If Britain Discovered Her Identity

A Future Speech from the Throne


The people of the United Kingdom have spiritually drifted so far from their country’s traditional role as the world’s leading Christian nation that they have become demoralized and divided. Lacking the inspired vision of their Victorian grandparents, they have “turned in upon themselves,” rejecting the God of their fathers to sink ever deeper into a morass of immorality, religious syncretism and racial chaos. To imagine that such a degenerate people could discover their true identity and have the backbone to renounce their evil ways seems a highly improbable prospect. But whatever outward appearances may be, at their roots, the British people are a Christian nation with an unfolding destiny that cannot be overthrown. Since we accept the vision of a wayward people who, having been chastised for their iniquity, turn to Almighty God in repentance and find themselves once more as His chosen servants, we develop here a visionary prospect by imagining the Gracious Speech the Queen would be asked to read from the Throne, possibly as set out below.  


The Queen, seated on the Throne and attended by Her Officers of State, commanded that the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod should let the Commons know that it was Her Majesty's pleasure that they attend Her immediately in this House.

When they had come with their Speaker, Her Majesty was pleased to speak as follows:

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons.


   I look forward with great pleasure to receiving the heads of the covenant nations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the president of that great people of the United States of America – who will be coming to London to join with me and the head of my Government in the United Kingdom in an Act of National Dedication to Almighty God in the name of their peoples settled throughout the world. My Government and I will welcome representatives from all other nations of kindred descent who feel moved to join this unique and historic Act of Dedication, which has been prompted by the Report of the Anglo-American Commission of Enquiry. The Report has established that the vast majority of our English-speaking and kindred peoples constitute God’s servant nation of Israel and that the ancient throne of this Realm is, beyond question, the enduring Throne of David.


   As a result of these momentous revelations, my Government in the United Kingdom have decided to initiate the very wide and far-reaching constitutional changes, which will be necessary in order to restore this nation in unity to its ancient relationship with the Ever Living One – the God of Israel. These changes will be of such a character as to call for a mandate from the electorate, but as the issues are too complicated and involved for a single referendum, my Government have decided to introduce the various measures so that they can be publicly debated in both Houses of Parliament. This will entail a programme of legislation extensive enough to occupy the lifetime of the coming Parliamentary session so that the next General Election will, in effect, give the electorate the opportunity to endorse or reject the constitutional reforms which my Government have introduced.


   To avoid the disruption which could result from a protracted period of legislative change, my Government intend to introduce a Statute which would render inoperative any existing law which was contrary to the Divine Law. In order to establish the maximum unity within the nation on this and all other reforms, my Government intend to seek agreement with all opposition members to disband the political parties and to restore the noble Lords and Rt Hon and Hon Members of Parliament to the status of “Independents.” Their duty would then be to represent their constituents in accordance with their own conscience before God.


   My Ministers will, as in former times, be commanded to my Privy Council and accordingly will resign their seat in the House of Commons. The duty of the “Independent” members of that elected House, in future Parliaments, would be to keep vigilant watch to see that none of my Ministers infringe the liberty of the subject – their mandate to control the economic affairs of the nation and to impeach any Minister before the House of Lords, if it be considered that such a course is necessary in the interest of good government.


   My Government will seek to restore the laws and customs of this Realm within the framework of the Divine Law and in accordance with my Coronation Oath, to prepare this Kingdom for the Return of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. The Royal Prerogative together with the implied repeal of our foundational Statutes, the Magna Carta and the Declaration and Bill of Rights, will be fully restored to the Realm with all powers being returned from the European Union. The sovereignty of United Kingdom law and of the Supreme Court in relation to the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights will be upheld and restored. No alien laws or practices will be adopted.  


   In the further interest of this preparation and the future taking up of this Throne by Our Lord, my Government will restore the former balance of government to this Realm between the two branches; the legislative, to wit, the Parliament consisting of the Crown, Lords and Commons; and the other, the executive consisting of the Crown alone. This historic concept within this Realm being that the three parts of Parliament – Monarch, Lords and Commons – are of equal standing in order to work amicably in equality. This ancient and historic constitution based on the principles of English Common Law, has proved to be the finest and most enduring system of government in the civilized world under which every citizen has freedom of action. The resulting achievements of the British peoples at home and abroad have, in the past, been remarkable. My Government look forward to the restoration of this pattern of achievement in the future.


   The Ministry of Education will re-establish the teaching of scriptural Christianity in the Protestant tradition as the true faith and will pay particular attention to the Gospel of the Kingdom and the divine mission of our Israel peoples. Our Christian heritage will be taught as having continuance from the original covenants made between the fathers of our nation and Almighty God in former or Old Covenant times and the importance of keeping and maintaining the Divine Law will form a major part of this restored teaching.


   The expansion of the country’s defences will be carried out in the closest collaboration with the United States and the other covenant nations, with whom my Government proposes to enter into mutual defence agreements. A Proclamation will be made in the coming session of Parliament to mark the reintroduction of compulsory military training with voluntary active service for all men at 18 to 21 years of age and for voluntary national service for women of all ages. The enlistment of men in employment or engaged in a higher education course will be deferred until they have completed their training. 


