The British Parliament is Recalled


The recall of the British Parliament on Aug 11 2011 over a crisis of law and order on the streets is marked as a significant moment for the government of the Realm. It is 12 years exactly from the total eclipse of the sun over England on Aug 11 1999. The eclipse of the sun was a warning signal of the eclipse of governing authority for the Kingdom of God upon earth. Twelve is the number of government. Where the nation goes from here will determine the peace of the Realm for years to come.


So far, there has been a total lack of any positive guidance coming from the Church on the crisis of authority and behaviour. This demonstrates the impotency of the present generation of the spiritual shepherds that should be speaking out under the anointing of Almighty God and in prophetic wisdom. Without the voice of spiritual power and authority; without the vision to galvanize the nation in maintaining righteousness, or the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, the nation is destined to continue to sink ever deeper into a quagmire of chaos.


One mother, a baby clothes’ shop owner standing looking at her looted and ransacked boutique in Ealing, west London, condemned the ‘feral rats’ who attacked her store. Mrs Liz Pilgrim, a 43-year-old mother of two, said, “My message to the Government, to David Cameron, whom I hope to meet, is to get a grip and if we can’t cope with the use of police officers that are on the street having to deal with this violence, then for Heaven’s sake get the Army involved or somebody who can deal with these young people. It seems so commonsensical to me.”


‘For Heaven’s sake’ is surely the operative phrase. It is for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven in our midst that all spiritual authority is required and if the present shepherds, or leaders, cannot measure up to the present need of the hour, they will surely be swept from power. For the past half century, the integrity of British nation has been weakened in every possible way by the liberal elite, which basically has rejected the Divine pattern for society and true civilization.


The cultural identity of the English nation in the large cities has been undermined and given over to a ‘mixed multitude’ that has bred a rootless generation without any spiritual foundations. The headline of an article by Max Hastings summed it up very well indeed: “Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, unparented, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters” (Daily Mail, Aug 10 2011).


We have wondered for the past twelve months what kind of crisis was waiting for David Cameron after 390 days in office as Coalition prime minister. He walked into 10 Downing Street on May 10 2010, 70 years to the day from when Winston Churchill became prime minister on May 10 1940, at the head of the wartime Coalition – 70 being marked for determination of ‘Jerusalem’ or the ‘foundation of peace.’


The number 390 is marked for trouble for our nation as Ephraim-Israel (Ezekiel 4:5). A classic example of this was the length of Britain’s involvement in World War I. It was precisely 4 x 390 days – a period of world trouble for Ephraim-Britain. David Cameron passed 390 days in office on Jun 4 2011, 2 x 29 years plus 2 days from the Coronation of Elizabeth II – a period of expectancy of judgment doubled, plus the perfected 2 days for this important cycle linked to the Crown. Beyond the present crisis of law and order on the streets, there is the mounting world economic crisis, the failure of which could produce a even greater crisis for the British economy and its people – especially its rebellious young people!


We called for a National Day of Prayer for our nation in its economic distress and for the Armed Forces in our message to the Queen on July 1. The response from Buckingham Palace on July 20 informed us that our request was being passed to the Office of the Prime Minister. Perhaps Mr Cameron may now be more inclined to call the nation to prayer in the coming days?



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