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This film is going to be shown on UCB (United Christian Broadcasting) TV on Sunday, 28th June at 9.30 pm with a repeat showing on Monday, 29th June at 3 pm.




LONDON – A NEW JERUSALEM - a revised edition to be published later this year.




Northern Ireland – Rally on Saturday, 6th June.

CarlisleRally on Saturday, 6th June.

Low Etherley National Bible College lecture on Tuesday, 16th June. Contact Headquarters for details.

Hothorpe Hall – Summer Convention – theme ‘From the Ends of the Earth.’

13th – 18th July.  See the programme for details of speakers.



London – The Anniversary Rally on 9th/10th May to celebrate 90 years of the BIWF was well-supported.  The sun shone and the visits were enjoyed by all.  There will be a full report and photos in the next Newsletter.

Rallies – all the rallies were held as planned and the fellowship and teaching was much appreciated.



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Dear Members and Supporters,


Mid-year Focus 2009:

Our Destiny is to Lead the Nations in Peace


I would like to consolidate the direction of our thoughts at this time mid-way through a year which is proving full of important developments. We are passing through a very interesting and significant period with the deepening of the national and international crisis. It therefore surely behoves us to ensure that the Kingdom teaching entrusted to us as an organisation is projected with increasing determination and discernment during the rest of this year.


As an organisation with the wonderful privilege of recognising the whole Kingdom Identity Message contained in the Word of God, we are the spearhead to enlighten the essential core of the servant people (ten per cent of the world’s population) to their blindness. We always tend to feel that ours is a daunting task in this respect because the Protestant Christian churches have in the past been so biased against us. This we trust will lessen as we develop the presentation of our teaching through introductory literature and our film work. I believe it is becoming possible to reclaim territory that has been lost in the past to shallow teaching by the churches.


Then there is the large territory of historical fascination that many people have for our ancient past. It begins with Stonehenge which attracts millions of visitors and should continue with the Stone of Destiny as we develop our strategy. True Israel is the prophetic stone kingdom.    


The European Elections may well produce an increased BNP vote as people reach out for a party which will save them from the growing EU federal monster. A great many people who will vote BNP and UKIP are patriotic, but need the spiritual aspect that we are presenting in respect of the nation and its destiny, which is to lead the nations in peace. We cannot do this if we are being merged with the EU constitutionally, being infused with alien religions and with pagan beliefs both in Church and State.


Our strategy needs to be ‘ahead of the game’ as our people wake up to the way their heritage is being discarded and destroyed by the internationalist agenda. The banking and parliamentary expenses crisis may well turn people away from supporting the political establishment if the required leadership is not forthcoming, not to mention the lack of leadership in truth coming from the Church.


We are based on the solid ground of His Word. The world crisis grows in Pakistan, Iran and the Israeli State over nuclear weapons as to their security and development so we may have increasing opportunities to witness.  Our new film entitled Our Christian Heritage is going out in the Christian TV media and we are scheduled to do interviews for TV and Radio.  Please pray that we will be given the wisdom to give a good reason for the hope that is within us for the nation.


Michael A Clark, President



Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer


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