MARCH 2020

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The new decade has opened with Britain’s release from the EU after 47 years. We rejoice for the servant people that the nation has returned to its natural state – it is indeed time for Project Hope under Almighty God. Sovereignty belongs to the United Kingdom and its people. It is our task now to revive the vision of our calling through the Kingdom message which alone can save the Nations. be encouraged to spread the Word!




This month Volume 5 of The Covenant Nations begins with an increase in the number of the pages and a new look. The theme chosen for the year is ‘The Kingdom Message alone can save the Nations.’ We believe that the articles will appeal to a wider audience. The print run for the first issue has been increased so that it can be more widely circulated. Copies will be sent to many Protestant publications and other organisations. We encourage members to send for an extra copy to give to your own friends and contacts.



BIWF AUTUMN RALLY – 2-5 October, 2020

Please note this important change:

The BIWF Autumn Rally will now be held at the Hallmark Hotel Carlisle, Court Square, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 1QY





“The DNA of the Lost Tribes of Israel” – a free illustrated public lecture to be held on Saturday, 14 March at 3pm. Venue: Park Church, Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NF


Glastonbury Abbey & Church in Somerset – a visit to this historic centre of worship which witnessed the site of a first century Christian Church associated with Joseph of Arimathea on Saturday, 21 March. Meet at the Abbey main entrance at 1.30pm.


North West Area Rally – to be held on Good Friday 10 April at 12 noon with lunch which will be provided free. Speakers: Alfred Brown and Robert Phillips. Venue: the Wigan Deaf without Speech Society, 41 Avondale Road, Wigan.


Morecambe Spring Rally & AGM – from Friday, 24 April to Monday, 27 April with a full programme of speakers. Venue: the Auckland Hotel, Morecambe.


Please see the Newsletter for reports of all events held during 2019.




It is encouraging to report that the TNBC teaching video subscribers have now topped over 1000.

Please note the new email address:




Elizabeth and Timothy Dulley are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Hannah Bethany Dulley on Wednesday, 29 January, 2020. A second grandchild for Philippa and Michael Clark.


We also send birthday greetings to our oldest member, Eileen Wilks, who will celebrate her 103rd birthday next month in April.



Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

Contact:  BIWF, 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland,

County Durham, DL14 0HA




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