The Building Race acts to Pattern

The Covenant Nations Act to Pattern In the Siege of Civilization

Michael A. Clark

A Change of Times is now Evident

During the past few weeks the world has witnessed a military action lead by the United States and Great Britain to liberate Iraq from a savage and brutal dictatorship. Students of the Kingdom Identity, understanding that the Servant People were to be the defender rather that the aggressor, may have wondered about the wisdom of the Coalition forces initiating the action. This article sets out a pattern of events as being evidence of a Divine overruling in this conflict, which may have begun the final separation of the Israel of God from the systems of mystical Babylon.

EVER since 19th March, 1994, when the Covenant Nations began their "Exodus," or separation from bondage under man made systems - defined as "The Field of Mixed Seed," - there has been a countdown taking place to when the change of times becomes evident. On 11th September, 2001 the terrorist attack on the United States made certain that this change would begin to be implemented at an early date -- that date was 19th-20th March, 2003 when the military action for the liberation of Iraq began. It came 9 years exactly, the judgment number, from the separation point for the Servant People from the Gentile systems that have been under final judgment since 1936. 

The time measures between 19th March, 1994 and the 11th September, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, was 4 x 666 (solar) days plus 29 days. This measure has the meaning of the world (4) linked to the number of gold and the Beast system (666), with the expectancy of judgment (29). Clearly 9/11 was an event of considerable prophetic import, yet in truth it could only be fully understood within the context of the Kingdom Identity. The Covenant Nations in bondage to the political, financial and religious systems of mystical Babylon, were being given a signal that their time of release and separation from man-made systems was approaching. The Apocalyptic warning signal of future judgment upon the systems of mystical Babylon became clear that fateful day. 

Revelation 18 reveals judgment would come in "one hour" and the merchants and traders in their ships would be unable to approach the scene of devastation. The symbol was uniquely demonstrated in a literal, but very terrible way, to become a far more profound fulfilment of the Apocalyptic warning than could have been imagined before the event. After the twin towers of the WTC fell, within one literal hour, with the New York waterfront fulfilling the scene of shipping being unable to approach the "great city," the New York stock market was closed until reopening on the significant day of Monday 17th September, 2001. 

The actual battleline date for the initiation of the war on terrorism was 16th-17th September, 2001, being 1600 days, the number of Divine judgment given in Revelation 14:20, from the beginning of Tony Blair's premiership on 1st-2nd May, 1997. The Times, London, for 17th September, 2001, said "The countdown towards America's fight-back against terror begins today." Strange to say the address of the White House in Washington is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

On Sunday evening 16th September, 2001, Tony Blair emerged from 10 Downing Street to stand before the microphones and state "We are at war with terrorism." This quotation in fact formed the main headline on The Times, London, on 17th September, 2001, being the Feast of Trumpets that year. 

[17th-22nd September, 2001, was a defining point in time seen by David Davidson and Bernard Nicklin some 60 or 70 years previously in their studies of the structural symbolism of The Great Pyramid's Divine Message and of Divine Time Measures in day-period chronology; as was the date of 19th March, 1994, and the "Exodus" from "The Field of Mixed Seed."]

In the Daily Mail, London, 22nd March, 2003, the journalist Simon Heffer wrote the following about the conflict over Iraq and the significance of events subsequent to 9/11:

"Directly after the September 11th attacks on America, I wrote here that the world had changed irrevocably. What struck me then was that, after decades of drift, Western civilization had realised it faced a fundamental threat -- and was prepared to deal with it."

Both the United States and Great Britain, as the leading Covenant Nations in prestige and power today, have accepted the fact that they are facing an internal threat to their civilization, a threat which is spoken of in Deuteronomy 32:25 as being "The sword without and the terror within." In fact, during the days before and since the war of liberation of Iraq, we have witnessed mass demonstrations across the world, which have seemed to be driven by spirits possessed of another agenda. Most certainly the people have been encouraged and organized by anti-globalization groups which in effect gathered the peoples' "armies" against the body politic of the leading Covenant Nations. The words "Blaming America" were on the cover of Time magazine for 20th January, 2003, reminding us that "all [Gentile] nations" are to be gathered against the civilization, or foundation of peace, being the very meaning of the name "Jerusalem" (Zechariah 14:2). 

Whatever grand strategy may be directing the United States to take offensive action over Iraq, seen from the vantage point of the Kingdom Identity, and especially when observing the chronological pattern, we need to pause before making an outright condemnation of the liberation of Iraq that has taken place. The United States, with its Abraham tanks, was fighting in the land of Ur of the Chaldees from where Abraham was given a national destiny by the Lord to rule as a great nation in the Earth (Genesis 12 & 13). This would be accomplished by military as well as spiritual and political power, to uphold right ways, or righteousness. 

A greater strategy, that of a Divine overruling, appears to be confirmed at this time. Dated from 11th September, 2001, it was precisely 555 days (15 x 37 = one "hour" /The Word) to 20th March, 2003, when the military action began against Iraq. Just 21 days (3 x 7) days later, on 9th April, 2003, Baghdad fell (the same number of days to the day for the fall of France in 1940). Remarkably, we find that between 11th September, 2001 and 9th April, 2003, there were exactly 4 x 144 days, significant of the world and the Divine Order of government. 

