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There are many anniversaries this year but the most prominent at the moment is the 800 years from Magna Carta. There is a Rally planned at Headquarters for Saturday, 6 June, and the programme is now ready and being sent to you with this sheet. “Magna Carta 800” promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable day. Not only this significant anniversary but also those of Waterloo and VE-Day will be remembered too. If you have special memories of celebrations at VE-Day do come and share them with friends on the day.



Three more new editions from CPC for you to enjoy – London Through the Ages by F Wallace Connon, George of Lydda by I Hill Elder and British-Israel Fact not Fiction by Major General C A Hadfield who was the first President of BIWF.


It is 47 years since Connon’s book on London was first printed and it now has many new photographs. The text is unaltered because he writes so vividly about the history and traditions of this great city. Looking at how it has continued to grow and change while using the book as a guide and companion will add to the enjoyment of any trip.


George of Lydda is a reprint of this classic book originally published in 1949. Now in its third edition the story of St George, soldier, saint and martyr, needs to be read by every new generation.


British-Israel Fact not Fiction has the subtitle ‘A Rudimentary Guide for Students of the subject’ and indeed its 23 short chapters cover many of the points which people ask about. The clear presentation makes it another book suitable for inquirers of our message.


London through the Ages-small.tifGeorge of Lydda - small.tifBritish-Israel Fact not Fiction-small.tifSeventy Weeks LRG.tifPresent Reign of Jesus Christ LRG.tif

There are also two additions to the catalogue from another publisher: Seventy Weeks: The

Historical Alternative and The Present Reign of Jesus Christ, both by Robert Caringola, an American author recommended by Pastor Charles Jennings (who will be speaking 3 times at the Summer Convention this July). The Historicist School of prophecy is little known or understood in the churches today and these books on the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation have been written to ‘counter schemes which have caused the church to fall from clear prophetic understanding for generations.’



Wigan Rally – on Good Friday, 3 April.

Morecambe Rally – from Friday, 24 April to Sunday, 26 April.

Ulster Rally – on Saturday, 9 May.

Our Christian Heritage – on Saturday, 23 May to see the Magna Carta Exhibition in the British Library in London.

Please refer to your booklet of Conferences, Rallies, Branch Meetings and The National Bible College Events for 2015 for details.



A participant in the National Bible College Distance Learning Programme (DLP), having completed all 4 modules, has kindly written in to say:

“I am sorry to have finished these modules, because they were so interesting and made my day. Please let me know if there are any more studies.”

This is very encouraging news – if you know of anyone with an interest in studying the B.I. teaching, put them in contact with Martin Lightfoot at Headquarters and he will explain the DLP to them.



Every December there is a large Christmas tree, funded by Etherley Parish Council which we erect and decorate in the garden for all to see. Last year was no exception and it was accompanied by Nicola’s brilliant artwork illustrating the Nativity on a large illuminated glass display panel.



The first issue of the year will be with you shortly, Volume 3 Number 5. For this year of anniversaries the Editorial Team were moved to choose the theme of ‘Victory’ which will be interpreted in different ways by the writers. The final issue in December will celebrate the ‘Victory of the King of Kings’ whose coming we look and hope for most earnestly.



Many thanks to all those who returned the questionnaire about events which was sent out with the membership renewal forms. Your views have been noted.



Philippa and Michael Clark are delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter Elizabeth to Timothy Dulley, a fellow member of the church in London which she attends.



Philippa Clark, Publicity Officer

Contact:  BIWF, 121 Low Etherley, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, DL14 0HA

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