The Kingdom Sixty Years On and the Present Danger

Pandering to a One World dogma in the midst of “the terror within”

Michael A. Clark

As we mark the sixtieth anniversary of the end of World War II, it is a sober reflection to observe how far we have fallen away from the true pathway of righteousness, as a nation under the command of Almighty God. That our true identity as modern-day Israel is not understood, is undoubtedly a failure of Christian teaching. As a result, unity with a One World Church dogma is seen as the high ideal and replacement theology as the foundation on which to bring the Kingdom of God to the world. This strong delusion has eclipsed our Protestant heritage, encouraging terror in differing forms to destroy the peace of our covenant nation. 

In 1945, the people of the United Kingdom, tempered by war, emerged from that terrible conflict as a disciplined nation thankful to Almighty God for their deliverance from an evil oppression. Had that oppression prevailed, we would have witnessed a tyranny every bit as terrible as those of ancient history. That it did not prevail was due to a great overruling Providence which can only be truly appreciated when the presence of the Kingdom of God upon the Earth is revealed as a continuing factor throughout history.

We saw ourselves then as a great nation which never in our history had stood in higher repute in the world. In fact the Conservative Party Manifesto at the 1945 General Election, under the discerning leadership of Winston Churchill, said that very thing. Under the heading of Our Purpose it declared that our greatness rested not on material wealth, nor on our armed might, but in the character, the ability, and the independence of our people and the magic of our wonderful island. It proudly stated: 

"This is a country built on family life. War and separation strengthened, not impaired, the love of home. The children must always come first … We are dedicated to the purpose of helping rebuild Britain on the sure foundations on which her greatness rests. In recent generations, enormous material progress has been made. That progress must be extended and accelerated not by subordinating the individual to the authority of the State, but by providing the conditions in which no one shall be precluded by poverty, ignorance, insecurity, or selfishness of others from making the best of the gifts with which Providence has endowed him.” 

Sixty years on from that true understanding of what our nation is about, we find ourselves betrayed to political bondage in Europe – to a system propounded by the very Nazi regime that we were fighting. The integrity of our constitution under statute law, still in force, has been unlawfully compromised. In truth it takes only one generation for truth to be lost when false shepherds (leaders) pander to a pagan One World dogma. 

Family life has to a very large extent disintegrated with all the resultant destructive consequences for the children. The children, far from coming first, very many times have been the last to be considered as marriages have broken up and unconventional family structures have come to be the norm in society. Without proper parental love and guidance being shown to children and, most important of all, devoid of spiritual and moral foundations, children and society as a whole are suffering terrible consequences.

Some chilling statistics issued earlier this year by the Royal College of Nurses reveal how serious is the slide in moral standards. Last year 25,000 girls in England, aged 15 or under (some as young as 10), were prescribed the pill, also 2,700 were given long-lasting contraceptive injections. In 2003-4 one in ten girls aged 13-15 attended family planning clinics. Sexually transmitted infections have risen dramatically among schoolchildren, who are also beginning to exhibit high-risk behaviour such as group sex. 

Children are being born into the world of the one parent family where the father is absent, a situation which is leading to young people getting into trouble at an early age. This dislocation now suffered by family life in Britain is creating a host of other problems for the social services. The break-up of marriages and the single parent situation means that the demand for accommodation is doubled. These developments are placing a huge financial drain on the social services in Britain. Serious consequences always follow when the nation abandons the Law of the Lord and provides no alternative to this perfect code of living. Only now are those in government beginning to understand that with freedom to do what you like there comes a severe penalty – a lawless society. 

The Church without a Remedy

The massive growth in criminal activity in Britain has now reached crisis point with the prisons literally overflowing. In May-June 2005 the number of inmates rose to 76,000. This is alarmingly near to the maximum of 77,500 that can be housed by the prisons. Where does the nation go from here? We devalue human life by failing to execute murderers, but accept that suicides in prison, running at around 100 per year, are something we are just have to live with. 

Some one hundred people have been murdered in Britain by murderers let out of prison since the nation abolished capital punishment. The law has been turned on its head and threatens civilized order. Abandoning the Law of the Lord as a nation introduces a host of other problems which drag society down to destruction. What remedy does the Church have which in its blindness has constructed the unscriptural and Romish dogma of replacement theology – that of making the Church the new Israel? 

In that the Church declares that we are no longer under the Law of the Lord, but under Grace, then they have no real remedy for governing the nation in righteousness (or right ways). Antinomianism, which dominates Church theology today, teaches that Christians are emancipated by the gospel from the obligation to keep the moral law, faith alone being necessary. They have failed to comprehend that there are different parts of the Law of the Lord and that Jesus Christ was the end of the law for righteousness only, in that He fulfilled the sacrificial law (Matthew 5:17). It was the penalty of the law and not the law itself which was the curse and from which Christ has redeemed us (Galatians 3:13). The Law of the Lord could never be the curse, for it is perfect (Psalm 19:7-8).

