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Get ready to book for this year’s Summer Convention, 19th – 24th July. This year the theme is “Foundations of the Kingdom Message.”  The programme is being prepared to cover the plan of God from Genesis to Revelation.  All welcome – especially new friends.



There are four new tours this year:

‘The Glastonbury Experience’ on Saturday, 15th May.

‘Our Christian Heritage’ at Epworth Rectory on Saturday, 22nd May.

‘Our Royal and Cultural Heritage’ in Edinburgh on Saturday, 12th June.

‘Our Christian Heritage – St Paul’s Cathedral’ on Saturday, 30th October.

For details, please see Conferences, Rallies and Branch meetings in the booklet sent out in January or contact Headquarters.


New booksIsaiah a Study by Pascoe Goard, now available.

London: A New Jerusalem by Adrian Gilbert – out very soon.


New film – filming has started for our next documentary which will chart the migrations of the Israelites across Europe after the Assyrian captivity.  More news to come in the next Life in the BIWF.



‘Our Christian Heritage in Westminster Abbey’ on Saturday, 13th March.  A guided tour in this magnificent symbol of our biblical destiny as a Christian nation, led by Michael Clark.   

National Bible College lecture on Tuesday, 16th March at 7.00 pm.  The subject is ‘Our Christian Heritage During Three “British” Empires’ and the speaker is

Rev. Barrie Williams.

Northern Ireland meeting on Saturday, 27th March, with speakers Michael Clark and David Aimer.

Wigan Rally on Good Friday, 2nd April, with speakers Alfred Brown and Carol Cream.

Scottish Area Rally on Saturday, 10th April with speakers Michael Clark, Carol Cream and Clifford Smyth.  Please note:  new venue – Taylors Hotel, Kilwinning.

Morecambe Spring Rally from 23rd to 25th April with speakers David Aimer, Alfred Brown, Norman Pearson, Frank Tebbutt, Robert Phillips, Martin Lightfoot and David McLure.  There will be an organ recital by Berkeley Squire.



‘Our Christian Heritage in the National Gallery’ on Saturday, 14th November, was attended by over 20 people.  Martin Lightfoot led the group around the famous paintings which illustrate our Bible history in the National Gallery and then on to the National Portrait Gallery to see the faces of some of those called by God to serve this nation.  It was a fascinating afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed by all who came to it.



For the second year running, BIWF has been supported by the village to put up a Christmas tree and lights in the grounds of our building.  This year there was also a large illuminated Nativity scene, painted by Nicola Gallone on glass.  There will be some photos of this scene on display at the Summer Convention.



  • BIWF: Keep checking the web site – there are frequent changes to keep it interesting and informative.

Web site:  www.britishisrael.co.uk

Visits to the web site: total for 200923,438

This figure shows a steady increase in interest from around the world.


  • ‘You Tube’ videos – the hits have risen to 17,745



Web site:  www.covpub.co.uk

Visits to the web site: total for 20097,593



Web site:  www.tnbc.org.uk

Interest continues in the Distance Learning Course – there are now over 20 enrolled students, lectures and events.



We are pleased to announce that in 2009 we achieved our target of 4 issues in the year – an increase of 100% on 2008!

The next issue will be on the theme of ‘Hope.’  Do send for extra copies and help to spread the message as widely as possible.

Volume I, Number 1, 2007 – if you have spare copies of this issue, please let Headquarters know because there are still requests for it and supplies are very low!


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer


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