The Approaching Climax

Are We Being Given Warning of A Change in the Prophetic Seasons?

Michael A. Clark

As the four seasons of the natural world govern the order of our solar year in respect of the agricultural cycles of ploughing, seeding, growth and harvest, there are also prophetic seasons and times. These seasons govern the Dispensations of God's servant people in the growth and development of His Kingdom upon the Earth (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Are we now witnesses to a signal of an approaching change in the prophetic seasons that will produce the ultimate climax of the Age?

IT is now over 160 years since the Kingdom Identity message began to alert the servant people to the approaching Age-end events that would climax with the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. Since the early Victorian period of 1840-1844 there have been four cycles of 40 years -- which number has the meaning of a time of trial -- in which this message, defined as "The Elijah Message," has gone forth as a witness in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic world. It is a message which during the first double 40-year cycle, covering 80 years to 1920-1924, witnessed intense growth throughout the British Empire as a precursor or herald of the Millennium or Kingdom Age, yet to emerge. Indeed, the First Congress of The British-Israel-World Federation, which marked the coming together of many Kingdom Identity associations throughout the British World, took place in 1920. 

Following this growth, however, and during the long trial for those who have proclaimed a faithful witness during the second double 40-year cycle, or 80 years to 2000-2004, there has been an ever-increasing falling away from the Faith in overall terms and in particular from the Kingdom Identity teaching. This should not actually have come as a huge surprise, seeing that Christ's Kingdom Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25) set out the pattern of an initial great herald and intense interest in the Elijah Message which would not be sustained. The falling away, or to be precise, the falling asleep, followed upon those who had at first been alert to the times and seasons as the time of the Age-end approached. This has been the outstanding sign of the past 80 years which confirms the words of the prophet Malachi that the proclamation of the Elijah Message does not prevent the onset of "the great and dreadful day of the LORD" (Malachi 4:5). If it were Elijah, the man, who returned, then one would have thought that the day of the LORD would have been averted. 

In January 2003, we enter the final year of the 160-year period in which the Elijah Message and Second Advent teaching has been proclaimed. Since 1840 this message has been a special witness to the great company of covenant nations and it is marked 

by a rather intriguing signal that the season of Kingdom witness is about to change, prior to disturbing events in this, the Day of the LORD. It is coupled with the year 1844, which saw the Second Advent teaching beginning to be proclaimed to a wider audience. The date 25th-26th January, 1844, marked a very significant datum point in the structural symbolism of the final Age-end period of history (a fuller explanation of the Bible in stone is provided by a study of The Great Pyramid and its Divine Message). We should note that the date 25th-26th January, 2004, will be 4 x 40 years from this central datum point, being significant of world trial. 

It was the prophet Jeremiah who defined two seasons of activity in the Christian Dispensation of Kingdom witness and expansion in the Earth. In Jeremiah 16:16 we read:

"Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish
them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks."

There was first to come a Fishing Season, which is easily identified as that great period of Christian witness and expansion that followed the Resurrection of Christ. During this long Dispensation, covering some 18 centuries, the servant people became established as an emerging Kingdom of God in the Appointed Isles and coastlands of Europe in the West. In the final 3 centuries of the Fishing Season, during the first Elizabethan era, these colonising covenant people were released from the temporal power of the Roman Church to begin the fulfilment of the global expansion promised to them as the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What followed, from 1840-1844, was the beginning of the Hunting Season when the Kingdom teaching went forth in the spirit and power of Elijah to hunt, or gather together, the evidences to enable the hearts of the children to be turned to their fathers. These great evidences were proclaimed and published throughout the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic World and constituted the oil of understanding and knowledge that was taken by the five wise virgins in their lamps in the Parable of the Ten Virgins. In no sense can the oil in this parable be symbolic of the Holy Spirit Who is not sold and cannot be bought with money.

During the last five years in Britain, since the Labour Administration has been in government, the sound of the Midnight hour described in the Parable of the Ten Virgins has given an increasing note of urgency in the nation. The sound of alarm is centred, significantly, upon two historic areas of national life, that of fishing and hunting! 

First, in respect of Britain's fishing industry, the scale of the disaster being inflicted upon the island's birthright is almost beyond credibility. As of 1st January, 2003, Britain's fishing waters have officially become European Union waters. Tens of thousands of families will lose their livelihoods with historic fishing centres such as Peterhead and Fraserburgh becoming ghost towns. In a full-page article in the London Daily Mail of 24th December, 2002, Christopher Booker, under the headline "The murder of our island's birthright," wrote that:

"Much of what remains of our [Britain's] commercial fishing fleet will be forced out of business … All this, we are told by the politicians, is vital to save vanishing cod stocks in the North Sea. The truth is far worse. What is happening is a political crime almost without parallel in our history: a crime against not only against our fishermen but also against all of us. And it is a crime compounded by three decades of lying and deceit to conceal the true reasons for the crisis now upon us.

"How can it be right that crippling cutbacks -- sufficient to kill off our fishing fleet -- are ordered by the EU at the same time as 'poorer' countries such as Spain and Ireland are given subsidies of £400 million to build new trawlers? …

"The result of this awful story will be that Britain will not only have lost the richest fishing waters in the world but almost her entire commercial fleet into the bargain. Within a few years almost every fishing boat visible from Britain's shores will be foreign-owned. We will have given away what has been described as the most valuable renewable natural asset this country possessed worth tens of billions of pounds. Sir Edward Heath thought this a fair price to pay for the privilege of Britain becoming part of 'Europe.' Whether the rest of us would agree is a very different matter."

Second, in respect of Britain's centuries-long cultural and rural tradition of hunting, events have again brought this issue to the forefront of politics as a pawn in -- what the people of the countryside regard as -- a repugnant game of political duplicity. It seems very strange that in times when many other vitally important issues are in need of debate in parliament, that the issue of hunting has been constantly raised in the corridors of power so as to prevent issues of far greater moment from being dealt with. 

Many of the hundreds of thousands of people in the countryside are now literally contemplating a strategy of civil unrest if a total ban is imposed on the hunting of foxes. Richard Burge in Country Club UK for September 2002 wrote the following concerning the message of countryside people:

"The sole object of this exercise is to secure a legitimate and viable future for hunting as part and parcel of our living countryside. No other outcome is acceptable. We will not rest until it is achieved. And we will do whatever it takes to secure legitimacy and to win overwhelming public support for the ordinary, decent, and responsible people of the countryside."

Whatever the rights or wrongs of this issue, we suggest there is a deeper and more profound aspect to it all in which a warning signal is being given to the covenant nations of His servant people. That both the issues of fishing and hunting are coming before the nation at a time when wider international conflict is looming before us, suggest that a warning may be being given to us that a change in the prophetic seasons is imminent in this Day of the LORD.

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