The British General Election 2015

The result of the British General Election 2015 appears to confirm that a sea-change is well underway. It has been said that significant change comes about in British politics once in 70 years – this puts us in memory of 1945 and the change from the wartime Coalition under Winston Churchill to the Labour Administration under Clement Attlee. The number 70marks determination for ‘Jerusalem’ or the body-politic of government at the centre of Kingdom Administration for the servant people under the Davidic Throne


Quoting Howard Rand in his book Study in Daniel* (page 243),he wrote: “Dating from the year of Exodus [1486 BC] and Israel’s organization into God’s Kingdom on earth, 70 Jubilees later in AD 1945 Hitler was defeated in World War 2.” From 1945 to 2015 is another 70 years when we see all that is going on in the world at the present time. It will be interesting to see what happens in the eurozone over Greece in the rest of 2015 and with respect to Britain’s renegotiation with Brussels into 2016-17 and the promised Referendum.


As an expanded point on this Jubilee measure, while 70 x 49 years from 1486 BC is 3,430 years and comes to AD 1945, the further 70 years to 2015 is 3,500 years from 1486 BC or 70 x 50 years. So that while at end of 49 years there was to be a Jubilee, we have now arrived at the end of the (full or completed) 70 Jubilee periods which must surely indicate that our ‘Exodus’ release from the bondage of prophetic spiritual-economic Egypt is very near.


The importance of 2015 is seen in further reference to Study in Daniel (page 238); a period of 1,917 years from AD 28, when the Baptism of Our Lord took place, ended AD 1945 and from 1917 to 2015 is 98 years or 2 x 49 Jubilee year periods. The historic city of Jerusalem was delivered from the Turks in December 1917; thus we may have additional evidence that we are arriving at a point when the Jubilee release of our ‘Jerusalem,’ from the EU and the moneychangers in the City of London and internationally may well be approaching.


At the heart of this developing change in Scotland is the Scottish Nationalist Party.  On 20 April, 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron unveiled plans to ensure the rest of the United Kingdom does not lose out to Scotland over the use of sweeping new powers being handed to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.


This pattern of chronology does seem to suggest that events will confirm a Divine overruling. In historical and chronological terms what is happening in the United Kingdom is a Third Rebellion against the Throne of the Lord and its Parliament within the British Isles.

The First Rebellion was in 1715 –

2015 is 300 years (Gideon’s Band) from the First Jacobite rising of 1715 – the Old Pretender, James Stuart.


The Second Rebellion came 30 years later in 1745 –

2015-16 is 270 years (gestation) from the Second Jacobite rising of 1745-46 – the Young Pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie.


The Third Rebellion which has been growing since the discovery of North Sea oil in 1970 came to a head after the Edinburgh Agreement of 15 October, 2012, that there would be one question only on the ballot paper, excluding Devolution Maximum (Devo-max). This drove the issue to the close vote at the Scottish Referendum (won by the ‘NO’ side with 2,001,926 votes which, interestingly, contained the Queen’s birth year of 1926.


The chronology is pointing to 2015-16 as a significant period of contention with the ‘Third Pretender’ to the Kingdom, Alex Salmond (now returned as MP at Westminster), joined by the new First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon.


We really do have to ask ourselves – is an evil spirit on the loose in Scotland? What is happening in Scotland is being described by discerning Christians in Scotland as demonic. The fact is Scotland has abandoned its true Christian faith leaving itself open to possession by demonic spirits. The same trend is now apparent in England.


In The Times of 23 April, 2015, there was a letter from a Mark Corby of London saying “How disingenuous of Sir John Major to be hectoring us about the death of the Union, when it was he who started the process. In 1996, he arranged for the symbolic return of the Stone of Scone to Edinburgh Castle as an act of appeasement. Predictably, it was perceived as an act of weakness, not friendship. Nineteen years on, we are paying the price for his misjudgement.”


We are now 666 years (Beast system) from when the Black Death swept across Europe in the spring of 1349 and there is a great storm rising among the nations. A great seething mass of humanity is fleeing conflict and coming across the Mediterranean Sea from Africa and Asia trying to get into Europe and spreading out into all countries including the United Kingdom as the ultimate ‘heaven on earth.’ What is to be the end of this crisis?  Matthew 24:31 informs us that at this point of threatening crisis with the sign of the Son of man appearing that the LORD will send for His angels to gather His Elect from “the four winds” of conflict.


In October 1937, A J Ferris BA, in a series of booklets with print runs in tens of thousands, published his 96-page booklet The British Commonwealth and the United States of America foretold in the Bible. A second edition was published in August 1940 just as the Second World War was about to explode into the Battle of Britain. It was set out in 12 chapters which were a powerful witness to the fulfilment of the great promises to Joseph – who received a double portion of blessing from Jacob. The opening paragraph stated:


“Is the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic race in its two great divisions, The British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America, the literal race of latter-day JOSEPH-ISRAEL as foretold and described in the Bible?”


The booklet concluded with the projection for the future that “we must be close to that blessed time when every individual in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Israel race will know the Lord.” He could not have foreseen that from 1940 and after five years of World War II there would come another 75 years until 2015 before the sense of ultimate climax would be reached. The number 75 is the factor between 1260 and 1335 – the number of fruition between tribulation and blessing for God’s servant people.


At this time, let us have faith and look out from our small island home, with all the immigrants seeking to come to the UK; we may be like Noah’s Ark (let us remember it was God who shut the door of the Ark not Noah or his family), but out there on the foaming waters the LORD is walking towards us and His angels are undoubtedly going forth to deliver us from the ravages of conflict.

Michael A Clark

* Study in Daniel, Rand, available from Covenant Publishing, 453 pp, £14.00 excluding postage.

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