Lieutenant- General James Glynn, Deputy Commander of the United States Marine Corps, was previously in command of the special operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has been sent to serve as an a adviser to the Israeli military - why?

Why is there such a  strong connection between the Israeli state and the USA?

84 % of Americans claimed that they side more with Israel than Hamas.

On university campuses though, there is strong support for Hamas promoted by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officers, the  campus thought police.

Over 80 years of age, Yacheved Lifshitz was brutally kidnapped by Hamas. Held captive in the tunnels under Gaza , she was subsequently released, describing these notorious tunnels as a spider's web.

The Israeli military have devised a special bomb to be used in any fighting in the tunnels. The bomb explodes filling all the space with foam.

The Enemy Within

Iranian agents are fomenting the pro-Palestinian demonstrations which have taken to the streets of London. We are being warned that in an escalating situation the next stage could be terror attacks in the UK.

 Let us all Pray.

Taken from "Immerse, The Reading Bible" - Messiah.


                 Almighty God,

    Father of our Lord Jesus  Christ,

                Grant, we pray,

That we might be grounded and settled

                   in your truth

     by the coming of your Holy Spirit

                  into our hearts.


           What we do not know,

                 Reveal to us;

         What is lacking within us,

               make complete;

        that which we do not know,

                confirm in us;

and keep us blameless in your service,

      through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Posted 02/11/23

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