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More news for you to read about events, projects and activities in the Federation.


 There are two new leaflets enclosed for you to distribute – The British-Israel Vision and Why the Protestant Faith needs the British-Israel Vision. The colour presentation is designed to complement the earlier booklet The Continuing Kingdom of God so that it makes an attractive set to give away. They are free – write in for extra copies!


This exciting new publication was launched at the Coronation Day Rally at the beginning of June followed by an extensive publicity campaign led by the President, Michael Clark. Complimentary books were sent out to a wide range of people to stimulate interest in this work. Interest was indeed aroused! Just before the Summer Convention he received a telephone call from a reporter for WalesOnLine who wanted to feature the book. A very accurate and clear report on the website duly followed. This in turn was picked up by The Daily Telegraph and too much excitement a short item appeared in its pages during the Convention.

On his return home Mr Clark received an invitation to appear on BBC Radio Wales on the Wednesday edition of their morning magazine show. He was given a very fair opportunity to speak about the work and the importance of the early British Church in South Wales. At the time of writing, this exposure has resulted in a surge of orders for the book and for others covering similar ground.

Mr Clark would like to thank all the staff who helped with this book and who have fitted it in along with all their other duties for the Federation.


The Annual Congress is being held in Winchester this year on the weekend of 4th – 7th October. There is a very interesting programme of lectures and outings and we are especially looking forward to meeting David Abbott and Catherine Glass, the authors of Share the Inheritance. This fascinating book is very sympathetic to the BI Vision and puts the information in a new and attractive way. It is available from Covenant Publishing.*

 Please look at the enclosed leaflet and book your place now!


This is our second tour in Scotland and is a great opportunity to visit this ancient site and learn about its history and the part it played in the life of the Stone of Destiny. Martin Lightfoot will be leading the visit which is on Saturday, 26th October at 1.30 – 3.30 pm. Contact him or Nicola Gallone at Headquarters to book a place.


The fellowship and lectures at this year’s Summer Convention were much enjoyed as usual. There will be a full report in BIWF Newsletter in due course. The DVDs of the lectures are in production and will be available at Congress and from Covenant Publishin


At the end of his lecture which was the final one at the Summer Convention, Clifford Smyth made a heartfelt call for all of us to join him in regular prayer for the nation, for Her Majesty the Queen and for all in authority over us. At this time when so much of the Christian way of life has been changed or destroyed and when it is becoming increasingly difficult to witness and spread the Gospel he challenged everyone to pray daily before breakfast and call upon Almighty God in our time of need. Please spread this request to all your family and friends so that a united cry can go up to the Lord our God.


For several years now a ‘Day of Prayer’ has been called and the accompanying sheet from Michael Clark reminds us of significant current situations about which we can pray as we join with fellow believers around the nation and around the world.


The current issue on ‘Australia’ is now going out with some very interesting articles as usual. We are very pleased to be able to say that the December issue of The Covenant Nations will complete Volume 2. The theme will be ‘Norway.’

Thank you very much for your support over these 6 years of production. We are looking forward to starting Volume 3 next year and we would value your prayers as we plan the themes.


Mrs Talia Creed has left for her maternity leave and we wish her and the family well in these last weeks before the birth of her second child.


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

Contact:  BIWF, 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, DL14 0HA


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