To be identified with Divine Providence in the history and unfolding destiny of God's servant people, is a blessing, but also a very great responsibility. In contrast, the unthinking and careless remark "What does it matter if we are God's covenant nations?" which is uttered by many Christian folk when first presented with this teaching, makes one shudder. As if any action of the Eternal Creator and Lord God of His servant people, could be regarded as of little or no consequence? It is now imperative that the Christian community considers the reality of its rejection of the work of the Holy Spirit through the servant people in the leading covenant nations, for Christians themselves are in great spiritual danger by their dismissal of God's great national birthright. 

IT is singularly unfortunate that in these increasingly stressful days for the Celto-Saxon nations, the great message of their national identity is considered irrelevant to the presentation of the Christian Gospel. This is especially true when we think that it is this very message which forms the central theme of the Gospel. This being, God's redemption of His own "lost sheep of the House of Israel" through the death and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and to whom Christ stated He was specifically sent (Matthew 10:6; 15:24). 

The full implications of the oft repeated expression by Christian folk, "What does it matter if we are God's covenant nations?" go unrealised by those to whom the revelation has not yet come. In truth it is like saying, "Well, even if Christ did die on the Cross, what difference does it make?" It implies a most terrible insult to the Lord God Jehovah and brings to mind the time when Esau in one ill-considered flippant sentence sold his birthright to his brother Jacob. How little he could have realised, when he said "… and what profit shall this birthright do to me?" (Genesis 25:32), that he was casting aside to the age-long regret of his descendants, all the unlimited abundance of Divine blessing and protection, towards himself and his children's children in the ages to come.

In just the same way today, many completely pass over the true depth of significance and the ultimate fulfilment contained within God's unbreakable oath and covenant, made with Abraham and his natural seed unto all generations. The following Scriptural references cannot be dismissed as having a spiritual fulfilment alone; Genesis 17:19; Exodus 3:15; I Chronicles 16:15-17; Psalm 89:4 and 105:6-10.

Divine and Scriptural truth can be understood only as the Holy Spirit reveals to our mind the complete picture of God's Master Plan. If our minds have taken in certain patterns of thought and dogma for years, it is impossible, except by the direct revelation of the Spirit of God, to grasp the full panoply of what God is really doing in the world. The difference between the traditional limited presentation of the Gospel compared to its proclamation with the complete vision of the covenant nations is a dramatic one. Once appreciated from this greater dimension, one immediately sees the complete vista of God's eternal faithfulness towards the servant people and His unbreakable covenants. History becomes alive and we have a clear-cut understanding of the role that nations and supra-national organisations are taking in the struggle for world influence and domination today.

As it remains God's Great Purpose to bless the entire world through His servant people, redeemed and restored by His Son, the only and most expedient way to establish this state of world-wide blessing is to put the covenant nations right with God first. It therefore follows that this company of servant nations must come to realise who they are and what their national responsibilities before God are -- only then will we see repentance take hold on a nation-state scale.

If we seek the restoration of the Kingdom of God first, in this manner, we can expect all other things to be added unto us as a natural course of events. The present tyranny and ferment raised up against the Celto-Saxon nations, is only allowed to prosper while this people remain in a backslidden state. Remove the root cause and the resultant growth of evil will wither and die.

Birthmarks are not Forged
Many perhaps have little conception from the Scriptures of what the role of the covenant nations was to be in the world. It was, thus: Almighty God declared to Abraham that the "great nation" and "company of nations," that would grow from the future generations of His own literal progeny, would be the means of bringing blessing unto all families of the earth. See Genesis 12:1-3; 17:5-6 and 16; 18:18; 22:18; 28:14; 35:11; 48:14-19. To put a purely spiritual interpretation on these Scriptures, rather than a literal one is completely wrong and destroys the force of language itself. Theologians always spin an intricate web around the Abrahamic covenants, which unhinges the Kingdom of God in the Earth from the servant people and substitutes it with the religious Church-kingdom.

The Celto-Saxon peoples are the only people who have formed a nation and a race with an enduring monarchy of Davidic descent, at the head of a "company of nations," whose basic belief is in Jehovah as their God and who have brought about the degree of worldwide blessing promised to Abraham by God. They are the only family of nations who bear all the birthmarks necessary to identify them as the People of the Book upon the face of the planet today, or in past history since the time of the two captivities of the divided Kingdom of Israel.

Scripture informs us that Israel would keep the Lord's Day and become a witness and a "light unto the Gentiles." They would also be kind to the poor and the refuge of the downtrodden; they were to be the liberator of the slaves and a sharp threshing instrument in God's hands to restrain the nations that come against God and His Great Cause. This cause being to establish the Kingdom and Throne of His Righteousness in the Earth -- that literal Kingdom and Throne being of everlasting duration (Psalm 89; Jeremiah 31).

God declared that because of their great material, agricultural and mineral wealth, the covenant nations would give and lend unto other nations. Above all, we are told that they would possess the Word of God. It is an outstanding fact of history that Celto-Saxondom alone has been characterised by these attributes and identification marks -- that is, birthmarks, of which we can list over 70 distinct characteristics. Now it may be possible to forge a name, but you cannot forge birthmarks! True Israel may lose her records, but it cannot lose the birthmarks.

As a matter of fact we are in the exact position of the long-lost child, with an immense but undiscovered interest in his father's will. With property and blessings and rights innumerable and all indubitably ours through the mercy and favour of God, our connection with our long-lost line and possessions has been denied to us by the theologians of today and yesteryear. They have calmly allotted most of these to a new claimant and who, in the case of the Roman 

Catholic Church with its papal throne, has constituted a counterfeit of the literal Kingdom of God on Earth. It is this counterfeit that the blind theologians now seek to promote -- a great ecumenical Church-kingdom which denies the works of the Holy Spirit to the servant people to restore and redeem them, bringing them through all kinds of conflict to be Israel (meaning "ruled by God") once more.

