The Volcanic Cloud over the Eurozone


The timing of the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano through the ice field on April 14-15, 2010, was remarkable. It came 2 x 7 x 7 years from the sinking of the Titanic on April 14-15, 1912.  The great ship on its maiden voyage struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic as it raced to achieve a record time for the Atlantic crossing.  Captain Smith, it is said, also wanted to make sure that the wealthy passengers arrived in New York in time for the opening of the money markets on Wall Street.  It was most certainly a prophetic warning of economic trouble and of conflict to come as 7 x 120 days later (perfected warning), on August 3-4 1914, Germany began World War I.


Following the recent eruption in Iceland a huge volcanic cloud containing ice particles was carried by the wind to blanket Europe resulting in a week-long shut down of all air travel on the Continent.  The financial effect on airlines and on business generally was immense adding to the pressures in the eurozone over Greece’s economic crisis. Alarm had been growing that financial contagion might spread to the other weak economies in the EU, known as the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain).  The cloud of volcanic ash seemed to carry a warning for Europe and the whole structure of the EU and its single currency.


On May 8-10, 2010, the crisis for the eurozone came at the very same moment that the new coalition in the UK government was being formed. It reproduced the pattern linked to the wartime coalition and Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister. It was exactly on the 70th anniversary of the German Blitzkrieg on May 10, 1940. The number 70 is very significant here as it is defined as marking events for the determination of ‘Jerusalem’ – the name which has the meaning of ‘city or foundation of peace’ – that being where the body-politic of true Israel resides today. This gives emphasis to the fact that the ‘Eastminster’ of ancient Israel became ‘Westminster.’


In the midst of this crisis, on Sunday May 9 A Service for Europe Day was held in Westminster Abbey, of all places. Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday, London, on May 16 2010, wrote the following powerful comment on this appalling event:


Sermon from the Church of Europe


I WONDER what the Queen thinks about the strange pro-EU service which took place in the nation’s church, Westminster Abbey, last Sunday [May 9 2010].The flag of the EU – a body which specifically refused to have any Christian element in its constitution – was carried solemnly into the Abbey in procession. An extract from the Schuman Declaration which began the whole EU project (not, so far as I know, a Christian document) was read from the Great Pulpit. For some reason the congregation were also compelled to listen to a Bulgarian folk song whose mysterious words include the line 'If it is a boy from our village playing, I will love him only until lunchtime. If it is a stranger, I will love him for ever.’ Prayers were said for the European Commission and for the European ‘Parliament.’ One declared ‘Lord God our Father, we affirm our commitment to the European Union.’ A politically-correct sermon was delivered by an Anglican clergyman who ought to have known better. The EU anthem, Friedrich Schiller’s non-Christian Ode to Joy, closed the proceedings. Why exactly was this episode of power-worship, worldly utopianism and partisan politics permitted in the Abbey church where our Coronations are held?”


Reading the Order of A Service for Europe Day on the Westminster Abbey web site confirms that abomination was certainly standing in the holy place on that day. This is the Queen’s private church and she it is who gives permission for all services to be held in the Abbey.  The timing was interesting as it came 10 x 1260 months from the founding of the Abbey in AD 960 – 1260 being the number particularly associated with economic events and the duration of the false politico-economic system in Europe.


On May 13, 2010, a stark warning that the euro could ‘disintegrate’ came from the key U.S. White House adviser and former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker. He was speaking at the Mansion House to the City of London and said “there is a great risk of the potential disintegration of the euro” in the wake of the recent crisis.


Volcker described himself as someone who had originally been attracted to the euro idea and was glad when it looked to be highly successful. He was dismissive of the recently announced plans by European leaders to stabilise the eurozone through a £640 billion bailout fund.  He ridiculed the process, saying it was asking poor nations such as Ireland to pay into a fund to help Greece when in effect all they were doing was “saving German banking.”  The key White House adviser expressed regret at the necessity for the “massive amount of financial support for Greece and other countries.”  In his view, if the euro is to survive, Europe must become “more integrated in an economic and financial direction.” This, he argued, was a “political” issue for Europe’s leaders.


It is interesting that the day of Volcker’s warning to the City was May 13, which is Fatima Day in Portugal.  The Roman Catholic country on this day remembers the reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children at Fátima in Portugal on the 13th day of six consecutive months in 1917, starting on May 13.


It is undeniable is that the Roman Church is in deep crisis. Also that the Roman Catholic dominated EU is also in crisis over the eurozone single currency.  It is also very evident from the pattern of Divine Time Measures that we may not have to wait long for adverse events in Europe and that the volcanic cloud of dust is a warning, as was the sinking of the Titanic of approaching conflict.


The date August 25, 2010, will be 1600 years (Divine judgment) from the sacking of Rome by the Visigoths in AD 410, while September 15-16, 2010, will be 2 x 37 years (the Word) from entry into the Hall of Judgment of the nations of the Great Pyramid on Sep 15-16, 1936.

It was exactly 56 years later (perfect lunar cycle) to September 16, 1992, when Britain left the European Exchange Rate monetary system – the ERM. It will be a further 3 x 6 years to September 16, 2010, when Pope Benedict XVI arrives on the first state visit of a pope to Britain.


In evaluating this warning signal of a constitutional clash of the pope coming as universal bishop and meeting the Queen as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, we might recall that at the last visit of Pope John Paul II on a pastoral visit in 1982, Britain was engaged in the Falklands War with Roman Catholic Argentina.


Beyond this, we should note the date November 1, 2010, which will be 20 x 153 months (Divine order doubled for the Elect) from November 1, 1755, and the great Lisbon earthquake, which affected the whole basis of religious belief in Europe.  In a very powerful article indeed for the Daily Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on May 14, 2010, entitled. “Europe’s fiscal Fascism brings British withdrawal ever closer,” he wrote that the inevitable and ultimate crisis in the eurozone is now playing out before our eyes:


“We are now near – or beyond – the point of no return. Eurozone states must go along with this cynical entrapment, or risk economic catastrophe.  The conspirators have succeeded.  The 750bn [euro] shock and awe package agreed over the weekend clearly alters the character of the European Project, crossing the line towards an EU debt union and an EU Treasury.  How long will it be now before the EU acquires direct tax-raising powers?”


His conclusion was ever more dramatic:

“The moment of definition is fast arriving from Britain.  The measures now being demanded to save monetary union cannot and will not be accepted by this Government, Nick Clegg notwithstanding.  The most eurosceptic people I have ever met are those who have actually worked for the European Commission, though it takes a while – and liberation from Brussels – for these views to ferment.


“The outcome – un veritable gouvernement economique – will put Britain and the eurozone on such separate courses that it will amount to separation in all but name. The sooner we get the nastiness of divorce behind us, the better.”


The vision of Hosea shows the unfaithful, divorced wife returning from all her lovers to her husband:

“I will go and return to my first husband; for then it was better for me than now”

(Hosea 2:7).


The process of return is timed to perfection.



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