APRIL 2010

Life IN THE B.I.W.F.




More news for you to read about events, projects and activities in the Federation.




The documentary film – Martin Lightfoot and Ed Skelding are making good progress with this second film.  They have filmed in the British Museum, at Sutton Hoo and even in Berlin!  It is going to be a very interesting, well-researched film and we hope that you will continue to support this project in prayer.




LONDON: A NEW JERUSALEM – the second edition of this book is out now.  The revised chapter ‘The Rise of British-Israel’ is very encouraging. Buy it now and take advantage of the launch offer price of £10.00 plus postage and packing, available until 31st July, 2010.




Morecambe Spring Rally from 23rd to 25th April with speakers David Aimer, Alfred Brown, Norman Pearson, Frank Tebbutt, Robert Phillips, Martin Lightfoot and David McLure. 

The Glastonbury Experience – on Saturday, 15th May.  Martin Lightfoot will be leading the group around Glastonbury Abbey and then to the church at Pilton.

Our Christian Heritage – at Epworth Rectory, Saturday, 22nd May.  Come and find out more about Wesley and the evangelical revival – spreading the gospel as Israel was commanded to do.

Carlisle Rally – on Saturday, 6th June.  Come and join the North West Area friends at their annual rally which is always a very enjoyable and interesting event.

Our Royal and Cultural Heritage – in Edinburgh on Saturday, 12th June.  Michael Clark will lead the group to see the Stone of Destiny and the Honours of Scotland in the Castle Museum and then Martin Lightfoot will take everyone to the Library and the Museum.  An energetic day!

The National Bible College lecture on 29th June at Headquarters.

The Summer Convention – at Hothorpe Hall, 19th-24th July.  ‘The Foundations of the Kingdom Message’ – a very good opportunity to bring along friends who are new to the message.




‘Our Christian Heritage in Westminster Abbey’ on Saturday, 13th March.  Over 20 people came on this guided tour and enjoyed the fellowship as well as seeing for themselves evidences of our ancient origins. 

Northern Ireland meeting on Saturday, 27th March, with speakers Michael Clark and David Aimer – this was a very well-attended rally and the book table and free literature were greatly appreciated.

Wigan Rally – much enjoyed by all who attended.

Scottish Area Rally on Saturday, 10th April with speakers Michael Clark, Carol Cream and Clifford Smyth.  The new venue, Taylors Hotel, Kilwinning, provided a pleasant room for the lectures and an excellent lunch.




  • BIWF: Keep checking the web site – there are frequent changes to keep it interesting and informative.

Web site:  www.britishisrael.co.uk

Visits to the web site: total for March – 1,835

This figure shows a steady increase in interest from around the world.


  • ‘You Tube’ videos – the hits have risen to 21,732

This is an excellent way of interesting all sorts of different people.



Web site:  www.covpub.co.uk

Visits to the web site: total for March – 570



Web site:  www.tnbc.org.uk

Interest continues in the Distance Learning Course and in the lectures held both at Low Etherley and in local institutions.




The latest issue, Number 9, with the theme of ‘Hope’ has been received very well. Please send for extra copies to give out – everyone needs hope today!




Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer


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