Elizabeth II and The British Constitution versus the European Quagmire

Palace Concern at Threat to Role of Sovereign

Michael A. Clark

The Government at Westminster, which is the centre of the British Commonwealth of Covenant Nations, has set its face to incorporate the unique Sovereign Realm of the United Kingdom into a new and greatly centralised European Union. This without even allowing the British people to decide whether they want such a far-reaching thing to happen or not in a referendum. However, the political over-mighty in Britain may soon be made to understand that a greater power than them has an interest in the constitutional destiny of the people in the British Isles. 

TONY BLAIR went to Brussels on 16th October, 2003, for the final negotiations on the proposed EU constitution. Apart from it being the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's accession to the papal throne, it was also the historic date given for the fall of ancient Babylon in 539 B.C.. Not a very hopeful omen for the grand design of the great EU-Babylon. 

The main headline of The Daily Telegraph, London, for that very morning, 16th October, was both dramatic and significant, considering what was happening in Brussels on such an anniversary. The words came like a breath of wind from the Spirit of God; "Queen raises fears over EU constitution." The report by the Chief Political Correspondent stated:

THE QUEEN is growing more concerned about Tony Blair's plans to sign a European constitution that she fears could undermine her role as sovereign.
The Daily Telegraph has learnt that Buckingham Palace has asked for documents highlighting the constitutional implications of the EU's plans to be sent to her advisers …the Palace has started to throw the net wider [than the Queen's weekly audience with the Prime Minister] and has sort expert independent and critical views about the EU's plans. It is believed that the Palace's concerns focus on whether the Queen's supreme authority as the guardian of the British constitution, asserted through the sovereignty of Parliament, could be altered or undermined by article 10 of the draft text. This states: "The constitution and law adopted by the union's institutions in exercising competences conferred on it shall have primacy over the law of member states …" 

It was of immense interest that two days after these developments, on 18th October, being the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, the Queen achieved the restorative cleansing cycle of 8 x 2300 days from her Coronation on 2nd June, 1953. Within hours of this significant moment for the Queen, during the next day, Sunday

19th October, Tony Blair's heart problem of which he had been aware for some time, suddenly required emergency treatment. 

Measured from his birth, the Prime Minister had been through a significant 40-day period of trial, from 11th-12th August to 21st September. This period began with the opening of the stressful Hutton Inquiry, which Tony Blair had set up, but to which he was called to give evidence in respect of the death of Dr David Kelly, the government weapons expert. Is an overruling Providence speaking to the leadership of the Kingdom in Great Britain and Northern Ireland that they have a greater constitutional responsibility than that of an EU federal state? We believe the evidence confirms this to be so.

On the weekend of 20th-21st September, unexpected events intervened for the Prime Minister when the Government's Leader of the House of Lords, Lord Williams of Mostyn, died suddenly of a heart attack at age 62. The following day, with the Blair Cabinet in crisis after the death of one of the best brains in the Cabinet, marked the end of the same restorative cleansing cycle of 8 x 2300 days for Tony Blair, from his birth on 6th May, 1953. The sanctuary cleansing cycle is 2300 (Daniel 8:14).

Under the headline "The Lords mourn for a man and for their future" Lord Rees-Mogg wrote in The Times, London, on 22nd September, 2003:

[It] was a tragic day for his family, but also for Parliament. His death came at the worst possible moment, for his party, for the House of Lords and for the integrity of the constitution. It followed a black Thursday [18th September] in the House of Lords itself … I … found the whole House simmering with anger after the Lord Chancellor's statement on
Lord's reform. Peers were asking themselves what Gareth would think of all this; it did not seem to fit with his views …
So long as the existing House of Lords seemed to have an accepted future, until a proper reform was ready, those of us who had learnt to respect and even love it would have lived with any reasonable compromise. That was something Gareth Williams understood. He could work with people who did not share his politics. Unfortunately Charles Falconer [the Lord Chancellor] and Tony Blair do not. We shall now have to work for an elected
Upper House, which will abolish us. The mood of the House of Lords is to damn the torpedoes. I hope it will remain so.

Mr Brookes-Baker, the publishing director of Burkes Peerage, whom the Queen has contacted (report, The Sunday Express, London, 19th October, 2003), revealed: "The Queen says she has absolutely no idea what is going to be done to her. The Prime Minister might have an idea what he intends to do if he is around long enough. But the Queen wonders whether she will wake up in the morning and discover he has decided to change Britain into a republic.

"The Royal Family would like to know what part they are supposed to play in this great mix. They feel the Prime Minister is a law unto himself. He changed the House of Lords without a replacement idea and no one knows where the Queen would feature in this new scheme. It should be up to the Prime Minister to say, 'This is the schedule I have in mind' -- but it's no-man's territory right now.

"It is conceivable that the Queen could disappear just as the House of Lords has now effectively disappeared. It would demoralise the country. My view is that the Royal Family should demand to know what the Government's plans are."