Baghdad is very near the site of ancient Babylon, while Mosul in the north is near the ancient site of Nineveh. As if to symbolise the approaching passing away of the mystical Babylonish order of things in the world today, the mobs roaming the city looted or destroyed several thousand items from the National Museum in Baghdad. These were the treasures from the cradle of ancient civilization, the site of the fabled cities of Ur, Babylon and Nineveh. 

With respect to the political opposition experienced by the Coalition forces from other nations, it was France and Turkey that stood in the path of the liberation of Iraq. Their family traits are revealing in this respect. France was seeking to offset the leadership of the United States by asserting its Reuben roots as the first born son of Jacob, but only succeeded in demonstrating that their father Jacob was correct, when he declared of Reuben, that he was as "unstable as water." Then again, in the twin brother line of Esau and Jacob, it was Turkey acting to form, as descendent of Esau-Edom, who refused passage to United States forces to enter Iraq, making them take a long detour by sea to enter Iraq from the south. When Israel sought permission to pass through Edom to the Promised Land, we recall that Edom refused (Numbers 20:14-22), making them take a long detour and cross over the River Jordan. 

The task of winning the peace will no doubt prove to be more difficult for the Covenant Nations than winning the war. Nevertheless, in the wider destiny, what we are seeing in Iraq is regime change, which could affect the Middle East in general, including Palestine and Jewish-Israel in the Israeli State. We note that 6th August, 2003, will be 80 years, or two periods of 40 years of trial, from 6th August, 1923, when Iraq was entrusted to Britain as a mandate. 

On 14th May 1998, we passed a Jubilee period of 50 years from when the control of Britain's Mandate in Palestine passed to the Jews, who set up the misnamed State of Israel . Since 1998 there has passed 4 years, 3 years allowed by Jesus for the barren fig tree to bear fruit, plus 1 further dung year after which the tree was to be cut down (Luke 13:6-9). When the Hebrew Jubilee period of 50 years is reached, the law requires that land be returned to the original owner. Are we now seeing true Israel, represented by Ephraim-Britain and Manasseh-America, in the process of regaining a mandate for the Middle East, perhaps even including Palestine? We could be witness to the beginning of a Divine initiative for the Middle East and Palestine, which eventually will involve a great upheaval in what, until now, has been considered by the Jewish-Israel school of prophecy, as being the return of Israel to Palestine. 

We should also note that 6th August, 2003, pointed to above, marks 2 x 29 years, a double period of expectancy of judgment, from 6th August, 1945, when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. Six days later, on 12th August, 2003, Prime Minister Tony Blair will be 120 x 153 days -- a period of warning linked to the Elect -- from his birth on 6th May, 1953. This time measure is more significantly linked to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June, 1953, as it was the 153rd day of the 153rd year of the United Kingdom. The measure of 120 x 153 days from that great spiritual event for the Covenant Nations, will expire on 8th September, 2003.

In connection with nuclear events, we should take cognizance of the 50-year period in August this year from when (Soviet) Russia exploded its first H-bomb on 12th August, 1953. It was announced by Russia on 20th August, 1953 (a significant date in the structural symbolism of The Great Pyramid) -- a moment which was described in the press as "History's turning point -- the greatest yet!" The date of 20th August, 2003, will be a Jubilee period from that turning point in history!

With regard to the terminal date of 11th-12th August, 2003, linked to the British Prime Minister, which we have referred to above, we shall at that point be 4 years, the world number, from the total eclipse of the sun on 11th August, 1999, over Britain and Europe. This event was described in page 230 of our July-September, 1999, issue of Wake Up! in the following terms:

"A shadow of darkness swept across the North Atlantic from Canada's east coast near Nova Scotia. At 65 miles wide and travelling at approximately 1630 mph it crossed the Cornish coast and St Michael's Mount at 11.11 am on the 11th August, 1999. From there it moved rapidly to the European Continent, passing over Strasbourg and the European parliament building and on to its peak over Romania, at 70 miles wide, finishing its track at sunset in Pakistan and the state of Gujarat in India.

"Of immediate significance is the fact that St Michael's Mount in Cornwall was in the path of totality as the shadow passed over south-west England. The defender of Israel is the Archangel Michael, confirmed by Daniel 12:1, and it is this Scripture which pinpoints the Age-end period of trouble and deliverance of the servant people, or 'every one that shall be found written in the book.' "

The number 11, which marks disorder, featured at the total eclipse of the sun, which is symbolic of the Throne and rule of the Lord upon Earth (Psalm 89:36). Precisely 5 x 5 months later on 11th September, 2001, the number 11 was supremely dominant in the terror attacks on the United States. There is an immense siege of civilization in the Earth at this time. Disorder is on all sides, but the Covenant Nations are acting to an overruling pattern of Divine Order.

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