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The series of seven free booklets under the title of National Faith Conservation is now complete and you will have received the next two with this issue of ‘Life . . .’ Michael Clark will be giving a lecture which will expand on one of the series, on metrication, at the Summer Convention. The Divine Economic System for Lasting Prosperity and Peace and Quotations showing that the British Church has Primacy have been written with the wider world in mind and it is hoped that extra copies will be requested and sent out. The first booklet was reviewed in The British Church Newspaper and generated considerable interest. Booklets 5 to 7 will be available from April to June.



It is with great pleasure that we can tell you about the beginning of an exciting new development within the Federation called Eli Press. This began as an idea of David Aimer to make full use of the print machine at Headquarters and to provide a service to the community which would also bring in some business for BIWF. There are many writers, especially of Christian material, who are unable to publish their books because of the demands and costs of the large publishing houses. These people want to be able to publish their work on a small scale at a reasonable price which is what Eli Press can do for them. The first customer came to us on his own initiative after reading The Continuing Kingdom of God upon Earth which had been pushed through his letterbox. He was impressed by the high gloss cover and the quality of the production. His book has been printed and he has brought in other friends with their work – it is growing without advertising!



This year is one of many anniversaries both in the Federation and in the nation. It marks the ninetieth anniversary of the formation of the Covenant Publishing Company; the eightieth anniversary of The National Bible College; the ninetieth anniversary of the Wigan Branch; three-hundred and fifty years of The Book of Common Prayer and of course, the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen. All these milestones are important to remember and for us to give our thanks and praise to Almighty God for their preservation and continuation.



Two more books are ready for your orders – The Hidden Treasure of the Parables by Alfred Brown has been revised by him and comes with a new cover and layout. It will be a very valuable addition to your library. The Tender Twig by Frances Henking has been revived after many years – it now has the author’s small booklet The Continuing Kingdom as additional reading at the back for those who want to study the story in depth. Price and postage on request from CPC. Both books will be on the bookstall at events during the year.



Covenant Nations Weekend – In St Albans from Saturday, 10th March to Sunday, 11th March. The theme for the speakers Michael Clark, David Aimer and Rev Barrie Williams on Saturday is ‘Crown and Commonwealth in Diamond Jubilee Year.’ On Sunday morning they will lead ‘Prayer for the Nations.’

Our Christian Heritage – Durham Cathedral – on Saturday, 24th March from 1.30 - 3.30 pm. Martin Lightfoot will lead a visit around this beautiful old place of worship.

Scottish Area Rally – on Saturday, 7th April. The speakers are Bob Graham and Clifford Smyth.

Ulster Rally – on Saturday, 14th April from 2 - 4 pm. Michael Clark and Clifford Smyth are the speakers.

Morecambe Rally – from Friday, 27th April to Sunday, 29th April. The speakers are Michael Clark, Carol Cream, Norman Pearson, Nelson McCausland, David Hilliard, David McLure and David Aimer.

The Early British Church – Glastonbury Abbey and Pilton – on Saturday, 19th May from 11 am to 5 pm. A free guided tour through the Abbey grounds and exhibition then on to view the stained glass in St John’s Church and the Pilton Story in Pilton Church.



Carlisle Rally – on Saturday, 2nd June. Speakers are Archie Linnegan and David Aimer.

Diamond Jubilee Rally – on Saturday, 30th June at HQ in Low Etherley there will be an event to celebrate the 60 years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Summer Convention – at Hothorpe Hall as usual, from 23rd – 28th July. The theme this year is ‘Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.’

Scottish Area Rally – on Saturday, 8th September.

Ulster Rally – on Saturday, 15th September.

93rd Annual Congress – at Gilsland Spa again, from 5th – 8th October. The theme is

‘He shall rule over the House of Jacob for ever.’

The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery – London – on Saturday, 3rd November. The influence on our Christian heritage by our monarchs.




The Covenant Nations Volume 2 Number 5 is in production and will be out at the end of next month with the theme of ‘The Diamond Jubilee.’

Thank you for your continuing support of this magazine which continues to receive many compliments.


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer


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