Decision and Separation Time for the Clergy in Israel

Will it be the Mystery Roman Church or the Protestant Reformed Church

of the Continuing Kingdom of God upon Earth?



“Papal gambit stuns Church” was the front page main headline of The Times, London, of October 21, 2009 (Trafalgar Day). On page 18 the headline report on this story by Ruth Gledhill read; “Desperate bishops invited Rome to park its tanks on Archbishops lawn – Traditional Anglicans have spent years seeking closer links with the Vatican. Yesterday the Pope finally obliged.”


It appears that as many as 1,000 priests could quit the Church of England and thousands more may leave churches in America and Australia under the Pope’s bold proposals to welcome Anglicans to Rome.


The Times Q & A column read:

“What has happened?  Pope Benedict XVI has approved an apostolic constitution, or decree, under which traditionalist Anglicans dismayed by women priests and bishops will be given “personal ordinariates”. These will allow Anglicans to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church while preserving elements of their Anglican identity.


“What does it mean? It is a severe blow to hopes for a negotiated Anglican-Roman Catholic unity settlement and a setback to Dr Williams attempts to maintain the unity of the Anglican Communion. The Archbishop did not see this coming, in spite of well-publicised pleas to Rome for help by leaders of traditional Anglican groups. The deal was done by the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith and not the body responsible for ecumenism, the Council for Christian Unity. It thus undercuts decades of dialogue.”


There is bewilderment among Anglicans as they struggle to make sense of Rome’s initiative. In the letters column to The Times on October 22, 2009, David Fowler of Waterlooville, Hants, made the following very perceptive observation:

“I do not share the Archbishop of Canterbury’s dismay at the invitation from the Bishop of Rome to Anglo-Catholic clergy to go over to Rome. Many of these clergy have been living a lie by paying lip service to the 39 Articles and they have forgotten they are in a Protestant Reformed church. Let them go. I left Rome 40 years ago and do not want to be dragged back into it by these people who yearn for Rome. The Anglican Church will be better for their going by being able to continue with the Reformation and getting back to the original scriptural  values that it was founded on, unencumbered by additional baggage that has no biblical basis.” 


 Another very telling letter came from Ian D’Alton of Naas, Co Kildare:

“I have a few questions of those planning to move across to the Roman Catholic Church in a sort of faux-Anglican caravan. Are they happy to accept the doctrine of transubstantiation, the conversion of the wine and bread into the actual blood and flesh of Christ? Do they now believe the unbiblical and unhistorical Roman Catholic dogma of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven? Are they prepared to relinquish, ultimately, all say in the selection of their pastors and accept domination of the English Church by the Vatican? If the answer to these questions is yes, why do they not just join the Church of Rome as it is?”


The Reformed Established Church of England is an integral part of the literal Kingdom of God upon earth redeemed through His love. It was separated from the counterfeit Kingdom Church of Rome at the Reformation. Constitutionally we can have no part in bringing our Reformed Faith back into the pagan superstitions of the Church of Rome. The Queen must not break her Coronation Oath as upholder of the Reformed Protestant Faith and the Church of England must remain the established faith


Significantly, there will be a constitutional conflict if the Pope, at the Queen’s invitation, sets foot on English soil in September 2010, in the first ever state visit of a Pope to England. The Pope is universal bishop as well as head of state in Vatican City, whereas the Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England as well as Head of State. Both cannot be supreme in England. The Pope as visitor while on English soil must submit to the constitutional authority of the Queen. However, by making his bid to sheep-steal from the flock in the Church of England, there is more than a whiff of power politics – but what stealth and cleverness!


All the notable Reformers believed in the Historicist interpretation of the Book of the Revelation. Whereas, through three Jesuits, Francisco Ribera (1537-1591), a priest of Salamanca, Spain; Cardinal Bellarmine (1542-1621), a nephew of Pope Marcellus II and Luis de Alcazar (1554-1613), Rome put forth her distorted Futurist interpretation of the Apocalypse and Daniel’s 70th week. It was a deceptive strategy designed to take the heat off the Pope as the antichristos.  In absurdity they declared that ‘God’s clock stopped.’ They relegated everything after Revelation chapter 4 – at least 1,600 years of continuous unfolding history prophetic vision by Jesus Christ – from AD 410 to 2010 and beyond.  


Of even greater evil deception, the three pronged Jesuit strategy concealed the full prophetic significance of the Reformation in Europe, this being the glorious release from spiritual bondage of the Israel people on the European Continent and the nation-state resurrection in the Appointed British Isles to where the Davidic Throne of Lord had been transferred.


The pre-emptive strike of Pope Benedict XVI to recapture defecting clergy from the  Church of England is a bid to bring the Israel ‘sheep’ of the United Kingdom back into the Roman fold, bolstered by the all-embracing constitutional Treaty of Lisbon of the European Union.  In view of the Pope’s forthcoming state visit to Great Britain, one now becomes fully alert to the warning of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew, where we read: “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place [or in place where it should not] …” (Matthew 24:15) then in effect, look out, for judgment will soon come.


It was on October 31, 1517, that Dr Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation with his bold stand at the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Western civilization has been blessed with the greatest freedoms, productivity and prosperity ever known in history. The liberty, standards of justice and creativity enjoyed in Western civilization are a direct result of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.


In conclusion, it should not be overlooked that this spiritual clash occurs simultaneously with the political drive to be in bondage to the EU. It does seem highly symbolic that the final constitutional and renamed treaty of the European Union should have become the Treaty of Lisbon, the very city where on November 1, 1755, a great earthquake destroyed the city and undermined the faith of all Europe. Interestingly the 1,600 years, the battleline number of Divine judgment in Revelation 14:20, from the sacking of Rome by the Visigoths on August 25 AD 410, will expire August 25, 2010. We await events and the projected coming of the Pope to England in September 2010!




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