In respect of same-sex ‘marriage’ being conducted in churches, the obvious needs to be pointed out. That it is a quite blatant rebellion against the Holy Creator. It is performed before God and is a denial of His created order when it comes to “consummation.” This is confusion and God is clearly not the author of such disorder (I Corinthians 14:33).
In effect it is the “corruption of flesh” which took place in the days of Noah prior to the Deluge (Genesis 6:12) and would take place again prior to “the coming of the Son of man,” as was confirmed by Christ Himself (Matthew 24:37).
The Prime Minister is indeed wise to exclude the Church from same-sex ‘marriages.’ No one in possession of any degree of spiritual insight should contemplate presenting such an outright challenge to the Almighty.
Mr Cameron should also re-evaluate the wisdom of submitting the entire population to this ill-thought-out PR exercise, when by implication all subjects of the Realm are members of the Established Church. Failing this, confusion in the nation will increase - indeed, until His continuing Kingdom shall fully come to our midst in judgment and righteousness (Revelation 19:15-16).
Michael A Clark, President

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