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It was very exciting to see Her Majesty the Queen arriving at the Houses of Parliament for the State Opening of Parliament in the new Diamond Jubilee State Coach which had beenpresented to her by Australia. Readers of The Covenant Nations might remember that in Volume 1 Number 7 we published an article about this royal carriage which at the time was known as the State Coach Britannia. The newspapers were full of the details of its construction and how it contained small pieces of so much of British history. Of particular interest to us are the small fragments of the Coronation Stone of Destiny which are in a mount under the seat on which the Queen was sitting.



The President opened the proceedings after coffee and led the singing of the National Anthem. Then the General Secretary introduced the visiting speaker, Anne Yuill, who spoke on ‘The story of one village and the Great War.’ It was based on the book she wrote entitled Witton Warriors about the soldiers from her village who served, and died, in World War I.

Following a buffet lunch the theme was ‘The greater dimension for Empire and nation’ with Michael Clark, Martin Lightfoot and David Aimer giving three short talks on different aspects of the timing of events, of prophecy and its fulfilment and the evidence of the contemporary photographs and writings which are held at Headquarters. Frank Tebbutt then conducted a very moving Thanksgiving Service which included the Two Minute Silence. Refreshments followed and Kathleen Gage completed the day with a quiz on the Great War which was won by a visitor from the village who was rewarded with a prize of 3 books: We have a Guardian, As Birds Flying and ‘As Birds Flying’ over Jerusalem.


‘Where is the Watchman on the Wall?’ is the inspirational theme for the Summer Convention this year in the new venue at the Palace Hotel in Buxton. With visiting speakers from overseas joining our regulars the programme promises an interesting variety of lectures. Time has been allowed for exploring the beautiful countryside as well as the town which is only a short walk from the hotel. We offer a warm welcome to those attending for the first time as well as renewed friendship and fellowship to those who come every year.


The rallies in Ulster, Wigan and Morecambe in March and April provided an opportunity to come together again after the long winter months. Then on 17 May Martin Lightfoot led a small group on a visit to Stirling Castle. The weather was very wet and chilly so the focus was on the Great Hall, Chapel Royal and the Royal Palace all of which have been beautifully restored. The bright colours enjoyed by the court of James V and his wife, Mary of Guise, in the 1500s were very cheering to see. Another highlight was being able to watch the weavers at work in the Tapestry Studio where they were making the seventh and final panel of the Unicorn tapestries using traditional techniques and materials. Four of them now hang in the Queen’s Inner Hall. James V is known to have had two sets of tapestries featuring unicorns and great care has been taken to make them as authentic as possible. There is much more to be seen and the castle is an excellent place to learn about Scottish history and its place in the development of the United Kingdom.


Interest continues in the Distance Learning Course, now 5 years after being re-launched. Watch the videos on the website at – send in your comments to Martin Lightfoot at Headquarters.


Ulster Rally – Saturday, 28 June at the Chimney Corner Hotel in Belfast from 2.00-4.30 pm. Speakers are Norman Pearson and Ken McFarlane.

The Early British Church – Bangor, Wales. Saturday, 13 September at 1.30-3.30 pm. A free guided tour to one of the most ancient sites of Christian worship in Britain.

The 95th Annual Congress – from 26th-29th September is at the Old Palace Hotel in Lincoln. The theme is ‘The Continuing Kingdom – Moses, Magna Carta & the Future’ – the programme is being developed and will be available from Headquarters in due course.

Our Christian Heritage – Inventions, London – Saturday, 18 October at 1.30-3.30 pm. A free guided tour of the Science Museum to look at the discoveries and inventions which helped to shape the modern world.

Please help Headquarters by confirming your attendance at these events in good time.


Out now — Volume 3 Number 2 on the theme of Pentecost.


Our Patron Rev Adrian Fisher passed away on 15 April in his 91st year. He served on the Board of Management for many years before becoming Deputy President and then Patron. Michael and Philippa Clark attended his funeral in Henley-on-Thames on Saturday, 26 April and conveyed our deepest sympathy to Mrs Pan Fisher and all his family. There will be a full obituary in the next BIWF Newsletter.


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

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