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The complete set of seven booklets will be sent out widely in September as part of our efforts to spread the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom as revealed in God’s Word. Send for more booklets if you can give them to your friends and contacts – free but donations to help with costs are much appreciated.




The Covenant Publishing Company has continued to be busy with producing new editions and here are the most recent titles for you to add to your collection or to give away to friends: Royal Peculiar – this is now in two parts: Royal Peculiar and The Coronation Ceremony. The inclusion of colour plates makes it a very attractive book for this Diamond Jubilee year. Also Why Britain has the Lion and the Unicorn and The Assyrian Invasions and Deportations – these books are full of useful information presented in a very readable way.




This ‘NEW VENTURE’ which was introduced to you in ‘Life . . .’ in February this year, has gone from strength to strength since its small beginning. Some authors have had more than one book printed and others are coming forward with their work. Other organisations have requested that their journals be printed and word is spreading about the quality of the production.




This year the Day of Prayer for British-Israel believers and organisations falls exactly on 29 September – the Feast of St Michael and All Angels in the Church of England calendar. The leaflet sent with this ‘Life . . .’ explains it all to you and you are encouraged to take part whether on your own or gathered in groups. It is interesting to note that on the same day Global Day of Prayer London is holding ‘The National Day of Prayer and Worship’ at Wembley. Many other Christian groups have been stirred up to call upon the Lord and it is exciting to know that so many voices will be joined together on behalf of God’s people.




 The venue is Gilsland Spa again, from 5th – 8th October. This beautiful spot on the border between England and Scotland is a very suitable place for the theme which is ‘He shall rule over the House of Jacob for ever.’ With speakers from all parts of the United Kingdom and a visitor from the USA it promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable time of fellowship.




This correspondence course was relaunched just over three years ago. The number of students is continuing to rise and new contacts are being made all over the world. Please tell your friends and contacts about it.




Morecambe Rally – from Friday, 27th April to Sunday, 29th April. This was one of the windiest and wettest weekends of the Spring but the fellowship and teaching triumphed over all. Bishop John McLean and Mrs Betty McLean once again provided the venue at Emmanuel Church.

Diamond Jubilee Rally – at Low Etherley on Saturday, 30th June. Michael Clark opened the proceedings in the morning and then Martin Lightfoot led a session of memories of the Coronation Day. The afternoon closed with a Royal Quiz devised and led by Kathleen Gage. There will be photos and a report in the BIWF Newsletter in due course.

Summer Convention – at Hothorpe Hall, from 23rd – 28th July. The theme this year was ‘Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.’ The Convention was blessed by beautiful weather and the lectures were varied and very interesting as different speakers interpreted the theme in their own way. The DVDs of the lectures are in production and will be available from CPC in September. Watch out for a full report in the BIWF Newsletter.




Scottish Area Rally – on Saturday, 8th September.

Ulster Rally – on Saturday, 15th September.

The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery – London – on Saturday, 3rd November. The influence on our Christian heritage by our monarchs.




The Covenant Nations Volume 2 Number 7 is in production and will be out shortly. There are some very interesting articles on the ‘gates’ of Israel which help us to remember that these blessings and prophecies apply to our day too.




Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer


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