MAY 2011

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We Have a Guardian – a new edition is in production with more sections on the providence of Almighty God for His people. The photographs and the cover are being updated and it will be an essential addition to your library and an excellent gift for friends. Our Neglected Heritage by Gladys Taylor is also on its way, combining all five books into one volume.



Remember to send in your booking for your place at the Summer Convention. The dates are 18th – 23rd July and the theme is ‘The Bible and the Throne.’ The programme and booking form have been sent out and we look forward to seeing you there. The new film The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel is having its premiere – don’t miss it! The first time that the key places of the migrations have been filmed on location.



Celebrating the King James Bible – on Saturday, 4th June at BIWF Headquarters. See the attached flyer for details. 



More new publications are out: Far Above Rubies by Isabel Hill Elder and What happened to Judah by Gladys Taylor.



Ulster Area Rally in Belfast on Saturday, 17th September in the usual venue. Speakers: David Aimer and Martin Lightfoot.

Our Christian Heritage – York Minster – on Saturday, 24th September. This day coincides with the Day of Prayer so after the guided tour at 1.30 pm there will be a time of prayer in a nearby venue.

92nd Annual Congress – in Ashbourne near Derby, Friday, 7th October – Monday 10th October. Theme “As Lively Stones in a Spiritual House.”



Ulster Area Rally – a good crowd came to hear Michael Clark and David Aimer. The interest in the teaching is growing as shown by the amount of sales from the bookstall.

Our Christian Heritage – the King James Bible – Martin Lightfoot led the guided tour on Saturday, 26th March beginning with the history of the development of writing in the British Museum. It was very interesting to see the different scripts and alphabets. After lunch the group went to the British Library to see how manuscript was overtaken by printing and to view the earliest printed Bibles.

Scottish Area Rally – this was held in Kilwinning on Saturday, 9th April. The speakers were Clifford Smyth and Michael Bennett. The lectures and fellowship were much appreciated by everyone.

Wigan Rally – on Good Friday, 22nd April. The lectures were given by David Aimer on ‘Israel’s Inventions’ and Martin Lightfoot on the Book of Revelation.

Morecambe Spring Rally – many thanks again to Bishop John and Mrs Betty McLean for the use of their church and premises for the meeting which took place from 29th April – 1st May. There were many excellent speakers and musical entertainment by Anne Smyth on Saturday evening.




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  • THE NATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE: Web site: There are 36 people registered on the Distance Learning Course and one person has nearly completed all four Modules.




The Covenant Nations Volume 2 Number 1 is out now.


Thank you for your generous response to the appeal letter which was sent out with the magazine. It is very encouraging that there are so many supporters of the work.




Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer


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