The Year Ahead

Coronation with National Repentance?

Michael A Clark

The Year Ahead

Coronation with National Repentance?

Michael A. Clark


The year that has past has been eventful, as no other in the UK for the past 70 years, with the death of HM Elizabeth II. Thus, in this New Year of 2023, we must indeed concentrate on the Coronation Service of King Charles III on Saturday 6 May. Our teaching will be able to witness to the significance of the fact that the anointing of the monarch takes place before the crowning, it being the most important part of the whole biblical ceremony and which happens as nowhere else in the world.


There are other very significant developments. The results of the 2021 UK census published at the end of November under startling newspaper headlines reading: “End of an era for Christian Britain” and “Fewer than half of us claim to be Christian,” confirming that England and Wales are now among the least religious nations on Earth. There is also the startling fact that Whites are now a minority in London, Birmingham and Manchester, the three largest cities in Britain. The number of people in England who identify as English has plummeted to 15 per cent after census officials dropped the option down the multiple-choice list.


For the first time, Romanian has entered the top 10 of spoken languages. This is not surprising considering that the illegal boat crossings in the English Channel have now, in reality, become an invasion! Nearly 46,000, mainly young men from (stable) Albania, claimed asylum in the UK in the final weeks of 2022. Britain has undergone one of the most extraordinary demographic shifts in the Western world, done against public consent. The net level of immigration is now half a million per year – an all-time record. The UK population has risen by eight million since 2001.


The top headline of The Times on 4 January reads: " 'Infinite' number of other migrants ready to replace Albanians."


This solemn warning came from Migration Watch UK on 27 July 2021: “The UK is already a crowded country yet our population is growing rapidly and is also being significantly changed by immigration at a much faster rate than has been generally understood . . . Unless firm action is taken to reduce the scale of immigration substantially, the nature of the country will be irrevocably changed.”


In view of these unprecedented developments, together with Russia's war in the Ukraine (bringing on economic crisis and the multiple strikes in essential services), it needs to be accepted that the Lord's chastisement is upon us as a nation for our long-standing national transgressions set-out in Deuteronomy 28. 


While our plea must now be for God to shut the door, as He did for Noah’s Ark (Genesis 7:16), we are also in the most desperate need of leadership in National Repentance -- Archbishop of Canterbury please make this a matter of your most earnest consideration and prayer.


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