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We complete our celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a rally on Saturday 1st June at Headquarters. It will be 60 years exactly since the Coronation on the following day. The programme of the day is included in this posting – come and enjoy the fellowship and the lectures as we give thanks for the continuity of the Crown in our nation.


An exciting new publication due for release in the summer entitled Maelgwn of Llandaff and Joseph of Arimathea. As the back cover says: “It will come as a considerable surprise to many to consider the evidence that the grave of Joseph of Arimathea – who arrived in South Wales in AD 35-37 – still exists in Cardiff. The evidence of the grave being on an island surrounded by water on all sides as described by the Prince Maelgwn of Llandaff is very solid indeed.

When the knowledge of the immense Christian heritage of South Wales is fully appreciated it will stir a very powerful interest in the heritage of the early British Church of South Wales and in the kings who ruled Britain in defiance of the Roman occupation.”


 Talia Creed returned to work on 26th February after her maternity leave. The President made one of his regular trips to Headquarters two days later and welcomed her back. Talia’s latest news now is that she will be leaving again in the summer for her second maternity leave.


David Aimer combined a short holiday trip to New York with a visit to Jim McElroy in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Pastor McElroy is now fully recovered from recent back problems and there is good news about the steady growth of the work in America with new members and book sales spreading the message.



Ulster Rally – on Saturday, 13th April at the usual venue, Chimney Corner Hotel in Belfast. Speakers: Pastor David Aimer and Pastor Robert Phillips.

Morecambe Rally – from Friday 19th April to Sunday, 21st April. This weekend includes the AGM for the North-west Area on Saturday. Contact Miss Margery Dowling on 01257 411606 or Mrs Pat Hardwick on 01282 693374 for further details.

Scottish Area Rally – on Saturday 18th May at the Renfield Centre in Glasgow – the programme is available from Headquarters.

The Bible as History in the British Museum – on Saturday 15th June from 1.30 - 3.30pm. A free guided tour around some of the artefacts which confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible. Martin Lightfoot will lead the group.

Summer Convention – the programme and booking form has been sent out – the theme of The Revival of the Two Witnesses will provide some stimulating and interesting lectures and discussions. Send your reservation in now!


 The National Bible College is now on Facebook. There are 57 registrations on the Distance Learning Course and new videos on the website. The Youtube videos have over 52,000 viewings and over 80 subscribers.



Figures for 2012 show that there has been an increase of visits to the BIWF website of 23% since 2010. This is very gratifying to see and we plan to steadily improve the content on the pages so that this interest continues to grow.



The Covenant Nations Volume 2 Number 10 is in production and will be out in June. The theme this issue is ‘The Netherlands’ and it will include some very interesting articles from new authors as well as from our regular contributors.


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