What is the Significance of the 2016


U.S. Presidential Election Result?



The result of the United States Presidential Election was dramatic and confirms that the Spirit of the Lord is moving to revive the covenant nations of Joseph’s sons and their prophetic descendants who were to grow into a powerful multitude as a “a nation and a company of nations” (Genesis 35:11; 48:5-22).


Great Britain and the United States of America are brother nations descendant from Joseph (who was given a double portion through his sons Ephraim-Britain and Manasseh-USA, the 13th tribe – note how 13 features in USA history) who had the Birthright (the Church ignores this fact concentrating only on the Royal line of the Messiah and the tribe of Judah) from Jacob – this is why we have a Special Relationship and why we experience important national change together. The number 70 is the number of determination for ‘Jerusalem’ now in London and Washington, the name meaning the ‘foundation (or city) of peace.’ This is why dramatic political change happens in our brother nations around every 70 years, i.e. 1945-46 to 2015-16. 


Samson (then blind) was the 13th and last judge in Israel. He was not the most moral person (perhaps like Donald Trump in earlier life), but his strength overturned corruption. If President-elect Donald Trump tackles the US$20 trillion national debt, he may initiate a new order of things -- the young lad that guided Samson to the twin columns in the Temple of Dagon represents the new order of things, a precursor that was evident by the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11 in 2001.


The 8 November U.S. election date was 60 years to the day from the end of the Anglo-French Suez Operation after President Eisenhower’s threat to use U.S. economic power against Britain. Interestingly Donald Trump has been speaking about reducing U.S. economic support to NATO. It is 2 x 30 years from 1956, 30 being significant of the right moment. This will increase economic pressures in the EU and eventually collapse the euro zone, so fulfilling Revelation 18.


In biblical numerical terms the number two hundred stamps various things with insufficiency. The implication is that something more is expected to achieve true completion. In John 6:7 we read: “Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them.” Also in Joshua 7:21 Achan’s two hundred shekels were not sufficient to save him from the consequences of his sin. This shows us the insufficiency of money as debt – and gold itself.


When Christ came into Jerusalem he overturned the tables of the moneychangers. In Britain servicing our national debt alone is a larger sum than the defence budget! We are not cancelling debt in the 7th and 50th year of biblical cycles – nevertheless this still happens despite the political and vested interests, through the pressure of events. 


It is not generally known that 97% of all money is created by the banks as debt-finance. It is a grip of death – perhaps not for much longer?


On 23-24 June, 2016, gold was trading at $1260 – the number in Scripture linked to tribulation. Significantly it soared through $1335 per troy ounce, significant of finality yet conversely, also of blessing, hitting $1350 as it became clear that Britain had voted to leave the European Union. Before 23 June, 1,000 economists were, in effect, threatening the British people that they must bow down to the EU-Babylon’s ‘image of gold’ or suffer a fiery furnace of affliction. This threat can hold no fear for the United Kingdom, for one ‘like the Son of God’ will stand with us as the euro zone self-destructs (Daniel 3:25; 12:12; Revelation 18:4).


STRATFOR, the U.S. intelligence service, in its Geopolitical Weekly for 15 November 2016, said, under the headline A Simple Tool for Understanding the Trump Presidency:


“The unique advantages that destined the United States to become a global empire will reduce the chances of a dramatic retrenchment in its foreign policy. The United States will still be driven to capitalize on revolutionary changes in technology to stay competitive and to build a North American economic powerhouse. And when it looks overseas, the United States will still be compelled to prevent larger powers such as China and Russia from dominating their neighborhoods and will have little choice but to rely on regional partners with often-colliding interests to manage developing crises.


“Still, the nuances of the United States’ policy adjustments and the time it takes to shape them will spread uncertainty in many parts of the world and drive nations to prepare for their worst-case scenarios. So now is the time to put our ears to the ground and feel the earth tremble. We then need to raise ourselves up, dust ourselves off and watch the map come alive.”


In this resurgent dominance of the USA, let us prepare for the return of the Samson-like strength of the world’s only superpower whose seven locks of hair have grown again, now that the ‘seven times’ chastisement, or 2,520 years of chastisement for the Kingdom People of Israel have expired.


Michael A Clark


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