth II, the Servant Queen, as regent upon the Throne of David, reigned for 70 years, marking her Platinum Jubilee, plus a further 7 months to 6 September when she invited Elizabeth Truss to form a Government as her 15th Prime Minister which took place at Balmoral Castle, the favourite residence of The Queen in Scotland; also that she died suddenly only two days later, marking a perfected time period. 

It is of considerable significance that The Queen died in Scotland where the Coronation Stone, ‘Jacob’s Pillar,’ is being held at Edinburgh Castle to be returned for the Coronation of King Charles III next year -- perhaps in the Spring or near to the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation on 2 June, 1953? This was the first time that a British monarch had died in Scotland since the death of James V, king of Scotland, in 1542, 480 years ago on 14 December, 2022.  Most significantly, this is the Temple number being the years from the Exodus to the laying of the foundation of the first Temple in Jerusalem (I Kings 6:1).

Also notable is the fact that 9 September, 2022, the first full day in the reign of King Charles III, marked 7 years from 9 September, 2015, when Elizabeth II became the longest serving Monarch upon the British Royal Throne, overtaking the reign of Queen Victoria.

Furthermore, it is of great importance that King Charles III will be the 153rd of crowned monarchs and in the biblical family tree from Adam (see Daughters of Destiny, page 160, by Glyn S. Lewis, pub. 2012, Covenant Publishing). The number 153 (the Elect; John 21:11), the gematria of the expression “sons of God,” is linked to 17 and is the sum of all numbers up to and including seventeen. There are 17 letters on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States of America reading Novus Ordo Seclorum (i.e., “a new order of the ages”).

Finally, the name “Elizabeth” in Hebrew has the meaning of “God’s Oath” and the double witness of the name Elizabeth for The Queen and her new prime minister was supported by the remarkable series of sevens, which is significant of spiritual perfection.

Michael A. Clark


15 September, 2022

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