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A special request from Pastor Charles Jennings arrived at Headquarters recently. He had been approached by the Archive Director of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary who wanted to set up a section of the library for Anglo-Israel books. Pastor Jennings contacted David Aimer to discuss how BIWF could contribute to this exciting project. The result was that a large parcel of 58 books, one each of the major titles, from Covenant Publishing has been despatched to America.

Pastor Jennings emailed: “The Anglo-Israel collection will be placed in a separate room and made available to the seminary students, but not checked out. They call this a “special collection.” Just think: this collection, without a doubt, will be the only Anglo-Israel collection in a major theological seminary in the USA. This AGTS is the top, the major and only Pentecostal seminary in North America. Did you think that this would ever take place? I consider this a major victory for God’s truth and God’s covenant people!”

These books which have been sent to him cost £373 and if you want to be part of the blessing of this gift, please send a donation.


The Palace Hotel, Buxton, will be the venue for the Summer Convention 2014. Following careful consideration the Board of Management decided to make the change after eight successful years at Hothorpe Hall. The facilities at the hotel and its surroundings in the delightful spa town of Buxton are some of the factors which contributed to this decision. There is excellent access by public transport which will help many people. The dates for your diary are 14th – 19th July 2014 – we look forward to seeing you there.


It is time to plan the events for next year and we would value both your suggestions and prayers for our meeting on Friday, 15th November. There has been a wide range of different celebrations, visits and tours and it is helpful to have ideas from you all so that we can continue to provide an interesting programme.


Two new books were launched at the 94th Annual Congress in Winchester. One is a reprint of a very important book by Rev. V. A. Spence Little, The Deity of Jesus Christ. This is a very scholarly but readable study on a subject which is vital to understand today when there is so much doubt and unbelief. The second is a new presentation of our flag, The Union Jack by Patricia Bagwell. She expands on her article which appeared in The Covenant Nations and clearly sets out the spiritual significance of the different crosses which make it up.


There will be reports of these events in the Newsletter in due course. Meanwhile the lectures at both of them are now available as box sets of DVDs. They can be used as Bible studies in branch meetings as well as for watching with friends who are interested in the message.


Students are continuing to work on the Distance Learning Programme and it is interesting to report that a black African pastor has now completed all four modules and is using this material to help his congregation understand the scriptures. Once again we can see that the British-Israel truth is going far and wide bringing all sorts of people together.


The final issue of Volume 2 will be delivered to you soon – the theme is ‘Norway’ and completes the series on our brethren around the covenant nations. We look forward to your continuing support for this work as we prepare for Volume 3.


Congratulations! Talia and Tyrone Creed were delighted to tell us that on Tuesday, 13th August, a baby girl, Skye Love Creed, was born at 6:15 am. She weighed 3.39 kg.

Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

 Contact:  BIWF, 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, DL14 0HA


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