The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on February 11 2013 came on the 84th anniversary of the signing of the Papal-Italian Treaty of February 11 1929. That day was 4 x 1335 plus 2 days (an extra 2 days often occurs at a significant signing) from the assassination of the Archduke on June 28 1914 one month prior to World War I, indicating finality on a world scale. There were other important links to this signing with the Armistice and the forming of the League of Nations shown on page 173 of Divine Time Meaures by J. Bernard Nicklin pub. 1938. 


In the context of the papacy and the 1260-year duration of its temporal power expiring in 2018 from AD 758 when the temporal power of the papacy began under Pope Paul I (see The Rise and Fall of Rome Papal by Rev Robert Fleming pub 1701, page 20), 84 years is expressed as 2 x 7 x 1260 solar days. Thus this first voluntary resignation since Pope Celestine V in 1294 (after only 5 months) 899 years ago shows us that the mystique of the papacy is now in overall decline. The next pope is said to be the last pope - it will be significant therefore if a younger man is chosen at the forthcoming conclave.



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