Most  people are now aware of the horrendous scandal that is engulfing Britain. The scandal  centres on the dreadful fate that befell ordinary people whose jobs as sub-postmasters flung some of them into prison, others were bankrupted, while others were driven to suicide.

It is now revealed that these terrorised people were victims of fujitsu's Horizon computer system's faulty software which could be manipulated externally without the sub-postmaster being aware  of outside intervention.

But as the nation watches this scandal unfolding, with more and more ramifications being uncovered, let us note the profound spiritual message this scandal reveals.

We are now living in a post christian nation where christian values have been jettisoned. Truthfulness, compassion and mercy, all characteristics of a Bible believing nation, are now on the very margins of society.

In such an extremity we need to be fervent in prayer  for revival.

(Posted 12 January 2024)

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