Will we have a Monarchy in 50 years time?



Sometimes a cartoonist encapsulates a truth that cannot be explained more succinctly in words. On 30th April 2011, the day after the Royal Wedding, a cartoon by Christian Adams in The Telegraph, illustrated this truth very dramatically indeed. It showed the sun in the sky with the Union Jack shape superimposed and the heads of William and Catherine kissing in the centre. It immediately recalled the words of Psalm 89:36 which declared of the Throne of David: “His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me.” The sun rules the day as the greatest authority in the sky, which is the symbol of the Throne of David as the Throne of the LORD and the greatest ruling authority upon Earth.


Simon Schama, the British historian, art historian and professor at Columbia University USA, said in comment on BBC Television after the Royal Wedding that two marriages were going on – one between William and Catherine and the other between the Monarchy and the People. A prophetic truth indeed, in respect of what is to come for this nation, yet to be taken to wife again by Almighty God as spoken by the prophet Hosea in chapter 2, verses 20 and 23: “I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness: and thou shalt know the LORD . . . and I will say unto them which were not my people, Thou art my people; and they shall say, Thou art my God.”


A discussion on this question between Prof Stephen Haseler of London Metropolitan University and the royal historian Hugo Vickers on the BBC TODAY programme took place on 26th April ahead of the Royal Wedding – which was watched by an estimated two billion people in 180 countries. The anti-monarchy campaign, Republic, says it has received a boost because of the marriage. The global media frenzy on this ‘fantasy diversion’ event, as it was described, was discussed in respect of the future when the Queen goes and as to whether we will we have a Monarchy in 50 years time.


The republican argument in this discussion was along the lines of “you cannot have just one family providing us with our head of state in this 21st century democratic age. It’s not conducive to the modern democratic spirit.” While the monarchy argument was that of while we would not create it today, it provides stability and continuity and history is now experiencing a generational rejuvenation in Prince and Princess William, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Haseler said that “there is something contrived and synthetic about this fantasy island which people overseas in the United States, France and Germany all love to indulge in, especially as they plan their holidays. The real question,” he says, “of will we have a monarchy into the future will arise when the Queen goes. Will we have Prince Charles imposed on us – will we have a say – it would be nice to decide?”


We might imagine what that would be like with all the inclusive race, religious, gender and sexual issues that have been infused into employment advertising today. There was a very good observation by Peter Oborne in The Daily Telegraph on 26th April, 2011, on ‘The Quiet wisdom of the Windsors.’ He wrote:


“And consider this: the Armed Forces owe their allegiance to the Queen as head of state, and not to the ruling political party.  This is not a debating point.  In many of the world’s dictatorships, the military is used for ugly internal repression aimed at rival parties (we saw just a flicker of how these delicate relationships can go wrong in Britain, too, when the Secret Intelligence Services forgot its duty of impartiality and became too close to Tony Blair and New Labour in the run-up to the Iraq War).”


The Royal family brings the nation together and the oath of allegiance of our Armed Forces upholds the defence of the nation by their tradition and continuity from generation to generation – there are military families in our nation that have served monarchs in the defence of the nation over centuries. The Royal Family really does define what we are as a nation.


The Spiritual Dimension of our Monarchy

The first book published by Tony Blair in 1996, New Britain: My Vision of a Young Country was deeply superficial – and what could he possibly have had in mind with that title? William the Conqueror was crowned at Westminster Abbey in 1066. It is also nearly eight centuries since the Great Charter of Magna Carta and the birth of our Parliament, while the institution of monarchy itself, in these islands alone, goes back to Anglo-Saxon times. But we know there is a greater heritage still, going back to biblical times, which is never referred to in a discussion that we might hear on the BBC TODAY programme.


This is because, firstly this great heritage is spiritual and secondly, it is diametrically opposed to the mindset of dogma and blindness emanating from Europe and Rome – the counterfeit kingdom concept of Replacement Theology centred on the papal throne. What is involved here is not just a political debate of policy, but a struggle against ‘principalities and powers,’ between light and darkness, good and evil.


The relationship between the Queen and her subjects is only shown at the height of this deeply spiritual context at the Coronation of the Monarch in Westminster Abbey and on state occasions like the State Opening of Parliament. This is when we see prophetic ‘Jerusalem’ – ‘City (and) Foundation of Peace’ – at its most magnificent display before the world.