A New Awareness for Youth
Throughout history and across the ravages of time, God's everlasting kindness, mercy and protection have been directed towards the Celto-Saxon people in a unique and miraculous way. This is the reality of the Kingdom Gospel and the vision that we need at this time as a people, for without a true vision, the people will perish. Our pulpits are simply not proclaiming the fulness of the Kingdom Gospel; instead, unstable and muddled theology encourages the falling away from the Faith.

If the youth of the covenant nations were taught their true identity and history from the Bible, an entirely new kind of Christian and moral awareness would enter into the soul of these nations. A new sense of purpose and responsibility would come about in our youth and with the utter faithfulness of God demonstrated to them in their history, the Almighty would be honoured and His Divine Law observed. Christian civilisation would thus be secured for succeeding generations and a proper cultural and ethnic structure controlling alien forms of religion would be put into effect, as against the present abdication in our national life of our covenant responsibility before God. 

You may say, as many do, "I have never studied the Kingdom Identity." Quite frankly, we must tell you that it is not now and never has been a take-it-or-leave-it option. Unless our efforts and plans for evangelism in the world take in the scope of God's plan for world order through His servant people, we shall continue to lose ground and may even be judged for lack of understanding as supposedly mature Christians. Surely this alone matters that we know our national identity as covenant nations. The Bible becomes a new book, which we can truly understand in context of its history of a people from the call of Abraham being our history. Family bonds to the Arab world immediately link with the British world, as a new study has confirmed reported by Dr Lounes Chikhi, a population geneticist, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (see The Daily Telegraph 6th August, 2002, page 4 "Half of all Europeans 'may have Arab genes' " by David Derbyshire, Science Correspondent).

There is No Sense of Danger!
A most crucial period is now facing the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As a covenant nation in the full nation-state sense, it is mandatory that we remain in control of our own destiny and that we refuse to become submerged by the supra-national institution of the European Union whereby alien powers have imposed their laws upon the nation. We face a choice between the Free World and the Enslaved World. 

Roman Civil Law is now superior to the ancient liberties of Britain embodied within our English Common Law, upon which the great company of covenant nations has been established. This is unconstitutional as the succession of European treaties since 1972 (plus over 26,000 Directives) is in conflict with existing statutes still in force. The Queen by the most solemn oath at her Coronation on 2nd June, 1953, promised to govern the peoples of the Realm (which includes the great Dominions, Possessions and Territories) "according to their respective laws and customs" -- we are, in the Commonwealth and Free World, one people at law. 

The state of ecumenical drift in the established Church of England and other Protestant denominations is now so serious that prelates risk being rejected by the Returning Christ. We shall be greatly moved to see the state of panic that sets in among the Christian leaders in general when "the penny drops," as it surely will, that they are out on a limb in respect of their concept of God's Kingdom in the Earth. The Parable of the Ten Virgins, that Jesus Christ told (Matthew 25:1-13), depicts the scene with the devastating result; the Lord says to those who were not interested in truth and slept, dreaming of all kinds of falsehood in doctrine, "Verily I say unto you, I know you not."

It is understandable that the Roman Catholic Church, with its own papal throne, should seek to lead the religions of the world and through the Roman Catholic orientated EU, dominate the laws and governing structures of the European nations. This is only history repeating itself from previous centuries whereby the counterfeit of the governing structure of God's Kingdom authority has always identified England as the centre of Protestantism, which once overcome in this land would be defeated throughout the world. However, the fact that virtually all of modern Protestantism now fails to discern the prophetic nature of the papal throne and dismisses the genuine Throne of the Lord in our midst, as just another Gentile relic, is a forceful demonstration of the fact that old paganisms die hard. But, of course, God will excuse no one for believing them!

As a covenant nation we are not permitted by God to promote an inclusive culture in which false religions are allowed to proliferate until they become dominant in the land. Neither should we pass laws of heresy making it impossible to expose false christs and false prophets, which issue is now under debate in Parliament. It is easy in these times to go with the crowd to "Babylon," but, to face the Coming King in His Power and Glory and to be found in opposition to the teaching of His Kingdom in our midst will be terrifying. The Word of God is certain and is repeated in our hearing every year at Christmastide: " … the government shall be upon his shoulder: and … upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice …" (Isaiah 9:6-7). 

The Kingdom is Hidden -- not Destroyed
We make this plea to Christian folk, whether prelate, churchgoer or not -- think hard, think deep and pray for discernment and for revelation by the Holy Spirit, of His truth, concerning the Kingdom. It has to do with the mysteries of the Kingdom that Christ spoke of in Matthew 13:10-11. A "mystery" in Scripture is a previously hidden truth, now divinely revealed, but in which a supernatural element still remains despite the revelation. This is the precise position with regard to the Kingdom Identity. The "Kingdom of heaven" is the divinely orientated (Israel) Kingdom upon earth, not another kingdom in heaven and spiritualised. Israel of the Dispersion was hidden, not destroyed and what God hides no one may find -- save those to whom it is given to know by His Spirit. Herein lies the reason for the Parables of the Kingdom.

Yet, it must now be stated with great emphasis, that if we cannot understand our Lord's incomparable prophetic pre-vision to Jacob-Israel, of the Kingdom destiny and its restoration that is manifest before us, then we remain as spiritual babes in a forest of darkness and doctrinal falsehood. As never before, it matters that we are God's covenant nations and that we know this to be so.

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