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Western Civilization is destroyed by Pietism and Lawless Dogma – this free booklet has been written by Michael Clark and is being sent out as an alert and a warning to the nation. Please send for more copies if you feel able to distribute it to your friends and contacts.



The new edition of We Have a Guardian was launched at Congress by the Chairman of the Covenant Publishing Company who gave a presentation introducing this revised edition which has new information and new pictures as well as covering all the previous events. It is so important in these difficult days to remind people that we do indeed have a guiding Providence and that there is every reason to be encouraged and to feel hopeful. Our witness must pass this hope and encouragement on to all – at only £4.00 this book is an excellent gift.

DVDs of Congress 2011 – the recordings of the 92nd Congress at Ashbourne are available from Headquarters for £7.00 (+£3.50 p&p).



Christmas posting – Greetings Card from the Board of Management, the ‘Conferences, Rallies, Branch Meetings and National Bible College Events,’ the Daily Bible Readings for 2012 and membership renewal forms followed in January by the BIWF Newsletter with reports, articles and photos.



Exciting new growth is happening in South Africa. The Federation was presented at a stall at this Christian Expo in Johannesburg by Brenton Boshoff and others with the support of our General Secretary. There will be a full report and photos in the BIWF Newsletter with more details.



Ulster Area Rally – In Belfast on Saturday, 17th September, David Aimer gave a lecture on ‘Israel’s Inventions’ and Martin Lightfoot introduced the film The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel. There was a very large audience who thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon’s events. Sales of the DVD and books were very good which was very rewarding for all the work involved.

Our Christian Heritage – York Minster – on Saturday, 24th September. A group of about 20 met for a tour of the Minster during which Martin Lightfoot explained the early Christian heritage of this beautiful place. This was followed by tea in St William’s College and then the President led a time of Prayer for the Nation so that all could join with BIs worldwide who would also be praying on that day.

92nd Annual Congress –“As Lively Stones in a Spiritual House” was the theme of this weekend gathering. Michael Clark opened it with a stirring address and then the other lectures developed the theme in different though harmonious ways. Visits to two local churches were arranged and it was very interesting to see banners of the Twelve Tribes in one and signs of the early church in another.

Our Cultural Heritage – an enthusiastic group was taken around the British Museum on Saturday, 22nd October by Martin Lightfoot – this time to look at the Greek, Trojan and Spartan exhibits. It was very interesting to see the connections which can be made between the Scriptures and the archaeological evidence which demonstrates the extent of the migrations and the arrival of Christianity in these islands from the very earliest of times.




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The Covenant Nations Volume 2 Number 4 will be with you soon. It features the new edition of We Have a Guardian which we hope will attract considerable attention.


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