The Royal Peculiar and the Queen at 85

A Royal Peculiar (or Royal Peculier) is a place of worship that falls directly under the jurisdiction of the British monarch, rather than under a bishop. The concept dates from Anglo-Saxon times, when a church could ally itself with the monarch and therefore not be subject to the bishop of the area. Later it reflected the relationship between the Norman and Plantagenet kings and the English church. Unlike many of the ecclesiastical foundations of the medieval period the royal peculiars were not abolished in the English Reformation effected under the Tudors.


The Royal Peculiar of Westminster Abbey, is unique in the world – nowhere else is a nation’s history recorded in this way. The Royal Wedding ended with the royal couple going out under the Great West Window, called by British-Israel believers, ‘The Israel Window.’ It was installed in 1735 and it must have been understood that it was about our national heritage.


Yet also, we observed something wonderful in another way on Maundy Thursday at Easter this year. It was the Queen’s 85th birthday and the 801st occasion that the Maundy ceremony had been conducted; the 55th time for the Queen in her reign and the 16th time in Westminster Abbey. It was also the first time for over a century that Maundy Thursday had coincided with the Monarch’s birthday.


The ceremony of the washing of the feet has not been continued, but 170 men and women (2 x 85) were given the Maundy gifts of money – for the first time 40 were from the Isle of Man and for one elderly lady, it was the first time she had left the Island.


The gifts were very carefully given out by the Queen, while Handel’s Coronation Anthem, Zadok the Priest, was being played. Has any other Head of State carried out such a ceremony for so many years? (Some 36,000 views are recorded on YouTube for this anthem!).


The Queen may well be seen as a figurehead only and for the past 60 years thought to have been detached from everyday political life. However, she has worked with 12 British prime ministers beginning with Winston Churchill, as well as 14 prime ministers from New Zealand, plus 12 Australians and 11 Canadians – an interesting 49 in total or 7 x 7, from Britain and the original Commonwealth ‘company of nations.’ Also, nominally, at least, she has been head of state of 32 different realms.


Another place of another origin

The only other place where we see something akin to this is the ceremony conducted by the Pope in Rome – who is Head of State in the tiny Vatican City. As we know, what happened in history was that another concept of monarchy developed in Europe, centred on Rome.  But it, being of pagan Babylonish origin, is a mere counterfeit only of the real centre of what takes place here in prophetic ‘Jerusalem’ and God’s Kingdom upon Earth.


At the moment Europe is facing a severe prospect of war crisis and emergency as the Arab Spring conflict spreads across North Africa and now the important strategically positioned country of Syria. Refugees from Tunisia are flooding into Italy and moving to France where they are massing at the Eurostar Paris gateway to the UK. At some point soon there could come a really serious immigration situation. 


‘Operation Nehemiah’

The governments of Germany, France and now Britain are at long last saying what has been on the mind of the people of our country and on those of the Continent for many years that ‘multiculturalism does not work.’  The Barnabas Fund last year launched ‘Operation Nehemiah’ dealing with the Islamisation of the UK. Their new booklet Slippery Slope is well worth obtaining. What is going to be the outcome of all this and how is the Monarchy to survive in this climate?


The Throne of Life

Jeremiah in chapter 3 verse 17, says that “At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD and all the nations shall be gathered into it, to the name of the LORD, to Jerusalem: neither shall they walk any more after the imagination of their evil heart.”  Ferrar Fenton renders this:


“In that period they shall call Jerusalem the ‘Throne of the Life’ and all the Heathen will trust with her on the Name of the Ever-Living at Jerusalem, and will no more go after other perversities, to suffer from them.” Verse 23 declares: “Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains: truly in the LORD our God is the salvation of Israel.”


The very important point here, which is always completely overlooked by the Protestant theologians, is that the Throne of the Lord is upon earth among the nations and that it is ‘Jerusalem,’ the ‘City’ or ‘foundation of peace.  “. . . they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD and all the nations shall be gathered into it.”


When we see, as we did on 29th April, a third of the world glued to their televisions, literally fascinated by the Royal Wedding, the fascination is not for a fantasy throne, but for a real throne. It is not a ‘fantasy diversion’ like a theme park event or like Disney Land. That would have no substance as such. What two billion people were watching is the continuity of history about Jerusalem - the only real ‘foundation of peace’ in the entire world.


