God’s Great Purpose throughout History


That we need a wake-up message to the English-speaking and kindred people is not in doubt. It is a message more thrilling than any in the entire civilized Christian world. It is a message of the past, the present and the future – a grand and ever-widening fulfilment of the Great Purpose that Almighty God has for His servant people which began at Ur of the Chaldees over 40 centuries ago and which, to this hour, has never been superseded by the covenant keeping Lord God of Israel. Yet amazingly, the Church does not see the relevance and does not even want to know.


The teaching which is wholly loyal to all Scripture and to the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith must take account of the revelation of the God-head; of His all-creative and all-redemptive work for the people of His Calling – the servant people of Israel – and of His declared purposes to be fulfilled through Christ; through Church and State in Israel; through the nation as a whole and this for the blessing of all peoples and creation itself.


Without the vision of Church and State being interwoven together to provide leadership and moral guidance the people are destroyed and the poor nation finds itself drifting into ever-increasing chaos.  This I suggest it manifestly apparent in our nation at this time.


As Britain bade farewell to Pope Benedict last month, who spoke to us that Britain was “yearning for Christianity,” the Prime Minister, David Cameron, said “You’ve made us think.”  Stephen Glover, in his commentary in the Daily Mail (20/09/10), headlined with the words:

   “If only the Archbishop dared to speak with a fraction of Benedict’s authority.”


Of course this sense of authority emanates from the dogma of Papal infallibility. The Archbishop of Canterbury is merely first among equals and is not able, purely through the office he holds, to summon up the authority of a Pope. He is also swept along with the tide of secularism reflected by the main headline of The Times just a week after the Pope’s visit which said “Gay bishops are all right by me, says Archbishop.” It was his first explicit statement on the subject since taking office.


Set against this, the ‘atheist extremists’ demonstrated against the Pope and religious belief in general with a spirit of aggression bordering on evil – the very thing of which they vilify the Pope. Spirits of evil do fight each other and it seems this affair was a case in point.


Stephen Glover says that this small group of vitriolic atheists, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Geoffrey Robertson QC, and Philip Pullman are nihilists who have nothing to offer by way of hope to the young or anyone else.


He says their unbalanced denunciations of the Pope reveal their fear. They fear him because he adheres so strongly to traditional Christian teaching and champions principles they abhor. They fear him because the values he reiterates commend themselves to millions of people and, above all, to millions of young people.


Glover adds that these atheists “do not trouble to vent their spite and vitriol on the Archbishop of Canterbury because Dr Williams has been so cowed by the forces of secularism that he no longer poses any threat to their bleak vision.”


Protestantism in constitutional Protestant Great Britain has failed on two major criteria. Firstly, it has failed lamentably to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom in its fullness – that is, the great master plan for the Redemption of the servant people; i.e., their global responsibilities as a “company of nations” in the Divine Will.


Secondly, Protestantism has failed the nation of His Calling to lead a movement to establish righteousness in the earth – which can only be effected in the national life of the Lord’s servants through the keeping of His Divine Law.


Speaking to the US Senate on 26th December, 1941, Winston Churchill said: “He must indeed have a blind soul who cannot see that some great purpose and design is being worked out here below of which we have the honour to be faithful servants.”


At present, Protestantism, in the broad spectrum, has manifestly lost its way – it is the blind soul of Winston Churchill’s speech for it cannot see the great purpose being worked out here below; it cannot see the great purpose being worked through history.  There is no sense of history, no sense of nationhood coming from the Church – only an onrush to a pagan ecumenism and the very zenith of apostasy.


The primitive Church in Asia Minor and Europe followed its Lord, believed Moses and the prophets. It took the prophetic themes regarding the Messiah and Israel seriously. It understood their relation to its own appointed mission to Israel and the world, and it foresaw their consummation in His Coming, with power, to reign in His Kingdom on earth.


All of this has been neglected by the Church and in most cases discarded altogether. Yet it is inseparable from the great hope and purpose of preaching and teaching. The Church is not honestly facing the problem when it pretends that important prophetic passages of Scripture, about the House of Israel in the Messianic or Gospel Age, are being fulfilled in the Christian Church.


