A Call to the Nation

Michael A Clark

A Call to the Nation


Pray for Angels to be set upon the walls of the nations


In recent months the subject of angels as a positive and effectual power in all our lives has been circulating in the nation. An Irish Roman Catholic, Lorna Byrne, has written two popular books on guardian angels. The most interesting aspect of these writings is her chapter on “The Angels of the Nations” in the second book Stairways to Heaven.  The angels of the nation she says are very powerful and forceful angels, being much more powerful than ancestral angels that work for certain families from generation to generation. They stand guard within the boundaries of that country and like guardian angels never leave the nation they guard. She says that “I only ever see angels of the nations if something is seriously wrong in a country.”

 On the back of reading these books, it was a surprise therefore on 13th December, to pick up the book Angels on the Walls by Wallace & Mary Brown (Kingsway, 2000) which had remained unnoticed for nine years in a pile of publications for review. After reading the fourth chapter, I was struck very forcibly by the message that I believe the covenant nations and Britain in particular need to hear.

 The following day, 14th December, there came a second witness about Angels on the Walls on the web site of Christianity magazine which has a special feature on ‘The Real Angels.’ Angels on the Walls is about St Boniface’s Church in Quinton, Birmingham over a 14-year period. St Boniface’s had been besieged by a vandalizing teenage gang. Mary Brown, the wife of the vicar, Wallace, was praying in desperation one night. She thought God was telling her to read the book of Nehemiah. The biblical account of enemies hindering the work of God’s people echoed remarkably the battle they were in. Full of new enthusiasm, Mary dashed upstairs to urge Wallace that they had just got to pray and put guards on the walls, the same as Nehemiah did (Nehemiah 4:9).

 After more sleep, Wallace began to see the parallels between Nehemiah and their battle. Together they asked God how they were to put guards on their walls. He says that God “gave us the understanding to place guardian angels there. We were to do this each day – and to continue to pray, just like Nehemiah.”


The next day Wallace and Mary went out and prayed ‘on location.’ “Feeling slightly foolish, they asked God to place guardian angels all round the walls, to make them safe and to bring godliness to our lawns and boundaries,” he says.


“The effect was immediate and astonishing. Within a few days the gang started to break up. From the 35 swearing, screaming youths of the previous week, the number dropped to about ten and then the following week to a mere two or three. Mary and I continued to go out and pray day by day. ‘Lord, keep your guardian angels round these walls, please.’ After year upon year of human failure, the terrible ‘siege’ of church and vicarage was broken by the supernatural holy presence of God’s angels.” Ten years ago Wallace and Mary wrote their story in the book Angels on the Walls and spoke across the country.


Christianity magazine also tells the story of a Church of Ireland minister who was walking to his church in Belfast one morning when a man approached him. “Did you know you have angels protecting your church?” he asked the minister. “Last night I couldn’t sleep. I came downstairs and drew the curtains. There were two of them. And they were massive. They were much taller than the gable ends of the church. And they were dressed like samurai warriors. They were protecting your church.” It turned out the man was a recent convert to the Christian faith.


The minister was delighted. He and his church had recently been praying specifically for angels to protect their building after months of harassment and vandalism from a gang of youths connected with a Loyalist paramilitary group. Already there had been a marked improvement.


The church in Belfast had read the book Angels on the Walls and had started praying for angels. The Browns had said, “Never copy what we do. Ask God to show you what he wants you to do. But they took no notice of that,” explains Mary. Where general prayer for protection seemed unanswered, a specific prayer for angels was followed by ‘dramatic’ improvement.


A key Scripture for the covenant nations is found in Daniel 12:1 where these words are recorded: “At that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”


When we look at the state of the covenant nations today and Great Britain in particular, we see troubles mounting as never before. The international financial system is tottering and we appear to be on the verge of an economic collapse in the eurozone. People are beginning to demonstrate in the streets and violence has flared.


This strong witness to the Archangel Michael in authority shows how he stands up to deliver the servant people from the powers of evil that threaten our survival as “a company of nations.” The walls of our Jerusalem are broken down and the integrity of the nations is undermined. The world’s greatest monarchy is under siege and there is need of angelic deliverance from the evil in our midst.


The time is here and now for the People of God to daily lift up their voice in prayer and to call upon Almighty God to set Michael and the angelic powers under his command upon the walls of the City of London, rebuilt after the Great Fire in 1666 as a New Jerusalem. The great destiny of the covenant nations to lead the nations in peace has been eclipsed by a thick darkness and for the sake of the world and succeeding generations, it is time that it was removed.


Stand fast in the faith and pray without ceasing. We have a guardian.



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