The European Constitution and Spiritual Darkness in Europe

What it means for Great Britain and the British Covenant Throne

Michael A. Clark

It has been decided by the political elite in Europe that Great Britain, as a member of the EU-Babylon, is to get a written constitution. It has not been drafted by anybody in the British government and it has not been requested by Parliament at Westminster or the people. Once in place it will take precedence over all British laws and constitutional conventions and practices. It will not be amendable except by the consent of other member states in the EU. This is the pagan European Constitution that will bring the spiritual darkness of Europe upon the servant people and destroy their ancient freedoms.

IN THE MINDS of government ministers in Great Britain, it is a mere "tidying-up exercise" which will bring new "clarity" to an existing state of affairs. In reality, the end of British democracy is at hand. The hard-won right of the British people to elect and dismiss those who make their laws and who levy their taxes could be brought to an end within a year from now. The position of the British Covenant Throne is now coming under direct threat that will need a Joshua (Saviour) to remove it forever.

The draft EU Constitutional Treaty (which is a contradiction in terms), quite simply gives the EU elite almost complete power over the member states. It threatens the greatest alteration in the rights and powers of government in Great Britain since the Declaration of Rights 1688 -- or, possibly, since the execution of Charles I in 1649. As for Magna Carta 1297 and the ancient liberties and freedoms of the British people, are ignored Historic, they are irrelevant to the new European federal destiny, crafted to supplant the United Kingdom, as Christ's sovereign and independent Protestant people.

How could this free country, this mighty covenant nation, with over seven hundred years of parliamentary democracy, be seduced by external political powers in this way? If we sign the EU Constitution and transfers powers to the EU in the way described, in the long term the country cannot remain self-governing in any real sense. We would enter a period of mounting constitutional instability. Above all, the position of the Crown-in-Parliament and the Covenant Throne itself would come under direct threat. Already the office of Lord Chancellor is to be abolished which, as the oldest office in the land apart from the Crown, is the link between the Monarch and Parliament.

This is the time where Christians must wake up to what Great Britain represents in the plan of God for the nations. When we consider what is to be done about this situation, we need to realise that what has gone on for the past three decades is deception by stealth, amounting to a great betrayal of the electorate's trust. The elite politicians in Europe have an agenda of which the people have not been informed. It is now self evident that a super state has been under construction that conforms to all the plans of Europe in its revolutionary and fascist past, without the military force -- as yet! One important dimension has been missing from the debate conducted over the European Union which, for the most part concentrates on the political and economic aspects. It is the spiritual dimension.

It is not generally realised by the Anglo-Saxon world that there are powerful pagan, anti-God and anti-Christian forces on the Continent of Europe, which are linked to the occult. France, for instance, is a spiritually dark country, where there are actually more mediums and spiritists than there are priests and doctors. Italy is still locked into superstition and pagan ritual. Both countries are subject to political and financial corruption at the highest level, aided and abetted by the civil law which emanates from ancient Babylon.

Germany has a more powerful factor working in its midst. In former East Berlin, the Pergamon Museum displays the actual gigantic "Altar of Pergamon," described as "Satan's Seat" or the Throne of Satan in Revelation 2:12-13. On its steps, early Christians were martyred for the Faith. After being carefully broken down and shipped to Germany in the late 1800s, the Pergamon Altar was reconstructed in Berlin by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1902 and was celebrated with an extravagant festival to the pagan gods. Later it became a powerful symbol in Germany under Hitler, who had a grand reproduction built at Nuremberg for his Nazi rallies. Although the Russians removed the Altar to Leningrad in 1945, they returned it after 13 years where it was re-erected in the Pergamon Museum in 1959. In 1999 Berlin again became the capital and the German Government moved back to the Reichstag and to the city where the Seat of Satan is displayed.

Is it surprising therefore that in the 1920s the German Church had become the seat of modern biblical criticism and that the demonic spirits of "Armageddon" twice emana0ted from Germany during the first half of the 20th century? The actual seat of satanic rule had been erected at its very heart! Can we now afford to ignore the spiritual dimension present in France, Germany and Italy? The European Constitution will empower the elite in Europe that desire to see a new Babylon and "Seat of Satan" as a federal body. This is why we need to pray for a Joshua to lead the servant people out of the present political captivity. A constitutional crisis looms before us unless Providence overrules.