   As early as possible my Government will ask the Members of the House of Commons to repeal the Bank of England Act and to replace it with a measure which would free the country from the domination of usury. The proposed new measure would enable my Government to issue sufficient money to cover the value of the gross national product and my Government have been advised that this fiduciary issue will be more than sufficient to cover all government expenditure to eliminate income tax and value added tax. (Community services will be financed by the tithe of ten per cent of each person’s taxable income). The balance of the fiduciary issue will be used to redeem that part of the national debt which represents genuine borrowing from creditors who have loaned the government actual money. That part of the national debt represented by bank credits will be cancelled by default. And since this reform of the monetary system will be made in association with a protected free trade area embracing all the covenant nations, it will be necessary for the United Kingdom to end its membership of the European Union. A free trading relationship will be negotiated to take the place of our membership.


   As soon as it is practicable, my Government intend to restore the Divine Law of debt release and the cycle of the Great Jubilee in which liberty will be proclaimed throughout the land in the fiftieth year and true inheritance will be restored. The reform of the banking system will separate international banking from national banking which will restore the use of money in the nation as a means of exchange, rather than as commodity used by creditors as a power over debtors. Wages and bonuses in the banking and financial industry will be limited to a fair comparison with other levels of responsibility and just rewards.


   As a matter of urgency, my Ministers will consider ways of conserving our natural resources and replenishing the land. In accordance with the Divine law of Sabbath rest for arable land in the seventh year, a new cycle of agricultural production will be introduced. New dietary recommendations in keeping with the food laws of the Bible will be issued by the Ministry of Health.


   My Government believe that, with the institution of the Divine Law and the repeal of any Parliamentary measure which is inconsistent with that Law, there will be widespread changes for the better in social conditions. My Government foresees that the traditional family unit will once again become the foundation of the nation’s social structure with families assuming complete responsibility for their own members. In order that the family may continue to be protected as the most important unit of our society, my Government will reform the Sunday Trading Act to ensure that only essential work is conducted on Sunday that the divinely ordained principle of one day in seven be maintained as a time of worship and recreation by the family together. We will seek to restore natural relationships between the sexes as the stable foundation for the bringing up of children and of peaceful order in society.


   My Government believe that justice and the administration of law and order will be made more effective because the Divine Law does not provide scope or opportunity for judges or lawyers to impose their own personal views on the courts. My Government feel that the punishment of wickedness and vice will, in consequence, be swift and predictable. The Divine Law in respect of restitution will drastically reduce such crimes as vandalism and robbery, whilst the re-introduction of the death penalty will protect my people from the threat of murder, rape and other crimes against the person. The supreme penalty for the ultimate crime will place the highest possible value on life.


   In foreign affairs, my Government will endeavour to re-establish the policies pursued so successfully by the governments responsible to my great-great-grandmother, the late Queen Victoria. It will withdraw as soon as practicable from those international organizations and bilateral agreements which are supra-national in character and which were entered into in contravention of the Divine Law for our nation not to make covenants outside the body of the covenant nations and family of peoples. Membership of the United Nations Organization will end on the 31st December this year. Freed from these foreign entanglements, aimed at a pagan system of World Government, Great Britain will again become the champion of the oppressed, but remaining a nation separated unto God – an example to all peoples of the blessings which result from keeping the Law of the Lord. We will defend the weak and destroy any aggressor who plans the destruction of true Christian civilization.


   My Government will maintain the Commonwealth and expand it to include other nations that will unite with our Great Cause for peace and prosperity and righteousness to fill the entire earth.  As Supreme Governor and to expand this global vision, I will require the support of the Established Church of England that will be Christ-centred and non-Romanised, proclaiming the Gospel of the continuing Kingdom of God upon earth. The Stone of Destiny will be returned to its constitutional setting in Westminster Abbey in recognition of my Coronation Oath to uphold and maintain the full powers of the Crown-in-Parliament under Almighty God.    


   Regarding devolved administration, my Government will seek to maintain the integrity of the United Kingdom as a whole, while supporting the development of regional government at an appropriate level to the Realm. While the Republic of Ireland at this time remains a member of the European Union, the situation is now one of rapid change due to the great revelations concerning the Christian heritage of our people in the British Isles and of this Royal Throne, which resided for so long at Tara after the overturning from the House of Judah of old. My Government will continue the present talks with the government in the Republic in anticipation of an early agreement for Ireland to become a full member of the British Commonwealth with Dominion status.


   While the historic role of the nation in affording sanctuary to the needy and oppressed will continue, my Government will move to restore the integrity of our covenant nation family and its culture. Overseas aid and development will be increased with the aim of establishing growth and prosperity in all nations. The ultimate objective will be the restoration of free and unfettered movement of people, goods and services between the covenant nations, holding a common allegiance to the Throne of David, and the rest of the world.


   The immediate objective of the new legislation proposed by my Government is the re-establishment in our individual and national life of the principles of righteousness as defined in the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Only in Christ and through Christ can this nation become the people whom the Almighty purposed for His servants, His pattern people.


   We ever look towards the day when “the government shall be upon His shoulder” as spoken by the prophet Isaiah. My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, I pray that the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon your counsels.





6 December, 2009


(450th Anniversary of the reply by Queen Elizabeth I to an address from five Roman Catholic bishops, dated 6 December 1559, to effect that Joseph of Arimathea was “the first preacher of the Word of God within our realms” and warning that the Pope had no jurisdiction over our realm and subjects)





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