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ROSS WAS RIGHT – The McWhirter File

Those having a long association with the Federation will remember the address by Ross McWhirter to the 54th Annual Congress at Sheffield, 1973, when he spoke about the Queen being ‘deceived in her grant’ over Europe. This address was published in 1986 as the booklet The Queen Betrayed and 8,000 copies were distributed.

This new book came together as a result of a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg this April by Michael Clark accompanied by Philippa Clark, David Aimer and Bob Graham. It is an update of the former booklet with some important extra material including Michael Clark’s personal testimony of trying to reach the Queen to prevent the ratification of the European Communities Act 1972. It was launched at Congress and officially published on 29th September. Copies have been sent to Her Majesty the Queen, Members of Parliament, the Media and a large range of organizations which have the nation’s good at heart.

At only price £2.50 (plus p&p) it is an essential read and makes an excellent gift for friends and contacts.



For the first time David Aimer was able to give a lecture at the Convention of the Association of Covenant People in Vancouver without the inconvenience of travelling many thousands of miles. On Sunday 21st September he was linked to the meeting in Canada by Skype and gave an address on ‘Corn, Wine and Oil’ followed by questions afterwards. It was much appreciated by the friends over there and might be the way forward in future given the difficulties and expense of international travel.



Earlier in the year Michael Clark and Martin Lightfoot were interviewed on film for a production called ‘Secrets of the Bible’ which has as its theme the Stone of Scone. They were able to speak out at length about the history and prophetic understanding of our nation as well as the migrations which brought us to this Appointed Place. The film company, World Media Rights, expects the programme to be broadcast in early 2015 on the History and Discovery channels.



After eight years at Hothorpe Hall this year’s Summer Convention was held in the Palace Hotel at Buxton Spa. The general impression and feedback was very positive – food good and rooms comfortable. The conference room was spacious and accommodated the Covenant Publishing book display amply. A separate room adjacent to it was available for early morning Prayer and then coffee and tea during the day. The speakers interpreted the theme of Where is the Watchman on the Wall? in their different ways and there was much discussion stimulated by their thoughts. One highlight was the address given by Philip Benwell MBE of the Australian Monarchist League which stirred everyone up to renewed efforts of fighting for our God-given heritage. There will be a full report in the next BIWF Newsletter but meanwhile the lectures are available on DVD from Headquarters.



The sun shone during the weekend in Lincoln for Congress at the end of September. The theme was The Continuing Kingdom – Moses, Magna Carta and the Future. The Old Palace Hotel provided a perfect base for visiting the Cathedral on Saturday morning and for exploring the old city centre in free time. Michael Clark opened on Friday evening introducing the theme with the current situation of our nation and launched his new book (see above). On Saturday Martin Lightfoot spoke on the ‘Early Church in Lincolnshire’; Alfred Brown led a service of ‘Prayer for the Nation’ and Bob Graham gave the evening lecture on ‘The Kingdom of God.’ Morning Worship on Sunday was led by Frank Tebbutt; after lunch there was a visit to the Museum led by Martin Lightfoot and David Aimer completed the weekend with his lecture on the ‘Marks of Israel’ in the evening. DVDs of the lectures are available from Headquarters.



Ulster Rally – another successful and well supported rally was held on 28th June. The speakers were Ken McFarlane and Robert Phillips and the CPC bookstall was provided by David Aimer. The third meeting this year will be on Saturday, 22nd November at the same venue. The speakers will be Clifford Smyth and Pastor James McConnell.

Bangor Cathedral – a group of about 15 people were taken around Bangor Cathedral by Martin Lightfoot on Saturday, 13th September. It was very interesting to hear and see evidence of the early British Church in the area and to become informed of the missionary activity which took place in those days long before Augustine came to Kent.

Our Christian Heritage – Inventions – at the Science Museum in London on Saturday, 18th October. David Aimer led a group of over 20 people around the exhibits which demonstrate the results of the scientific, technical and medical developments which benefited the whole world. He linked them to the scriptures which reveal God’s promises to His people.


EVENTS IN 2015  ....  and onwards

Invitation to join in the planning – every year the Headquarters team gathers in November to plan the meetings and events for the following year as well as looking further forward too. If you have some ideas and suggestions for future visits and events, please send them to Headquarters.


Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

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