It is Jubilee Year for Alaska

As a territory among the Covenant Nations

Michael A Clark


It is Jubilee Year for Alaska

As a territory among the Covenant Nations


The surprise choice of Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, by Senator John McCain as his running mate in the 2008 U.S. State Election, provides a timely focus on Alaska as a highly significant territory on the North American Continent – especially as 2008 for Alaska is marked as an anniversary of considerable interest to students of the Kingdom Identity. The following article appeared earlier this year in The Kingdom Herald, published by B.I.W.F. (Canada), Inc., and is reproduced with grateful thanks.

                                                                                                              September 1, 2008          


On 3rd January, 2008, Alaska marked the 49th anniversary since the signing of the declaration by President Eisenhower on the 3rd January, 1959, making Alaska the 49th State of the United States of America. Alaska is thus celebrating its Jubilee Year as a territory among the Covenant nations of the Kingdom of God upon earth.  By any measure the inclusion of this strategic area of North America within the USA was significant.  Viewed, however, from the perspective of the family of Covenant nations, the 49th year for the 49th State must be truly an anniversary of utmost importance and significance at this Age-end phase of history.    

   The agreement which ceded Alaska to the USA had previously been signed with Russia on March 30th, 1867, by Secretary of State William Seward and Baron Edouard Stoeckl, the Russian minister to the United Sates.  The exchange to the USA and its proclamation took place on 20th June, 1867, which happened to be the 30th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s accession. 

   The Demarcation Point between Canada and Alaska is set on the 141st degree west of longitude. It is interesting therefore to find that 2008, the Jubilee year from Alaska becoming a territory among the Covenant nations, is 141 years from 1867.  Looking at the map on the North American Continent, it is easy to identify Alaska as it juts out in a north-westerly direction from the mainland. It is an ultimate division point between east and west, the International Date Line passing through the Bering Strait.

   Taking the Demarcation Point as a base line, Alaska is actually shaped like a veritable royal crown reclining on its side. One can readily imagine the jewel-studded tiara composing the round frame of the crown and the folds of velvet pushing out through its brackets, holding up the jewel at the top.

   In 1926 the American Legion held a contest for Alaskan students to submit ideas for an Alaskan flag. The winning design of eight stars of gold on a field of blue – the Big Dipper or Great bear and the North Star – was submitted by John Ben “Benny” Benson, a 13-year-old son of an Aleut-Russian and a Swedish fisherman father.  The name of the Israel tribe of Benjamin, the light-bearer, comes to mind in this respect – apart from Benjamin’s characteristic emblem of the wolf (Genesis 49:27), which is also the magical wild animal of Alaska.  

   The Alaskan Legislature officially adopted Benson’s flag on 2nd May, 1927 and, according to the story in Alaska Blue Book, the young student was prophetic in describing his design because he referred to the “future state of Alaska.”  He penciled the following words with his submission:


“The blue field is for the Alaska sky and the forget-me-not, an Alaska flower.

The North Star is for the future state of Alaska, the most northerly of the Union.

The dipper is for the Great Bear – symbolizing strength.”


   When Alaska finally achieved statehood in 1959, Americans were startled into the realization that the growth of the nation had not ceased and that the latest addition to the unique family of states was also the largest in area.  While this and other facts of this fabulous state have expanded the wealth of natural resources of the United States, the prophetic and spiritual significance is far greater. 

   North America was seemingly preserved in its pristine beauty and space for the future settlement by the people of Israel, known today as the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and Scandinavian people. The nation was formed from the original thirteen colonies of England, who declared for independence to form their own separate country now known as the United States of America.  They are identified by many as Manasseh of the thirteen tribes, after the sharing of the birthright of Joseph by his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.  The young Benson was also thirteen when he designed Alaska’s flag.

   Yet, the Great Dominion of Canada resides between the USA and Alaska against the longest undefended border in the world.  It stretches from the great river St Lawrence in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, reminding us of Psalm 72:8, a Psalm for King Solomon and Messiah’s Kingdom:


“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea,

 and from the river unto the ends of the earth.”


   The people of modern-day Israel live side by side in the great developed wilderness territories in “the desolate places that are now inhabited” (Ezekiel 38:12).  They have colonized according to their Hebrew origins and name.  There are rivalries still, of course – French Quebec being a case in point, linked we often feel to the ancient egos and feelings of Jacob’s firstborn son, Reuben.

   Nevertheless, Canada is a Crown Land of promise, with a bountiful future as part of that great prophetic “New Jerusalem.”  It is adjoined to a territory of vast natural wealth that has become the 49th State of the great Israel superpower of the United States of America – a state that itself is shaped like a royal crown, in symbol reclining on its side but now ready to be taken up.   

   Victoria Day is remembered in Canada whereas it is not in Great Britain. Queen Victoria knew that our people were Israel. Her descendant, Elizabeth II, as Queen of Canada occupies the royal Davidic Throne only as Regent, until He should return in glory whose right it is, none other that Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Let us look up for our redemption as a sovereign ‘company of nations’ draws ever nearer.

                                                                                                 MICHAEL A CLARK  

               (With acknowledgements to the late Rev. J A B  Haggart)

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