Putin’s ‘Special Military Operation’ (SMO)


The timeline of the war that President Putin launched on 24 February, 2022, until he is deposed as dictator is now clear. There were 13 days of conflict to 8 March, 2022 when the historic event took place of the Ukrainian President addressing the historic assembly in the House of Commons. There will now follow 13 months, or 390 solar days, to 7-8 April 2023, which marks the completion of 90 x 286.1 days, significant of judgment and finality of displacement for Putin, who was born 7 October, 1952. It is clear this date will see the limit of his SMO and very likely of his dictatorship as well.


The evaluation of this time measure is that Putin will not remain as Russia’s Commander- in-Chief after 7-8 April, 2023. At present Putin may be able to continue his war aim of establishing direct links to the Crimea backed, say, with foreign volunteers from the Mideast. He could be forced to sue for a cease fire with Ukraine at any time in the next 13 months, particularly as China is now very unsettled by the conflict affecting the world economy. Vladimir Putin marks his 70th birthday on 7 October, 2022, significant of determination (Intelligence confirms that Putin’s mental and physical condition has changed in the past two years affecting his judgment, also, did Putin fail to confirm to Xi he really would invade Ukraine after the Beijing Winter Olympics?).


President Xi has been very surprised to see Britain and America come closer together in the war crisis. He did not anticipate this. What no one in any position of authority understands is that the Special Relationship of our two great nations originated with Jacob’s son Joseph and his Birthright blessings (1 Chronicles 5:2), as great nations, which was passed to his sons both in prestige as Ephraim-Britain and superpower status as Manasseh-USA (Genesis 48:12-20). This is why the West has been able to create the modern world and has always defeated dictatorships.


It was on 6 October, 2021, that Putin reached 10 x 2520 days (chastisement) from his birth, when he initiated the gathering together of his forces to invade Ukraine. Exactly at that time the U.S. began to receive intelligence of Putin’s mobilization of his forces. CIA Director, Bill Burns, was sent to Moscow to tell Russia’s Commander-in-Chief that he had been rumbled. It had no effect as Russian forces continued to gather on the Ukraine borders.


The period this year marking 105 years (24 x 105 = 2520) from the Russian Revolution beginning 8 March to 7 November 1917 is most significant as it will almost certainly mark a consolidation of Putin’s SMO changing the whole pattern of European, EU and NATO defences. Basically the significance of the 65 years from 25 March, 1957, when the Treaty of Rome was signed, to 25 March, 2022, is huge. It is warning of the coming final break-up of the great European Project, first economically.


The USSR was thebattle-axe and weapons of war” (hammer and sickle Jeremiah 51:20, Ferrar Fenton), raised up to destroy 80 % of the Nazi armies initiated by the Nazi invasion of the USSR at Barbarossa on 22 June, 1941.  In ancient history this began with the foreign ruler Cyrus (Isaiah 45:1), descendant of the Medo-Persians, being named as God’s ‘anointed’ (the only time when God so named a non-Israelite ruler).


Russia under Putin appears doomed to fail in his SMO, but is actually destined to be instrumental in bringing down the financial foundations of the EU. Britain has been removed from the EU in time to avoid the severe economic effects of judgment hanging over the EU according to Revelation 18:4. The next 13 months may well culminate in the collapse of the single currency, or prophetic economic Babylon.



22 March, 2022



See BIWF website, Covenant Nations archive file, Vol. 3 No. 2, 2014, pages 12-13



    Vol 3 No 02  

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