Dr Clifford Smyth

Eyes the world over are drawn to the conflict between the Israeli state and the terrorist organisation Hamas, in Gaza.

People take sides. In general, varieties of Protestants in the UK, the USA and associated nations uphold the Israeli state while left-wing groups, Irish nationalists and Irish Republicans support the Palestinian cause.

These divergent loyalties are very deep rooted, much more deeply rooted than modern people would even imagine or think.

As Christians we know that our Lord Jesus Christ is not taken by surprise, or caught off guard by these terrifying events (the great powers of this dark world have the capabilities to blow this world to pieces).

Did Jesus not warn that there would be "wars and rumours of wars". Did Jesus not say that "in this world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world".

St Paul pictures future events as contractions ,spasms, as we await " the day of the Lord"( 1Th.5.3)

Meanwhile much confusion arises in this dark world because of the moral decadence of the West and the weakness of some of our political leaders, who are out of their depth.

Matters are made worse because three of the early church Fathers dominated Christian teaching with their belief that the Church is Israel and the Israel of the Old Testament is "void".

In reality  ,the Northern Kingdom (Israel) is still in the world fulfilling its God promised role: to evangelise, "ye are my witnesses", to guard the gates of its enemies - the five eyes intelligence system and to be a company of nations: the Commonwealth and the Anglo-Sphere.

Wonderfully, all over the world, Almighty God in Jesus Christ is calling sinners to repent, take up their cross and follow Jesus.

If you are ill at ease because of world events , unsettled in your heart, living in godlessness and unbelief ,come now to the Saviour , turn from your wicked ways and ask Jesus into your heart.

26th October 2023

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