The Kingdom in our Midst

Michael A. Clark


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The Kingdom in our Midst

THERE is a widespread belief among Christians that the Israel of biblical history, the Nation and Servant People which God brought into being to be the instrument of His Purpose, has been replaced by the Christian Church.

Our religious leaders would do well to recognize that they are the Shepherds of Israel. They should abandon the un-Scriptural assumption that the promises made to Israel have been transferred to the Church, for this is but an attempt to excuse Almighty God for His supposed failure with regard to the enduring and unbreakable covenants made with Israel. The Lord does not require such excuses from mere mankind.

A moment’s thought will show that this purpose can never be accomplished by the Christian Church. The Church could not function as a social order or even as a government. Neither could it demonstrate the righteousness of God’s kingdom, for it has no means of administering or enforcing His laws. Yet without doing so, how can it replace Israel in the fulfillment of God’s Great Plan?

When read as a whole, the Bible shows very clearly that God brought the Israel people into being and formed them into a Nation to demonstrate the righteousness of His Kingdom in our Midst – that perfect social order and government which He designed for mankind; to show the benefits of obedience to His moral laws in ALL things, religious, political, social and economic; also to extend His Kingdom and the Administration of His precepts throughout the earth.

The eighth century BC Assyrian captivity of the vast majority of all Twelve Tribes of Israel and their subsequent exodus into the Eurasian continent, moving ever westward, was clearly in the prophetic purpose for His Servant People, who in the fullness of time were to spread abroad beyond Europe to the four corners of the earth.  

The function of the Christian Church is to proclaim Christ and the Gospel of redemption for His Servant People and the ultimate salvation of all other peoples. Israel was chosen as an example Nation to demonstrate the righteousness of God’s Kingdom and Law on a national basis and to extend and administer them throughout the earth. Thus each has its part to play in God’s Great Purpose and only evil can come of any attempt to substitute one for the other. 

The days of the British Empire were just the harbinger of the wonderful Millennium to come when: “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14). We are beginning to see the revival of the Two Witnesses of Church and State in our British Israel which will occur to the astonishment of all people that behold the event (Revelation 11:11).

In 2018, time has run out for the dogma of spiritualization of the Kingdom People which began with Augustine of Hippo in the fifth century AD and has lasted for 1,260 years from AD 758 when the temporal power of the papacy emerged under Pope Paul I. The Reformation centuries began the great restoration of Israel in the West, but the latter half of the twentieth century witnessed the temporary eclipse of our Protestant constitution of freedom from spiritual servitude.

The final subversion of Britain’s global destiny emerged in our day under the attempt to create a European superpower based on the Treaty of Rome 1957. The recovery of Sovereignty by the United Kingdom from the European Union, to return to trading and political affinity with its larger world family, is the necessary precursor to the return of Jesus Christ as King of kings to take up the Throne of David – The Kingdom in our Midst.



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