Several fine Protestant organizations are still teaching that the Lord is building His Church as faithful men continue to preach the Word throughout the world. They declare, “The story of the Light that never went out is continuing to be written today.” The fact is of course is that the Church, or the called out and separated people, are the covenant people and nation under God – His Is-ra-el – the people ruled by His Command as a example or witness nation and company of nations given “for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles” (Isaiah 42:6 and 49:6). They are His Bride and restored Wife (Hosea 2). The believers are His Body. This is God’s Plan A for there has never been a Plan B with a One World Church based on Romanism as the alternative to the servant people Israel. It is all so simple. Why cannot Christian folk see it? The answer is that it is a revelation for those who are yet blinded by false dogma. 

Confusion in the Natural Order

The question of identity is now very much the concern of Parliament at this moment, due to several million alien peoples that have been allowed to gain citizenship in Britain during the past fifty years, with more than half a million having entered illegally. We no longer know who is in the country resulting in the threat from terrorism being used as a lever to bring in the identity card at vast cost. The integrity of our family structures from the individual family to the national family of race has been undermined. In fact race, a creation of God, is now a politically correct dirty word.

Society is now suffering widespread dislocation and as moral standards have become more and more corrupted, the question of sexual identity has also become dominant. Confusion now rules with the most vociferous being those who promote perverted life styles. In fact, the movement against the natural sexual order being upheld in society and in law is such that a form of totalitarianism is now established to persecute those who uphold the righteous or lawful order of personal and family relationships.

On Saturday 2nd July, 2005, the UK’s largest ‘Gay Pride’ parade took place again through the centre of London. Estimates of the numbers of homosexuals, including a large contingent of uniformed police behind a ‘Gay Police Association’ banner, ranged between twenty and twenty-five thousand. The parade took one hour to pass any given point and was full of floats and dancers both male and female dressed in lewd costumes. 

The name of the Lord Jesus Christ was blasphemed in many ways by comments, slogans and shouts such as “Jesus Christ was bi-sexual.”

In the past one has heard it said (rather disrespectfully) that if God does not soon judge the nation in respect of the people corrupting their sexual relationships on such a national scale, then at some point He will have to apologize to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah for judging them with consuming fire. Perhaps it may therefore come as a thought-provoking thing for us to consider that on 7th July (7/7), 5 days, or 120 hours, later after the huge gay parade –120 being the number of warning – travel in the centre of the city of London was brought to a standstill by terrorist bombs. The sober reality is that the innocent and the guilty suffer together as we face the consequences of losing touch with the Divine Will as a nation. Sixty years ago it was the sword without; today it is the terror within (Deuteronomy 32:25).

Despite the sudden destruction meted out on Londoners on 7/7, just 77 hours later, on Sunday 9th July, there were vast crowds in the Mall and in front of Buckingham Palace to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe and the Far East. This was National Commemoration Day. On Horse Guards Parade a procession of 12,000 veterans passed The Queen and ended with a very appropriate Christian thanksgiving to Almighty God for the nation’s deliverance in that terrible conflict. 

The terrorist action only three days earlier was like an entering wedge against the servant people to disrupt the approaching commemoration. Those who committed the atrocity were seemingly acting against the G8 summit in Scotland on that day; they could hardly have appreciated however that their actions would be overwhelmed by the national commemoration so soon afterwards. 

In the aftermath of the terrorist bombing, there was much comment about the British spirit of the blitz in the war and that of Londoners in particular in not allowing the atrocity committed against them to affect their way of life. We should remember, of course, that the Britain of 1945 was homogeneous, whereas London in 2005 is very heterogeneous. The centrepiece feature in The Daily Telegraph, London, on 11th July 2005, said; “Bomb us and you bomb the world.” The photographs of the victims showed Muslims, Jews, black and white, young and old and people from all corners of the world. The British spirit of facing adversity with stiff upper lip resolve is still there, it will be interesting however to see if the same resolve develops in those British citizens of very recent heritage. 

With the foreign populations have come the alien religions and now the inevitable in the multi-faith context. In the early days it was legislation against racialism that was enacted, now it is the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, which passed its final stages in the House of Commons on 11th July, 2005. Earlier on this day a Petition, signed by over one thousand individual churches, was delivered to Downing Street urging Tony Blair to ditch the Bill, which they warn will cause friction. The Bill would create a maximum seven-year jail sentence for anyone convicted of intending to stir up religious hatred, which many MPs believe was introduced as a sop to Muslims after a fall in support for Labour over Iraq. 

Christian barristers have had high level meetings with MPs and they are very worried about the legislation as it stands. Dominic Grieve, the shadow attorney general, has confirmed to them his belief that it would not be inconceivable for the Bible or portions of it to be banned or be forbidden to be read out. The concern is not only that it will be used against evangelicals on multi-faith issues, but that this piece of legislation will pave the way for others such as Incitement to Sexual/Gender Hatred – something which we are told gay MPs are very keen to see come in on the back on the present Bill.

The Kingdom sixty years on from a global conflict faces a present danger perhaps greater than any in the past – a terror within not from bombs alone, but judgment through alienation from Almighty God and His Will for the nation to be separate among the nations.

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