Behind the visible politicians in Continental Europe, is the very political Roman Catholic Church, which remains an influence among EU member states. The Papacy, removed from temporal power, is seeking to lead a one world religion that will be essentially pagan which, as such, will dominate the ecumenical Christian organisation in its EU aims of unity. Those Protestant denominations in Great Britain and on the Continent that are blinded by the spirit of satanic deception in Europe will be engulfed

by a Divine destruction that is destined to fall upon mystical Babylon in the European sphere. They need to remove themselves from the halls of judgment that are thronging with the pagan elite, who consider that their Babylonish tower will reach unto heaven and dethrone the Almighty in heaven and on the Earth.

It is time for the Covenant Nations to understand that the "Seat of Satan" in Berlin does not accord with the Seat of Righteousness, represented by "Jacob's Pillow," or the Stone of Destiny, representing the Throne of the Lord and of the Coming King of kings. This stone is representative of God's House and is now lifted up on Castle Rock in Edinburgh Castle -- it is the anointed symbol of the everlasting Kingdom of God upon Earth. Let those who come to destroy it be warned, their fate is assured, they will be broken in pieces themselves.

The ten nations who are to join the EU in May 2004 will have the effect of moving the centre of the European Union towards the East. They are described by U.S. Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld, as "New Europe." He described the foundation centre of the European Union, being the temporary co-operation of France and Germany, as "Old Europe." The immediate fact of the matter may not be so clear cut. Satanic forces are waging a great spiritual struggle. These forces will not give up until they are defeated. We also need to learn as a nation that they cannot be defeated by our own strength alone, but by the spirit and power of God's overruling Providence.

The Position at Law

The position of the Judiciary in Great Britain is now questionable. They have refused the people all lawful debate as to whether the United Kingdom can adopt a new constitution or not, which means there is no other place to which the people can now go -- other than seeking a Joshua to act on their behalf. Earlier this year The Democratic Party applied for a judicial review on whether the British Government is required to hold a referendum before signing the United Kingdom into the proposed EU Constitution. In Court the application was rejected despite Counsel's strong arguments. An appeal against the decision was lodged immediately.

Lord Justices Schieman and Scott Baker heard the argument in the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) and the appeal was rejected. The court held that there was no seriously arguable case that a court would determine that an Act, passed without having been subject to a referendum or included in a party manifesto, was enforceable as a matter of law. It was said to be a political matter. The inference of the Lord Justices ruling is that the Government could legally override our long-established Constitution and statutes still in force (i.e. Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Coronation Oath etc.) without reference to the electorate. In other words the Government and parliament can take the United Kingdom into a "United States of Europe" without the consent of the people. This was an astonishing ruling considering much was made of Britain being a modern, liberal democracy. The Lord Justices seemed to be in fear of a clash between the courts and parliament. Those who were in court, including this writer, were left feeling that legality in this matter is to be based on fear rather than the law! Surely this prospect should fill us with real horror.

It was also very surprising that there was no media presence in the courtroom and The Democratic Party's initiative received no media coverage other than articles in two local newspapers, despite considerable pressure for a referendum on this controversial issue from certain parts of the media over recent months! Furthermore, two letters to major broad-sheet newspapers reporting the above facts have been refused for publication. Without doubt we are facing a conspiracy of powers that are determined to stifle all democratic debate in Great Britain and that are prepared to override the existing Constitution regardless of the position at law.

Will The Queen Act?

It is a very serious situation, but we have a strong feeling that Providence will overrule. Already, since Tony Blair and his family obtained the Pope's blessing in Rome on 22nd February, 2003, one month before the Iraq War began, a curse seems to be operating on his endeavours in Government. It may yet become much worse for him as the record of papal blessings turning into curses is very consistent. We should note that 5th December, 2003, will be 286 days (displacement) after 22nd February, 2003. In the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, the Lessons for 5th December include the entire chapter of Isaiah 28, in which verse 18 confirms that the "covenant with death" is disannulled.

On 18th June, 2003, the Daily Mail, London, carried a very significant article by Simon Heffer saying that it was "Time for the Queen to Act." As far as we know, this is the first time in the British press that such a call to The Queen has been published. In this connection we point to the 40-day (trial) period from 8th September to 18th October, 2003, which date will mark the end of the Feast of Tabernacles. The former date will be 120 x 153 days (warning for the Elect) from the Coronation of The Queen on 2nd June, 1953 with the latter date being 8 x 2300 days (renewal and cleansing) from her Coronation.

Locked into this same significant pattern of time measures is the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who was born only 27 days prior to The Queen's Coronation. The 40 days for him extend from 12th August to 21st September, 2003. Overruling events may determine the destiny of Great Britain and the British Covenant Throne sooner rather than later.

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