Where, in latter centuries, has been the nation, that was to be before God forever? The nation preserved and enlightened by Messiah’s faith which, according to the prophets, would increase and spread abroad across the face of the earth to become a great power and a family of nations, upholding the Divine Law and freedom, carrying the Gospel and much blessing to all nations? On this, the Bible is supremely clear.


A Supreme Pattern and Plan

There is a pattern of prophetic promise unto the seed of Abraham in the symbol of dust that is given at the very beginning of God’s revelation of His plan. There is a pattern of Divine assurance in the symbol of dispersion of the dust to the far flung lands of the earth’s surface – nothing is to be lost (Amos 9:9). And there is a pattern of fulfilment in the vision of dominion that is given as the consequential climax of the Divine Purpose through history.


It is time God’s Purpose throughout history was viewed apart from the great prejudice and the oceans of superficial thinking that flood around us in these days of apostasy. It is time to appreciate the real meaning and importance of our destiny in vast areas of Scripture and all the irrevocable pronouncements made concerning the nation of His servant people. Let those who come, begin at the beginning:


“Thy seed (Abraham’s) shall be as the dust of the earth” and “upon the sea shore,”

“Thou shalt spread abroad (dispersion) to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south.”

“The blessings … unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills: they shall be on the head of Joseph” (Genesis 13; 22; 28 and 49).

“I bare you on eagles’ wings.”

“Who can count the dust of Jacob?”

“Out of Jacob shall come to have dominion.”

(Exodus 19; Numbers 23 and 24).

Joseph, let us not forget, was carried away with the birthright

(I Chronicles 5).

“He shall have dominion from sea to sea … unto the ends of the earth” (Psalm 72).

“Judah is His sanctuary, Israel is His dominion” (Psalm 114).

“More are the children of the dispersed [Israel] than those of the married wife [Judah], (Isaiah 54).

A great eagle transplants the royal cedar or throne (Ezekiel 17).


In all honesty, how can these Scriptures be spiritualized? They cannot, except by doing great violence to the Word of God – which remember is a history book of a people under God far more than a Church book. People must want dogma more than they want truth in order to spiritualize the Old Testament (Covenant) Scriptures.


The Bible

The Bible is ever before our people as a whole work, to be studied and understood in continuity and with increasing confidence in its authority. For 400 hundred years the King James Bible has spoken to our nation. It is a book concerning Israel – a people ruled by God – it concerns their coming into being, their punishment through great national sins, but also their certain redemption and restoration in the full nation-state sense.


It is the greatest story of all history: this grand and most powerful fulfilment of Divine prophecy in a people and their descendants from earliest times unto the present-day. There is a nation of God’s servant people in the earth which has been in the process of preparation all down through the centuries, with no break in the process, for even the dispersion of the dust of His promise was in the essential purpose of God.


The Israel Dominion – True and False

When Jesus Christ talked of the “other sheep not of the fold” in Judah’s territory, the Church was not in existence. The sheep in Scripture are always All Israel and it was the dispersed of Israel whom the Coming King of Israel is to gather and raise up in righteousness.


God has fulfilled His purpose for Israel in the dispersion of the dust of Abraham’s multitudinous descendants. There is only one form of legitimate dominion, with power, that God has afforded in the world and that is the dominion of His servant people Israel. Dispersed throughout the great wilderness areas of the world, these people have explored, inhabited and developed into a company and family of nations. Great constitutions have emerged centred on an enduring throne and the Christian faith. That is a true dominion, a “foundation of peace” – a New Jerusalem!


The only other form of dominion that purports to be God’s new Israel or Kingdom with power, is that of false ecclesiasticism under Papal Rome – a counterfeit dominion that has been displayed to the world for over 14 centuries – 12 of them with real temporal power – but which is rapidly coming to an end. Most probably by and after 2018 when the 1260 solar years will have been reached from papal temporal power beginning in AD 758 under Pope Paul I.


The Greatest Theme

The claim that the prophetic theme of the servant people and nation has been working out in the English-speaking and kindred peoples is well founded. The Israel Identity and Kingdom teaching is a wonderful and dignified expression of fulfilled prophecy – which beyond all doubt proves that “God is working His purpose out,” not for individuals alone, but for the nation of His servant people that are established in His name and covenant purpose.