The events on State and semi-State occasions that surround the British Monarchy with the trumpets, the anthem, the music and the Crown jewels, the pomp and circumstance if you wish, inspire and when they are seen to be centred on the Living Word they become, in the rendering of Ferrar Fenton, the ‘Throne of Life.’ Where else in the world is there that sense of majesty; that heavenly authority and ultimate power – in the moment when St Edward’s Crown is place upon the head of the anointed monarch as the ‘LORD’S anointed’ in the Coronation service?


‘A Wind of Change’ took peace away

There was a moment in the 1960s when many nations took off from the guiding influence of the covenant nations to govern themselves. On 3rd February 1960, Britain’s then Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, received a frosty reception from politicians in South Africa after speaking frankly against the country's system of apartheid.


In a speech to MPs in the Houses of Parliament in Cape Town, Mr Macmillan spoke of the “wind of change” blowing through the continent of Africa, as more and more majority black populations in the colonies claimed the right to rule themselves.  “Whether we like it or not,” he said, “this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.” 


The government's aim, he said, was to “create a society which respects the rights of individuals - a society in which individual merit, and individual merit alone, is the criterion for a man's advancement, whether political or economic.”  The then South African Prime Minister, Dr Verwoerd, said: “To do justice in Africa means not only being just to the black man of Africa, but also to the white man of Africa.”


Half a century later, we see that things have not worked out to these ideals – we might say “fantasy ideals,” to those who denounced the original ideal of the British Empire and later the British Commonwealth of the covenant people. People from all these nations have come to live with us in our own small island home as conflict and chaos has ensued and as they have been offered economic benefits.


They have also sought refuge from murderous oppression. Hundreds of thousands have claimed asylum here and illegal migrants have arrived and disappeared into the community. The present Arab Spring in the Arab World along the southern border of the Mediterranean is threatening to increase migration on a vast scale presenting the Continent of Europe and the UK with one almighty problem as tens of thousands flee conflict to seek refuge with the one and only ‘foundation of peace’ which they can reach.


The Nations have run to us

The prophet Isaiah declared that there is One of Whom He said: “I have given him for a witness to the people, a leader and commander to the people . . . and nations that knew thee not shall run unto thee because of the LORD thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath glorified thee” (Isaiah 55:3-5).


Nations and other peoples have indeed run to us for all the obvious reasons because the Holy One of Israel has glorified us to the extent that no other people are exalted in the Earth. The Monarchy is the visible symbol of the Davidic Covenant that maintains the continuity of Jerusalem, the ‘City’ or ‘foundation of peace.’


BIWF today has some 200-300 core Members and Associates – a Gideon’s band who are alert and aware of what is really going on – but out there in the United Kingdom and in the greater Kingdom overseas there are perhaps two billion supporters of the British Monarchy that cannot get enough of the majesty and the aura of glory that is sensed, but not fully observed and understood. These billions were drawn, by the Holy Spirit, to think about what Great Britain and its Monarchy represents and stands for, yet at the moment they cannot discern or comprehend the Divine nature of what is yet to come.


The second Diamond Jubilee of a 60-year reign of a Queen in 2012, within 115 years in the history of the monarchy, is surely a double witness of the approaching great restoration that we all anticipate. The Israel woman is to be taken again to wife by the Returning King of kings.


What of the Future?

We do not know what the future holds in detail. The integrity of the nation and its constitution has been undermined by false shepherds (leaders) as knowledge of our separated calling and responsibility in the world has decreased with two and three generations having arisen who know not the LORD.  But the LORD Jesus Christ, our Coming King, will, at a point in the not too distant future, be revealed to all as the Great Commander of the Host and the nations will run to us to come within the orbit of “The Throne of Life.”


Will we have a Monarchy in fifty years time? Undoubtedly we will. Will it be William who will be king by then? We do not know, but according to our new book Daughters of Destiny by Glyn Lewis, the next monarch to be anointed upon the Stone of Destiny will be the 153rd in line of succession from Adam – the number of the Elect – the gematria of which has the meaning of ‘sons of God.’ We, who look up with expectation, are on full alert that in our life time, the King of kings and Lord of lords will appear to take up the Throne of David in this covenant nation and in betrothal as the redeemed Bride of Jehovah.



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