Pattern of events in August linked to

USSR-Russia and Iran



1953 Aug 19-21  –  events leading to:   2001 Sep 11-17  and  2021 Aug 12-21


IRAN – The Central Intelligence Agency (with British MI6 collusion) is ordered by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower to topple the government of Muhammad Mossadeq in Iran. Mossadeq’s nationalization of foreign oil holdings threatens the effectiveness of US foreign and commercial policy. Eisenhower sees covert CIA operations as an easy way to win Cold War victories.


The Shah of Iran, Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who had been driven from the country, is restored to power and starts a reign in which he will operate as an agent of Western influences, both political and cultural. The Shah’s regime provided a combination of private hedonism and public repression which sufficed to put a powder keg under the Peacock Throne. The Iranian revolution of 1979 was partly a matter of settling scores against the Shah’s military and secret police. 


Under Ayatollah Khomeini’s leadership (from Feb 1 1979) its main goal became to turn back the clock; to purify Iranian society of every trace of Western corruption.  It also aimed to challenge American pretensions throughout the Islamic world leading ultimately to the attack on USA of Sep 11, 2001.  Leading to:


The evening of Sep 16, 2001 65 years from Sep 16, 1936, Great Pyramid date marking beginning of the Judgment of the Nations – when Tony Blair, the then UK Prime Minister, outside 10 Downing Street, announced “We are at war with terrorism,” which was the main headline of The Times, London, of Sep 17, 2001, a Great Pyramid date, pointed to as significant since the 1930s.


On Aug 21, 2021, Tony Blair slams Jo Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ cut and run from Afghanistan, the worst US-UK dip in relations since the 1956 Suez debacle 65 years later!  (see over).


Pattern of associated events in August:

USSR – First A-bomb test Aug 29, 1949.

UK – Full entry of British & Australian ground forces into the Korean War, Aug 20-29, 1950.

USSR – First H-bomb test Aug 12, 1953; announced Aug 20, 1953.

USSR & 5 Warsaw Pact countries invade Czechoslovakia, Aug  20-21, 1968.

USSR – Failed Soviet coup d'état in Moscow, Aug 19-20, 1991.

RUSSIA – Nuclear submarine Kursk disaster in Barents Sea, Aug 12, 2000 – all 118 crew die.



M A CLARK, 2021 Aug 4 / updated Aug 23                General Sir Walter Walker  (see over)


(This sheet with Charts available on request)



ON SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 1979, General Sir Walter Walker, KCB, CBE, DSO**   

(11 November 1912 – 12 August 2001), who later became our patron, was the special guest speaker, to the 60th Annual Congress of the British-Israel-World Federation, in London, UK.

He delivered a wide-ranging speech on the theme of “The Defence of the West Against the Soviet Global Threat.” As Nato Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe, until his retirement and previously as Deputy Chief of Staff in charge of Plans, Operations and Intelligence at Headquarters Allied Forces Central Europe, there was no one more able or better qualified than General Walker to spell out the grave dangers we were facing in the 1980s. Subsequently we presented his speech as a CPC booklet under the dramatic title, WAKE UP OR PERISH, with the hammer and sickle super-imposed on a map of Afghanistan. Forty-two years later – the number of confusion – on 12 August, 2021, his warning to the West has returned in even greater seriousness. Significantly, the cut and run from the Taliban ending in the surrender at Kabul came precisely twenty years (expectancy) from General Sir Walter Walker’s death! (We further published his authoritative written book THE NEXT DOMINO? in 1980). Also, that the U.S. lost 2,300 servicemen and women in Afghanistan; 2300 is the period in which the Holy Army (the Israel of God) is trodden down prior to the cleansing of the Sanctuary (Daniel 8:13-14).

The Kabul-Kandahar Highway, through which the Silk Road passed is the gateway linked to China. It was a huge strategic mistake for America to forewarn the Taliban of their evacuation from Afghanistan by 11 September, 2021. After their 20-year involvement to eradicate Al Qaeda terrorist bases and establish stable government. Russia, China and Iran are now be poised to fill the vacuum in this region, creating a confederate threat from resurgent terrorist cells and millions of refugees moving towards Europe (Psalm 83:1-4).

Most importantly, let us note that this rout of America comes 65 years (13 x 5 = Ephraim’s breaking and restoration) from the 1956 Suez debacle when America, in anger, prevented Britain from securing passage of the Suez Canal. Thus, Ephraim-Britain and Manasseh-USA have come full circle from that global strategic reversal and must now repent fully, in the nation-state, being in desperate need of anointed leadership under a new ‘Joshua’ who will turn defeat into victory, “that [both] be not a people (Isaiah 7:8).

WAKE UP OR PERISH, CPC booklet 1979.jpg            THE NEXT DOMINO, CPC book 1980.jpg ________________________________________________________________

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