If Protestant Christians were fully alert with a sense of discernment; they would understand that the present scene of ecumenical “unity” has set them and the nation on a road to Rome, both in religious and political terms. Church and State in Britain-Israel are one under Almighty God. The Oath of Allegiance to the Monarch and to the Crown does not include allegiance to the Pope or to the Treaty of Rome, in force since Royal Assent was given in the Queen’s name on Oct 17 1972.


Instead of heading towards Rome, we need to head to the covenants and to a new righteousness – the keeping of His perfect Law! From the moment of national return to our Redeemer, to become obedient and faithful, we shall once more become His “nation bringing forth the fruits thereof,” and the Kingdom of God will be with men as never before.


A Wasting Paganism

Concerning the state of Established Protestantism today, what we see is an advanced condition of a wasting paganism. It is a terminal condition compared to the life and vigour that is offered in this message of Divine Purpose through the long history of the English-speaking and kindred peoples. It is a message which has inspired those through the centuries to whom the Great Cause for the nation has been revealed.


It is through an understanding of the ever-widening continuance of the destiny for His servant people and through this understanding alone, that one can interpret the world situation. It is the only key which unlocks the truth of the biblical record, which in its greater part is written prophetically. Without the understanding and without the knowledge of our nation-state position in the economy and Great Purpose of God, we cannot know God in the Word that He has spoken.


We are a nation before God for ever. The dust, dispersion and dominion of His Purpose will not pass away for the great company of Israel nations in the earth today. This is a Great Cause set before us – a destiny. It continues as the Creator of Israel – from the beginning unto the end!


Well may our clergy cry, if any of them still do “O Lord, save Thy people, And bless Thine inheritance.” For those who proclaim this Gospel of Salvation, it would be a good thing if they could proclaim it in the full knowledge of what it is all about!


Prelates against the Throne

The Early British Church was planted in these “isles afar off” from AD 35-37. Roman Catholicism arrived in AD 597 and dominated the realm of England until the Reformation. The Church of England was then established on the rejection of papal authority, the basis of that rejection being founded in the words of Henry VIII: This realm of England is an empire.Thus was the kingdom and body-politic of the servant people reborn and delivered from pagan superstition and darkness.


The papal attraction that captivates most of our Protestant clergy now will, indeed, prove fatal to them if they acknowledge the papal throne in place of the British Davidic Throne – the Throne of the Lord upon earth (I Chronicles 29:23). At this moment in Britain, the Protestant Reformed Faith, which the Queen at her Coronation promised to uphold, is being carried towards the great fascinator of the Beast system, which ensnares all who approach it – the Lord’s final judgment being inclusive and imminent upon this “Babylon.”


In the face of secular pressures, the Established Church of England is being torn apart. The issue of women and sexuality is making the Roman Church appear like a safe haven to many of the clergy.


A Journey of Discovery

Abraham believed God for an inheritance and obeyed God by acting with his feet. The journey that he began at Ur of the Chaldees was about a literal seed which would become a birthright; it was about a future great dominion that would emerge from a Divine promise of Abraham’s seed being as the dust.


It was about a “company of nations” that would develop and grow into a governmental structure that would bring blessing to all nations of the Lord’s earth – and, let us embrace the dimension of our confidence in the Almighty by suggesting that what God begins, He finishes! He will bless all nations through His one chosen national instrument. He has no other.


If Christians have not grasped the global dimensions of the supreme pattern and plan, they truly have not believed God – that He is able to bring to fruition what He has set-out to establish in the first instance.


In terms of having faith in God, it is not what we feel God is doing that is important and believing that, regardless; rather it is taking by faith the covenant promises and discovering quite simply and logically what God is doing in the world to fulfil these covenants. Many are sincere about doctrine or dogma, but they can be sincerely wrong. Dogma (and even doctrine itself) if it is for dogma’s sake, is actually pagan.


As never before people decide what they think God is doing in the world and then believe the false dogma they have formulated. Whereas, what they should do is set out on a journey of discovery to find out what God has accomplished in the world to fulfil His Word to Israel and then believe the Scriptural record as it clearly unfolds.


The truly dedicated student must read the Bible at its face value – as a history book of a people which is also two-thirds prophetic – and concentrate on what is revealed therein. It is a path which will prove an exciting one and one that will lead to a profound knowledge of real truth, which is always the foundation of reality.



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