Genesis 22:17 - "Thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies."

From Hong Kong and Singapore, through Aden and Cape Town to the Falkland Islands this prophecy was fulfilled in Abraham's seed.

Today , in the age of AI and orbiting satellites, possessing the gates of the enemy remains the priority for security, and "five eyes intelligence", which links the anglo-sphere in critical information.

We are all familiar with the law of unintended consequences. Now we learn that the Ministry of Defence has spent £18 million  in the last 3 years trying to stop wind farm blades from scrambling RAF radar readings.

One former RAF tornado instructor recalls using offshore turbines to hide from  "enemy fighter jets" during training exercises.

Now that turbines are as tall as London's Shard, the issue has become more acute but an MoD spokesperson says: "We have launched 3 innovative competitions to identify technologies that can support the long term co-existence of offshore windfarms and our radar systems."

Posted 06/11/23

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