Free framed portraits of King Charles III are being offered to public buildings, including schools, across the United Kingdom under a government-funded scheme.

Free portrait of King Charles III for public buildingsLast year the Cabinet Office announced that £8 million would be earmarked to offer public bodies a 25-inch by 20-inch framed portrait of the monarch.

Portraits of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, were displayed in many public institutions and the portrait of the new king is being distributed to ‘celebrate the new reign’.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said that displaying the portrait in ‘a reminder to us all of the example set by our ultimate public servant’.  He also said that he hopes public bodies ‘will wish to continue this proud British tradition and honour our King’s reign’.

This offer is open to all schools, and anyone associated with a school, whether pupil, parent, grandparent, governor or teacher, would do well to encourage that school to obtain a portrait and display it in an appropriate location within the school building.

When anti-monarchy groups such as Republic are speaking against the monarchy, we should do what we can to promote this ancient institution which ties our United Kingdom together.

The scheme opened in November 2023 and is due to close on 28 March 2024, so there is still an opportunity for applications to be made.

This is the portal for applications from schools.


Posted 15th March 2024

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