More and More Ramifications.

Dr Clifford Smyth

When we noted that the sub-postmasters' scandal would have "more and more ramifications" we could hardly have foreseen what constant probing and investigations would bring into the light of day.

We now know that failures in the Fujitsu Horizon computer system were known from very early on. In 1998 government documents show that the then labour government knew that Horizon was "plagued with problems".

The British ambassador to Japan warned his government that any attempt to scrap Horizon would severely damage Anglo-Japanese relations.

A sordid story involving the ruination of literally hundreds of lives of ordinary innocent sub-postmasters has now taken on and international dimension reaching up into the highest echelons of the British state.

And there will be more revelations to come. As many commentators have expressed matters.This scandal tells us so much about what is wrong with Britain today. Let us all persevere in praying  that Almighty God will continue to bring into the light of day the unfruitful works of darkness. Eph 5-11.

(posted 15th January 2024)

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