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Summer Convention, 18th – 23rd July – theme ‘The Bible and the Throne.’ Looking back through the 400 years of the King James Bible and looking forward to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II next year. There will be more lectures in the popular series ‘B.I. Basics’ and the premiere of the film – see ‘NEW!’ below.



The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel will be shown for the first time at the Summer Convention this July and will be available on DVD – a ‘must buy’ for all members! This documentary film contains original footage shot on location from the Northern Kingdom of Israel, through the Dariel Gorge in the Caucasus Mountains and in Europe. It traces the migration route of our forefathers and many other scenes, interviews and references providing solid evidence of our heritage.



Celebrating the King James Bible – on Saturday, 4th June there will be a full programme from 10.30 am – 6.00 pm at BIWF Headquarters. Details to be announced but make sure you keep the date free.



There are many new publications in preparation this year but these three are ready now:

Why Parliament needs the Christian Faith and British-Israel Truth – in Action by Bob Graham and The Redeemer – The Redeemed by Henry D Houghton.



Ulster Area Rally – in Belfast on Saturday, 19th March. Speakers: Michael Clark and David Aimer. Please note the time: 2.30 – 5.00 pm.

Our Christian Heritage – the King James Bible – a guided tour in the British Library and the British Museum on Saturday, 26th March – see enclosed flier for more information.

Scottish Area Rally – in Kilwinning on Saturday, 9th April. Speakers: Clifford Smyth and Michael Bennett.

Wigan Rally – on Good Friday, 22nd April. Speakers: David Aimer and Martin Lightfoot.

Morecambe Spring Rally – from 29th April – 1st May. Speakers: Michael Clark, Carol Cream, Norman Pearson, Archie Linnegan, Clifford Smyth, Alfred Brown, Margery Dowling, Ken Brack and David Aimer.



The National Bible College – the lecture by Rev Barrie Williams on the early church was followed by an excellent tea and then a performance of hymns and music by the local Salvation Army band. Martin Lightfoot was the compere and the event was a great success.

Our Christian Heritage – a very large group of people met at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday, 30th October for a guided tour led by Martin Lightfoot. It was very interesting especially seeing ‘The Light of the World’ painting.



  • BIWF: Web site:  www.britishisrael.co.uk – keep looking for the latest information and for new articles.
  • THE COVENANT PUBLISHING CO. LTD.: Web site:  www.covpub.co.uk – keep checking for news of new books.
  • ‘You Tube’ videos – recommend these short films to your friends – a great introduction to our message. Find them via the link on The National Bible College web site.
  • ‘Covenant Clips’ – See them on www.YouTube.com/covclips and don’t forget that you can buy the DVD.


THE NATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE: Web site:  www.tnbc.org.uk

This web site has been expanded recently with more features and links. As well as the Distance Learning Course, there are the following interesting pages:

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Bible Archaeology Review – an interesting link to another source of evidence.



The Covenant Nations Volume 2 Number 1 is in production. Please remember to support the magazine with your gifts – postage is increasing and your help is much appreciated as this magazine is reaching a very wide readership. There will be an appeal in this next issue.



Mr Walter Ford, well-known and respected in the North West Area, passed away at the end of last year. Our sympathy is sent to his family and friends. A full obituary will be in the next Newsletter.


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer


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