Letters to the Editor, British Church Newspaper, 27 September, 2019

Michael A. Clark


Letters to the Editor, British Church Newspaper, 27 September, 2019



Sir,- Amid all the frustration over Brexit is it possible that there is a pattern of overruling Providence to be observed? Most certainly there is. In the secular world of comment one hears the well known saying quoted that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘days are numbered.’ As a student of Divine Time Measures* for over fifty years in day-period chronology I can testify that this saying is literally true, but in the sense of an overruling Providence. The following may help Christians to increase their faith in God’s perfected plan.

   This is not to set dates, but to establish and define chronological periods. The arrival of the day and hour alone will reveal to the watchers the event, or events, which will declare their significance.

   For several months now I have had the date of 5 December, 2019, in focus, it being 1260 days (chastisement) from the EU Referendum result of 23-24 June 2016. This also is when the “covenant with death” is “disannulled” (or overthrown) in the Lesson for 5 December, i.e., Isaiah 28 in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer – see v.18. Then there is 23 December, 2019, which is the solar extension of the 1260 days, or 42 months, from the EU Referendum, which marks the set time for the duration of the Roman Catholic antichrist system (Revelation 13:5). This date may well witness an aspect in the conclusion of the process.

   If a General Election were to be held on [or after] Thursday 5 December it would be a powerful confirmation of the end of the whole saga of Britain’s adulterous national liaison with Project Europe which began on 28 October, 1971, when a “decision in principle” to join the then EEC was passed by the House of Commons. The Lesson for 28 October in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, St Simon and St Jude, is Isaiah 28:9-16 where in a “covenant with death” the false shepherds of national leadership declare “with hell we are at agreement” – see v.15.

   In the middle of this period, the 19 December, 2019, is 666 months (gold/beast system) from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s birth (19 June, 1964), the date being the anniversary of William Pitt the Younger becoming Prime Minister on 19 December, 1783, at age 24. His government was a minority government -- just like Boris Johnson's Administration [became].  William Pitt the Younger did not call an immediate General Election (people called it ‘the mince pie government’ thinking it would fall by Christmas). Pitt waited until he had support then achieved victory by a landslide and was in power for 17 years.

   Interestingly 1 November, 2019, [which was] due to mark Britain’s first day after Brexit, marks 120 plus 144 years (warning for government) from the Great Lisbon earthquake of 1 November, 1755. The final EU treaty was the Treaty of Lisbon 2007 into which all previous EU treaties were incorporated. This does appear to be highly symbolic of the inevitable politico-economic collapse approaching for the EU. The Scripture that comes to mind in this is Revelation 18:4 – the Divine command to “Come out of her, my people,” where the urgent need comes to get clear of  prophetic “Babylon the great” before the plagues finally come upon this pagan system. There is much more evidence of this nature to inspire our trust in the overruling Providence of Almighty God for the United Kingdom at this crucial time.

Michael A Clark


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Update 26 November 2019

The 70th anniversary meeting of NATO is to be held in London on 5 December, which determined that the General Election was delayed by one week to the 12 December. The State Opening of the new Parliament will take place on 19 December, while 23 December is set for a crucial decesion on Brexit, before Christmas, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has indicated.

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