Tony Blair may be a law unto himself, but Scripture is clear; those who stretch forth their hand against the LORD'S anointed will be held guilty (I Samuel 24:6, 26:9). The writing of the hand of God in judgment is beginning to appear on the wall of the great EU-Babylon, i.e. "God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting" (Daniel 5: 26-27). The numerical value of the judgment from which Daniel calculated that the end had come for Babylon was 2520. Tony Blair's plans were interrupted by the death of Lord Williams and now his own health is being touched. The 2520 days for the New Labour Administration, will be reached on a highly significant date as we shall define. 
We should not forget that 5th December will mark 286 days (displacement) since Tony Blair was blessed by the Pope in Rome on 22nd February, 2003. On 5th December, the Lesson in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer includes the whole of Isaiah 28 in which the "covenant with death" is disannulled. Serious political developments over the EU constitution are to be forthcoming in the next few months as Scriptural chronology confirms. 

The immediate timetable of events is intensely interesting. In December the Inter-Governmental Conference (IGC), which began its final negotiations in Brussels on 16th October, will go to Rome. The aim will be to wrap everything up and sign the Constitutional Treaty (a contradiction in terms) before the end of the year, when the Italian presidency of the EU will be handed to Ireland. If they fail to achieve this, which is most probable, they will go back to Rome in 2004 for the signing. The most appropriate date for this would be in March, but things may go on until June. 

The EU elite would love to have the signing of the Constitutional Treaty take place on 25th March, 2004, which will mark 47 years, or 60 displacements, from the signing of the Treaty of Rome on 25th March, 1957. In respect of the British Government, it is fascinating that 2520 days (Israel's chastisement under the Babylonish systems) from the election of New Labour in Britain and Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister, will expire on 25th March, 2000. This main biblical Divine Time Measure of Seven Times judgment upon the servant people, featured thus in the coming together of these two events, demonstrates the overruling Providence for the nation under God. 

It is of astounding significance to discover that from the date given by David Davidson for the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, 5th-7th April, A.D. 30, 2520 x 286.1022 days will expire on 25th-27th March, 2004.What this means for Great Britain and her relationship to the EU-Babylon cannot be predicted in detail, but the cycle under the law of terminals, whereby the beginning event is related to the end event, must indicate the full measure of death and resurrection, through displacement. 

We would want it to be the displacement of Britain from Europe, but the process may be of longer duration before the final command of God to "Come out" (Revelation 18:4) from the EU-Babylon is effected. What we can say is that the concentration of these Divine Time Measures indicates that a watershed is approaching, which one way or another will set the nation on a course either of great judgment or great deliverance. 

Time appears to be running out for the Blair Administration in its fixated policy on the EU constitution, for let us understand the scale of the threat to the British Constitution posed by the Blair Administration. By 2006 the United Kingdom could in effect be made a mere province of the new European Union. Is Almighty God going to allow Britain-Israel to "die" in this way before it is resurrected or thrust out of the belly of the whale of the EU-Babylon, like His Son the Redeemer of Israel? This is very thought provoking indeed. 

If we die in the sense of losing our sovereign soul as a nation, then we will descend into the hades, or hell, from which we will have to await the shout of resurrection. Perhaps at the latter date of 2018, which will be 1260 years from the Pope becoming a temporal power in A.D. 758. If, however, that shout comes in 2004, then we will come out of the hot suffocating belly of death almost immediately. At the very least we will begin that spiritual process which is to finally extract us from our "death" experience in Europe, as we did at the Reformation. 

It is important for Protestants to realise that the second phase of the Reformation, in which we wake up to our identity as Israel, was never completed. After 300 years, from the onset of the Oxford Movement in the 1830s, we began to slumber and sink into the clutches of Rome once more. Since the European Communities Act 1972 there has been a constitutional illegality in force which the Blair Administration now seeks to compound into complete betrayal of Her Majesty The Queen, who is committed by her Coronation Oath to uphold the "laws and customs of the realm." 

We must hope that the break with Europe will come sooner rather than later, for remember, A.D. 2004 is the next date in the great chain of events involving the Roman systems of religion and law, as they have affected Israel in the Appointed Isles. That chain of events being A.D.597 when Roman Catholicism arrived in England; A.D. 1066 when the last of the Israel tribes arrived in Britain; A.D. 1535 when the Protestant Church was established. The span between each of these dates is 469 years, or 67 x 7 years -- 7 years being exactly 2520 solar days.

Exactly on time, in respect of the Queen reaching 8 x 2300 days from her Coronation on 18th October, 2003, in The Mail on Sunday, London, for the following day, 19th October, Peter Hitchens wrote under the headline "If the Queen doesn't save us, nothing will save her" He defined the constitutional position thus: "The whole point of the Queen -- and I suspect she knows this -- is that she is there to defend the laws and customs of her people … Now is your chance, Your Majesty. Please take it. Never has a government so richly deserved a Royal toe in the backside -- and you would be amazed by the delight of the people if you delivered it."

If ever the politically incorrect verse of the National Anthem should be sung, it is now: "May she defend our laws, and ever give us cause, to sing with heart and voice, 'God Save the Queen.'" 

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